In Control Lies Freedom (Chapter 2)


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Swara- Naira
Sanskaar- Ansh
Naira swept through the city like a breezy volcano, frantically hunting down the nosy invaders. She wouldn’t put anything at stake for her freedom. Nothing. The sun illuminated the entire sky with the deep color of topaz, setting the clouds ablaze. Amongst the swift motion of the wind, the hollow streets looked upon the layer of mist cloaking them and the thunder roared fiercely, showing its presence. Naira sighed heavily as a group of guards, dressed in full gear, hurried towards her awaiting instructions from her.

“Did you find them?” she asked for formality, already knowing the answer by their hopeless faces.

“No ma’am,” they stated the obvious, but quickly added looking at her seething eyes, “We are looking.”

“Do it FAST or else choose your grave,” Naira ordered fierce yet tight voice. She couldn’t risk getting out of the army after such extensive training and skilled planning. She needed to find them. Fast.

“Y..yes Ma’am,” all of them responded obediently as they scattered in all directions aimlessly like cattle.

A deep frown washed over Naira’s face as she scanned the place once more before heading towards the other of the city. A little crackle from the corner of booth hit her ears as she turned her head without making another noise. A smirk blew up her mouth and her eyes turned predacious as she took a deep breath before letting her trigger go. Sharp glass pieces flew in every direction, one racing right past her eye.

Close. Very close. Naira thought as the glass settled on the smooth floor beside her while her smirk widened as she saw a body fall on the other side of the glass booth.

She walked to the other side of the wall, quietly and slowly, as she let out a bloodthirsty snarling seeing the man wail with pain. Blood oozed from every corner of his newly cut open flesh, his eyes were shut tight in pain, he was wearing regular clothes without any sort of protection.

Naira raised her eyebrow questioning his clothing, no protection at all, and here she was worrying crazily. She placed a gun on his bleeding head, right next to her previous bullet.

“How many left?” she asked sternly, pressing hard on the shiny metal while the man flushed pale, but didn’t answer

blo*dy brat, Naira thought as she moved her hand across the trigger and her hand wrapping tightly around his neck. Blood dripped onto her hand while the man stayed mute.

“How many left?” she tried once again, shouting brutally in the man’s face. With no response again, Naira’s patience dropped drastically and her merciless form began to take it’s place, she stood up with and pulled the trigger right at his leg while the man groaned with immense pain.

“Two” he answered weakly, clutching his leg and wincing in pain.

You decided to invade Nirag with three people” she spat asked lamely as she rubbed the blood off her hands and flung out her phone.

“Guards, check the left booth by the palace, the left post should be guarded and tell the 4th division not to let people out of the palace,” she commanded hastily as she ran towards the glass palace.

She needed to get there before both the invaders.

“Who is on duty? What were the blo*dy guards at the gate doing?” Aarav demanded wrathfully as he glanced at the model of the city.

Each sector of the population had their own region, neatly segregated and well controlled. As it was self sufficient the only reason for the contact was treaties of peace. All the department heads were waiting for him in the courtroom while he continued to worry over the invaders. He cared less about the invaders and more about their motives. The former Chief’s words echoed in his ears, the next annihilating war, keep the gem the safe. His mind triggered back to the central question, how did they enter? The entire country was encompassed with large bodies of water, there was only one entrance to Elton’s which was besieged by forces.

“Sir, the patrol duty crew is chasing them down, sir,” one of his senior guards informed him in a hesitant tone while Ansh rolled his eyes.

“The heartless queen will save the day, bro, stop fussing,” Rey sing sang in his comical voice, dancing around the room making Ansh even more irritated.

“She’s on duty?” Rey’s words caught Ansh’s attention. There were so many rumors about this girl, so many praises, so much information which intrigued him. Maybe she was the perfect one for his job?

“Dude, she is the high patrol guard remember,” Rey reminded him in a dry, modest voice.

Ofcourse, she was also the only one who managed to get through the extensive training without his presence. Even after her being in the army for over 5 years, he never really had any sort of interaction.

“I’m going in then,” he declared shortly with his curiosity gleaming in this eyes and a mask of innocence dropping over his face.

“To see the heartless queen?” Rey snickered with surprise.

“Why don’t we give these invaders a visit?” he said gravely and brittle tone.

“Naira,” she heard the desperate screams of a very familiar, chirpy voice calling out to her from the central booth located a few yards before the palace.
As she ran rapidly towards the booth while the screams grew louder and evident with her eyes sparking with a deadly realization, “Naina,”

She hustled forward with millions of thoughts running in every direction possible. How the hell did they capture Naina? What do they want? Were they from Elton or any other country? Is the tyrant ever going to make his appearance? Where the heck were her guards?

Naira twitched the corner of her lips, sealing her mouth before she erupted into laughter. The invaders were both wearing regular clothes, one had a deep scar on his right cheek while the other had a scar on his forehead, Naina was on her knees with a gun pointed at her stomach.

“How cliche,” Naira whispered before pressing hard against the rugged floor, creating a clinging sound with her high heels which instantly alerted the invaders.

Her eyes snapped into theirs while their grip tightened on Naina’s while Naira crossed her arms around her chest, staring at them with bored eyes. She sighed as she broke the staring contest and began to take a step forward when she heard an exotic British accent, “Don’t or else we shoot.”

“Definitely Elton,” Naira mouthed instantly to Naina who was about to die due to the panic of a mighty gun placed on her stomach.

“Go shoot then,” Naira insisted as she took a few steps forward while they walked backwards.

Naira frowned at their movements while they dazed at her blankly, completely shocked by her words as they continued to threaten, “We will shoot.”

Naira let out a sour laugh, swinging out her gun and saying, “Go on then.”

“What?” Naira heard her sister bark in a tense tone with her eyes poking out of their holes.

“We are not joking, we will shoot,”

“Do it already,” Naira retorted with boredom washing through her.

“Naira,” Naina voiced out with fright.

“Naina, stop panicking, they don’t have the guts to do something so dangerous,” Naira brushed off her sister’s pleas and continued to move forward when the invaders shouted back.

“Yes we do,”

“Prove it,” Naira challenged in a confident voice as she played with her gun and a smirk plastering over her face.

“We will shoot,” they narrated their signature line while Naira grew tired of their threats.

If she shot them, then they would definitely blow the trigger too, and if she didn’t, then this back and forth threatening would continue till her guards come. There was no way that she could guards would come to this deserted side of the city and neither did she have 2 guns to shoot them at the same time. One mistake and her sister would be dead.

Naira cautiously skimmed her eyes through the area for escape, anything, but all she found was a deserted road, no vehicles, no houses, just a black floor covering the entire area and a glass medical booth placed a few meters to the right. That’s it! Naira thought as a cunning idea sparked through her eyes.

To do that, she needed a distraction. As the invaders were not that smart anyways, a very simple one used for children would do too. She trained her eyes on Naina’s, indicating her to stay calm while she caught the invaders signalling each other from the corner of her eyes. Perfect.

She quickly looked up, prepared her gun, replayed her plan and screamed with fake excitement, “Guards, over here.”

She failed her arms with distress which alerted both the invaders and they instantly shifted towards the side to face the direction of the so called guards while Naira used the opportunity to blow a trigger at the corner of the glass booth, right at the edge and an angle of 45 degrees precisely. The gun, let out a roaring sound before it bounced back from the glass and hit one of the invader’s legs while Naira aimed for the other in the meantime.

Naina let out a victory squeal and got rid of their clutch while Naira swanked with pride, “Never heard of the heartless queen, have you?”

She rushed towards them and took possession of their guns before something unexpected happens. Both the sisters gave each other a high five as Naira appreciated, “Great acting.”

“Great? That was so original, I am a born actor after all,” Naina chirped away all the credit while Naira pulled out her phone as she rolled her eyes at her sister’s melodrama.

“Guards, to the central medical booth now,” she directed authoritatively as she stared emotionlessly at the invaders yelping in suffering.

In a few minutes, armed guards appeared in the block with their head bowed down in shame while Naira scolded grimly, “Finally you come, tie them up for now,”and rotated her head to Naina, “You can go back to the feast,”

“Yeah, yeah, so everyone gives you the credit?”

“People are not going to be informed about this. You can leave in peace now,”

Naina gave her a dreamy glance before shooting her arm right near Naira’s face and preparing to star her monologue, “Peace could only be bought when-”

Naira quickly cut her off and stated sarcastically, grabbing her arms and placing them down, “The acting is finished,”

Naina shot her one death glare before turning around in a fashionable style and heading back to the feast. Naira rolled her eyes at her sister’s childish tantrums and wondered when she would grow up.

She forwarded her leisurely hung hand to massage her temples when she heard a deep, husky voice from the back, sending immediate shrills down her spine, “Well done, I am quite impressed by your little stunt back there,”

Naira’s heartbeat quickened, her breathed halted, her back stiffened harshly as she stood frozen as an ice. It was him.

“Thank you so much! I am-” she heard her sister chirp with excitement and she could tell she would die out of enthusiasm any minute.

What was he doing here? And why was her sister talking to him? That girl would spill her mission due to her elevated behaviour.

She quickly gathered her lost voice due to nervousness and shock as she spat out a command, “Naina,”

Her sister abruptly shut her mouth and whined in a heavy, displeased voice, “Going,”

A huge lump formed in Naira’s throat, engulfing her voice while she calmed down her tense body. Did he find out about her goals? The dark pit of her stomach went taut, her pulse quickened all of a sudden and a hollow, ghostly feeling appeared in her chest.

She took a deep breath and addressed him directly as she peered through the corner of her eyes, shadowing her face as much as possible, “What did I do to be honoured by the tyrant’s presence?”

Ansh smirked at her question, as his gaze slid down her figure, just as people describe her, beauty with guts. Her clothes hugged her figure while her brown hair hung loosely over her shoulders, she maintained a safe distance and hid her face in the darkness of the streets. People would quiver under his gaze, get goosebumps under his words and die under his grip, but this person in front of him showed no sign of fear at all, infact dared to disrespect him by not even showing her face.
She had guts alright, Ansh thought as he replied cleverly in a hoarse voice, “Same that did to encounter the heartless queen?”

He saw her shake her head in disapproval, lurking the flame of anger in his body while the guards asked her, “Ma’am after,”

Ansh opened his mouth to give orders when Naira bet him to it, “Lock him up, perform an interrogation and clean the mess up. Also, before any kind of rumors spread, get the people out of the palace.”

Ah, so she was smart too, Ansh thought with anger stinging his body when the guards paid no heed to him“, Yes Ma’am,”

He narrowed his glance as a crazy idea ruled his mind as he examined her hand subconsciously playing with a gun in her hand as she asked him with a slightly shaky voice, “Don’t you need to leave too? After all, it is your feast,”

“That can wait, but this can’t,” he answered with twisted words as he took long strides across the deserted place while she kept her face hidden. She was untainted, too fiery, a raging bull who has lived all its life in the wilderness.

She let out a bitter snort before scowling, “Care to share what that is,”

“I have an offer for you,” Ansh presented his deal calmly, taking her arrogant nature into account. Something, just something about her lured her towards him, a fire of victory lit in him when he saw her and a sense of accomplishment washed over him.

When he saw her suck in a sharp breath, awaiting his offer, he continued persistently as he sensed the interest and curiosity bury inside her, “I want you to be my wife, the other leader of Nirag. In that way you can also give justice to your title of the Heartless Queen,”

Ansh watched with an incredulous smile as her back turned rock solid, but her words astonished him and said otherwise, “Marrying someone without even seeing their face, a new trend that I don’t know about?”

His smile widened as her words registered in his mind. He was impressed. So, after all there was a girl in entire Nirag who was already familiar to a dangerous and hasty life. She possessed everything he needed and the only thing left was to welcome her into his life of deadly traps.
How was their encounter? Will Naira accept the proposal? Will Ansh take a NO? What were the motives of the invaders? Do drop in a comment as it will support me a LOT!

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