In Control Lies Freedom (Chapter 3) (SwaSan) (By Mandy)

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Naira- Swara
Ansh watched with an incredulous smile as her back turned rock solid, but her words astonished him and said otherwise, “Marrying someone without even seeing their face, a new trend that I don’t know about?”
His smile widened as her words registered in his mind. He was impressed. So, after all, there was a girl in entire Nirag who was already familiar with a dangerous and hasty life. She possessed everything he needed and all he needed to do now was to welcome her into his deadly life of traps.

“I have my reasons,” he stated matter of factly as he lunged forward to her position, taking slow, gentle steps, not to scare his prey away.

“What will I get in return?” she discussed in a uniform voice.

“More firm control over the guard’s, honor of being my Queen, Pride of being my wife and the opportunity to come with me to balls, parties and other occasions outside of Nirag,”

“What if I say I don’t want any of that,” that line caught him off guard.

Don’t want it? She has way too much ego in her and luckily, he had no less.

He let out a bitter chuckle, waving her words off his shoulders and proceeding very close towards her. He smirked as he saw her stiffen with their close distance, her hair was brushing his shoulders while he continued dangerously low in her ear, “Well, then I will just force you to comply with my demands, sweetheart.”

“I am not your sweetheart,” she spat lethal venom and turned her face, shadowing her gaze even more.

“You will be, sooner than you realize,” he promised in a rigid voice as he lifted her hand and a planted a kiss which sent cold shivers down her spine. Exactly, how he wanted.

“Take them to the prison in the palace for the time being. After my interrogation, send them to the jail right outside the high gates,” Ansh ordered raspily to the guards who were dragging the invaders into the transparent hallways of the palace.

“Bro, how did it go?” Rey called out to him as he mischievously wriggled his eyebrows.

Ansh gave a curt nod to the guards to get moving and faced Rey demented, “Meeting the invaders?”

“Screw the invaders, the first meet with the Heartless Queen,” Rey retorted giddily.

“Not bad. She caught the invaders just as I reached there, I must say, that girl has a cruel and a sharp tongue,” Ansh said brashly, reviving all her counter arguments. That conversation took an interesting turn.

“She is called the Heartless Queen for a reason,”Rey stated the obvious, rolling his eyes.

“She is going to be the queen for real now,” Ansh shot a riddle at his stupid friend.

“What are you trying to say?” Rey asked senile as he crossed his eyebrows in a comical fashion before jumping in extreme elevation, “Are you saying you are going to get married?”

“Uhh…yes,” Ansh answered reluctantly and scratched his nape.

“What? You must be joking,” Rey asked him with disbelief while Ansh shot him a blank look.

“Actually, scratch that,” Rey continued beaming with joy, “You are the Ansh Nirag, who doesn’t even smile,”

“I need to perform an investigation, so move out of the way,” Ansh distracted the topic and stepped forward to escape from his jubilance.

“Woah, woah, not so soon! Being your brother, your true friend, your life long sidemen, your-” Rey started his dramatic influence.

“Rey, get to the damn point,” Ansh seethed, he could take only a certain amount of drama a day.

“Tell me how you agreed to get married? Did you get mesmerized with the heartless queen’s looks? Did you get charmed by her attitude? Or did you get lured by her actions?”

“None of the above,” Ansh popped Rey’s balloon and continued with a plan,“Her ferocity is exactly what I was looking for. With the trade officers entering the city in 3 days, I need to protect the gem and she is going to do that for me.”

“No kidding, you are a vicious tyrant after all,” Rey sighed with dismay, “How did you come up with a wicked motive behind this move in the 10 minutes you were with her?”

“I don’t do anything which doesn’t have an advantage and besides it is not really wicked considering that she isn’t interested in this lovey-dovey marriage, commitment shit either,” Ansh said with a sympathetic shrug.

“You are getting married!” they heard two voices chirp with excitement as they saw Tara and Tanya race towards them.

“Aww…that’s so sweet of you to agree with our demand. I knew the ring will allure your cold hearted heart towards the idea of marriage,” Tara said in a fanciful voice as she grabbed Ansh’s hands and moved him around.

“Oh hello, the ring was my idea,” Rey interrupted and took away the credit.

“So? We were the ones who took the pain to go through each and every rock found in the Valley for 3 days to find the studded stone. We were the ones to design the ring and give it to him,” Tanya bantered which bugged Ansh as he gritted hard.

“The idea is what counts,” Rey defended his opinion while Ansh groaned heavily.

“Oh, it does not. What counts is the love and affection behind the gift,” Tanya bickered back, passing death glares to Rey.

“Please, you are giving it to a heartless man, you really think he cares about the affection behind the gift?” Rey countered, raising his pitch while Ansh was sick of their tantrums.

“Stop the bantering, all of you got the gift for me and I am really grateful,” Ansh calmed them down, failing his hands to separate both the teams before they pounce on each other.

“We already know that,” they glowered at him before storming out in either direction.

What was he thinking when he decided not to give them the E&M serums. He shook his head in disbelief and began to head to the jail.

The E&M serums are the short form of the Emotion control and Prone to Manipulation serums which were injected to all the babies immediately after their birth. The Emotion Control serum keeps all the emotions of the citizen moderate which would provide more emotional space for dedication towards work and goals of the society. The Prone to Manipulation serum keeps the brain ready for orders of commands and the loyalty to obey those orders. It basically makes it easier for him to control the citizens and implement his rules and regulations.

“Are they talking?” he asked Divit, his cousin and his right-hand man along with Rey and his other cousin Adi.

“Nope,” Divit answered, popping the p as they glared at the glass containments which was monitored by intense technology.

“Let me in,” Ansh said in a steely voice as he bore his eyes directly into one of the invaders. Divit dazed at him bemused before walking over to the board with all the controls, he entered the passcode, pulled a handle which sent an alarm to the glass. The glass shook slightly to indicate to maintain distance before it broke apart into two halves. One sliding down while the other sliding up, enough room for one person to enter at a time. The glass was bulletproof and rock solid which kept the prisoners tightly sealed inside.

Ansh went forward and fell to his knees as he spoke in a dreaded tone, “This is not a good place, is it? I don’t like it at all and I am sure you don’t either.”

When he saw the interest of the invaders spiking, he resumed his talk, “I am willing to let you out if you would just co-operate with us and provide us information about your attack. Pretty simple eh?”

“So, what is the motive behind your attack?” he asked when he received no answer from the other side.

He waited for a long minute as he eyed the sound proof glass and manipulating, “Before we move on, why don’t I tell you that I just got a notice from Elton saying that you have no rights to get back to Elton again. They were asking me to just shoot you or let you die as they are not willing to give you any protection. As it is my b’day, I will give you both another chance for a new life. You better co-operate or else I won’t let you live either.”

They didn’t seem to have any effect when he said that their country was not going to protect them. The invaders stared at him with a dull, blank look which rose his well-settled temple and frustration and he scowled furiously, “Testing my patience is not going to get you anywhere except hell. I am not this lenient always, it is my b’day and I usually don’t like to be so violent but trust me, if me being violent is the only way that is going to get you to talk. I am not going to think twice, so you better think twice before making your decision.”

“Let me try once more, what is the motive?”

Open receiving no answer from the invaders except blank faces, he gave up, “Is this how we are going to go? Cool with me.”

He sighed with a sullen face and fiddled with the corner of his pen which he slid from his pocket. He tossed it around once more before brutally jamming the pen with extreme force into the palm of the tied invader.

The invader winced in pain as the blood shot through his palm as the pen poked it right through his flesh while he struggled to get it out, “Out, take it out, take it out,”

“Are you going to tell me whatever I want?” Ansh negotiated with a smirk as he eyed the invader’s blood on his thumb.

“Y-yes,” he replied back with his face turning pale and leeching out all the color.

“What is the motive?”

“To investigate the security options covering the country,”

Ansh scoffed at their answer and opened his mouth to enquire more details when he heard a familiar voice snap from the speaker, “Ansh, what the hell are you doing?”

“Tanya, not now. Go away, you are not supposed to be here,” Ansh pulled out the phone placed on the side of the chamber which is the only way the people outside can communicate with criminals in the jail.

“And you are not supposed to commit any violence on your b’day,” Tanya snapped more arrogantly, pressing on the word violence.

“We were invaded,” Ansh said grimly as he threw a death glare at the invaders.

“I don’t care. Do all this tomorrow,” Tanya’s rage was at its peak and told him that if he didn’t stop, she was going to yell until his ear bled.

Ansh groaned as he tapped on the glass twice for Divit to let him out of the glass confinement while Tanya raised her eyebrow in victory as she continued to chat with their cousin about his wedding preparations.

“Give them the treatment and report all the information back,” he ordered grumpily to the guard standing right next to the glass.

“Why are you here?” he angrily demanded to Tanya who was grinning widely.

“How rude,” she scoffed with patronized anger.

“When is he not?” Divit intervened with a snicker while both of them chuckled.

“Again, why are you here?” Ansh tried to ask his sister who was glowing with joy.

“When do you want to get married?” she asked him with excitement and thrill.

And, that’s where the glow comes from.

“Tomorrow,” he answered as he took a minute to think about the events of tomorrow. The trade officers were entering after 3 days, if all the extravaganza finishes tomorrow and the day after, it will be perfect.

“We can’t possibly finish so many preparations by tomorrow,” Divit said with horror as he flipped through Tanya’s big booklet of planning.

“Then don’t. Let’s have a simple one,” Ansh shortly declared as he saw Divit flipping through Tanya’s booklet which seemed never to end.

“Oh shut up. The leader of Nirag can’t have a simple wedding. It should be the most extravagant one so far,” Tanya shut off his words and continued to stare weakly at her long list.

“All you are doing is outdoing yourself for no reason. Both of us are not interested in any of this,” Ansh said in a more softened tone as he ran a hand through his hair.

“Both of us? How do you know her choices?” Divit picked up on the minor details and his face lit a cheesy smile.

“She didn’t even agree to the wedding in the first place,” Ansh finally revealed the incident while both of them gawked at him with disbelief.

“What? You mean I am fussing over nothing, she didn’t even agree to this then why are we starting the preparations,” Tanya threw her hands up in the air in defeat.

“Because unlike you, she doesn’t have a choice. She is going to get married to me, by will or by force,” Ansh replied in a brittle tone.

“Don’t tell me you are going to drag her to the wedding hall! ” Tanya exclaimed in an alarmed tone.

“You know me, I will even do that if needed,”

“Whatever. Let’s decide some of the arrangements then,” as both the siblings bid farewell to Divit and strolled through the west wing of the palace.


“What music are we playing?”

Entertainment is a crucial part of the lives of humans, it can either be the foundation of a society or be the sole cause of destruction. Ansh knew the chaos it could create and the loss of his control due to misuse of entertainment. He smirked as they entered the music studio where there were Smart Hub and the guards checking the music lyrics before it was released to the public. All the smart hubs and phones were directly connected to the central port for constant surveillance.

“I don’t care, just play the classic one, I guess,” Ansh broke from his thoughts when he saw Tanya frowned at him.

“You are so boring. I will decide it myself,” she said in a disinterested tone and kept walking.

“This one sounds good,”


“After the wedding, I will get the Live Mega Feast Dancers to perform again. Do you want a mini play after the wedding?” Tanya chirped away in elevation as she continued to tick stuff of her list.

“Not really,”

“What’s wrong with a play?” she whined glowering at her brother’s sullen face.

Plays were widely popular among the people of Nirag, every occasion ended with a play which signifies the occasion. Similarly, all the books that they are inspired from are distributed to the libraries when Ansh finds them logical and close to reality. Without the tight security of entertainment, individuals could read matter, process information and come up with own perspective which will not agree to his policies and thoughts. To prevent this freedom of thought, the E&M serums are given and entertainment is watched over.

“Tanya, we can have all that on your wedding. Keep moving now,” Ansh mocked as he rolled his eyes in boredom.

“Geez, calm down.” Tanya mumbled with modesty, “What about the food?”

“Prepare all the dishes which were not prepared for the feast,”Ansh muttered in a low voice.

“That’s 100 new ones, I need to get the chef to start right away then,” Tanya freaked out as she went through the menu.

“How about you go do that and if you have more questions, go ask Rey, he knows my choices,” Ansh blurted out in one go as he turned around to escape from all the wedding schemes. Not his cup of tea AT ALL.

“Then prepare for a circus wedding,” Tanya threw on her shoulder as she raced to the chef before he could dismiss the idea.

Great, now he was going to have a wedding with balloons and streamers.

He grunted at his luck and walked back to the interior jail as his shoes rustled the ground, “Did they say anything?”

“Nothing really,” Adi, his other cousin, shrugged as they leaned against the table with all the buttons that control the jail cells.

“Keep it going, for now, get me the postings from the attack,” he commanded fiercely to a nearby guard who rushed out of the room.

Ansh read through the file skeptically when the guard came back, taking into account all the details, including the minor ones.

“Look here, all of them were hiding in these 3 posts,” he pointed to the map of the country where the attack took place while his cousins peered in.

“Which means they must have entered from this part of the city,” Ansh continued and traced a line through the high walls surrounding the country.

“Bring in the defense officer,” he spoke sharply through his phone.

“Guys,all the three posts surround the far exit tunnel of the palace,” Ansh revealed with widened eyes as they looked through another detailed map projected on the screen.

“They are from Elton, they don’t possibly know that the exit tunnel lies near that spot,” Divit reasoned as he shifted the point of focus on the huge screen.

“I think he is right. Think about it, after they got into the city, the only protection they have are the posts and it’s just the coincidence that the posts surround the tunnel,” Adi backed him up while Ansh examined the place.

“Very well then but we still need to find out about their motives,” he agreed to their statements and shut the screen off when he saw the door opening from the corner of his eye.

“Sir, the defense guard is awaiting your presence,” the guard notified him as he opened the door to the main entrance of the confinements.

“Send him in,”

“Hello, sir,” the defense officer saluted and stood in a strict, stiffen posture.

“As you know there were invaders intruding the feast and according to the reports, the only entrance was the west gate near the deserted end of the city. Now it is your job to tell me what caused their break-in. Were they fewer guards surrounding the area or was there a guard absent? How did they break in?” Ansh seethed in a critical voice at the defense officer who was trembling with fear.

“Give me a minute to check the details, sir,” he reluctantly stated.

“Go ahead,” Ansh gave him the permission and the officer stepped out to make the call while Ansh turned back to his cousins who hopped onto the control board.

“If they did want to test our security, what would Elton get by doing that?” Adi enquires with bewilderment.

“Something tells me they are not sent by the officials of Elton,” Ansh places his ideas as he eyes the invaders who were on the edge of falling asleep.

“Do you mean-”

“Sir, there was a man reported to be missing from his duty,” the defense officer reported with his head hung low in shame.

I knew it, Ansh thought as he shook his head with exasperation.

“And you tell that to me when I ask you? Isn’t it your responsibility to keep track of guard attendance? Find me that guard and send all the attendance records to Kiaan for checking as clearly you are not taking the security of the country seriously,” Ansh accused with rage as his nose flared with anger.

“Sorry sir, I will see that it doesn’t happen again,”

“You better or else this will cost your life. Send me that man,” the defense officer gave him an obedient nod and rushed out of the room to find the man.

“Why is everything happening today?” Ansh drawled profusely as he slumped into the chair next to the control board.

“Maybe your sister jinxed your b’day,” Adi joked comically at all the extravaganza going on around the country.

“Sir, here is the report from the high patrol guard,” another guard walked in with a navy blue file.

Ansh’s head tilted vigorously to the messenger as the curiosity for her answer burned inside him. He put on a neutral face and forwarded his hand to receive the package.

“Maybe not,” he said, trying to act as not interested as possible.

He saw the grins on Divit and Adi’s faces as he skimmed through the file for an answer but his stomach automatically dropped when he received none. Well, it’s not like the wedding is going to stop if she said no but for some reason, he really wanted to know her answer. As he began to close the file, a small writing caught his attention at the bottom of the page. He narrowed his gaze to read the writing which caught him by confusion: Ansh Nirag, you energetic soul.

“You energetic soul, what is that supposed to mean?” Adi voiced out Ansh’s thoughts as he peeked a glance at the paper.

“Are you sure it is from the high patrol guard and not some crazy girl fangirling over him,” Divit questioned the guard puzzled at the expression at the bottom.

“It was given to me by the Heartless Queen, sir,”the guard told them in a robotic voice while Divit and Ansh let out a chuckle looking at Ansh glaring closely at the file.

Ansh stared at the phrase for a good long minute before realizing, “You energetic soul- YES,”

“That should be it, I mean she couldn’t possibly tell you that you are an energetic soul when the entire Nirag knows about your arrogant behavior,” Divit mocked as both the boys heartily laughed at the thought of Ansh being energetic.

Ansh nodded his head with approval before the words registering in his mind, “Was that a compliment or an insult?”

“Congratulations!” Adi diverted the topic as he pulled both his cousins for a bear hug.

The clouds let out a screechy thunder that illuminated their ears as the rain began to drop with high force as the sky blazed with the merging of the white and dark clouds. Ansh gave into their grisly hug while a thought pounded in his head: How did she say Yes so fast?
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