Contract marriage (swasan fewshots) 2nd shot (this shot belongs to raglak only)


Hey guys i m back with my next shot .here we go n one thing guys today i m giving more raglak scenes becoz i want to show how ragini n laksh fall in love they are also a important character xo raglak fan are humbly req to comment ur view???
Shot 2
Recap- intro of swasan ,ragini n mission search incoent DIL of A.p started

Okk the screen shift towards the way towards the colz where our makeup ki dukan ups sorry our ragini is going colz with her frnds kavya n aru(arati)..
Kavya-hey rags ,how you n aru
Ragz-fine yar n u say
Aru -me 2 n guys you know na after 3 days there is my engadgement .hope you 2 havent forget manly you ragz
Ragz- i know aru xo just chill .how much stress you take .see xo ur face is having wrinkle??
She winks at kavya
Kavya-yaaa aru see omg just take oppointment on parlour?? if not then your groom will suerly run before marriage
Aru-really yar Omg what to do she panic
Bt she sees both ragz n kavya giggling
Aru(irriated)- u both will never change
Ragz n kavya-never
Aru make angry pout face(fake)
Ragz-ok dramebaz now dont be fake angry sorry lets go inside the college.
Suddenly a black mercadies stop in front of ragini due to sudden car break she jerk.
From a black mercadies a handsome guy came out he is wearing grey bledger jeans n a shirt wearinng gog.
He is walking towards ragini .ragini also confused she hv seen this guys before also
He came face to face of ragini nd take out his gog.

Ragini pov
Omg he ohh no god how can i forget this his eyes rember me that day which i just wanna take out frm my mind
Guy- hey miss kissmiss
Ragini in mind- why he is calling me by this name as he is not forget that incident ragini control
Kavya n aru jerk ragz
Ragini come in sense
Ragini -did i know you? (full attitude)
She want to show that she is not affected through that incident bt in real she is
Guy-xo miss kissmiss you dont know me
Guy-ok i m laksh singh
Ragini-then what i do (with same attitude(
Laksh-xo u frget that last month wht happen
Ragini (in panic)- what …..last month which las..t month i dont know any thing
Ragini pov
How can i forget that day it was my first kiss n that also with unknow person.she herself curse her in her mind
Laksh-xo i think i should take to u falsh back
Laksh ask kavya n aru to leave with his eyes bt with pleading manner they understood bt ragz donot see that
Kavya – ragz i hv to leave i hv to issue my books
Aru- yaa rags me too we two will leave you meet us at canteene
Ragz-wait na i will also came(she try to escape)
Aru n kavya- its ok ragz we will meet on canteene later
By saying this they left now there laksh n ragz only .ragz feel xo awkward nd there was a silence fr a min
Laksh(by breaking silence)- shall we go to fb
Ragini-what( she was confused)
By saying this laksh move forwards n ragini move backward she was feeling nervous.finally she stop when her back hits on that laksh car.laksh came forwards xo lets start fb he cames near nd take his face near to the ragini face his hot breath is touching her cheeks.
Finally due to nervousness ragini says
Ragini-ok sorry sorry i m not that typ of girl that was a bet xo i hv done that plz leave me (in one breath)
A smile appears on his face by seeing her innocent pleading face
Laksh-xo kissmiss that was a bet?he says by moving his one eye bro up
Ragini(still not looking face due to nervesness)-actually at coffe shop aru nd i hv bet that who can goal matchstick inside the water glass of next table nd first aru do it n it goal bt my missed i dont know why i never loose bt that how i loose nd bet was who cannot do that person have to kiss a guy who first enter at the coffe shop xo with lot of courage i move towards the entrance i hv seen fat man coming towards the coffe shop xo u closed my eyes nd kissed bt i opened my eyes n find it was you.
She says with out being xcuse xoi she take long breathe

Lets go to fb
Yaa now you know that the guy was laksh xo …
When ragini keep her lips on his lips .laksh was amazed .he was in big shock
Laksh she a girl kissing him wihout looking him bt he was lost in her eyes .ragini hv a strange feeling while kissing nd laksh was still in shock
Ragini open her one eyes n she lost in his intense s*xy?? eyes. At last both come in sense.ragini was just escaping frm there becoz she dont want to face him
Laksh- xcuse me miss
Ragini is just avoiding n says to kavya nd aru to lets leave frm here
Laksh-ohh xcuse me miss i m talking to you
Ragini in irrited tone-what
Laksh-just now i hv a dream orr really yoy kissed me
Ragini in stammer voice-thin…k your..self
Laksh-is it a special service given by a coffe shop (by saying this he scratch his head)
Ragini pov
What service he think ragz a service giving person what the hell
Ragini-nthing it was just a mistake
Laksh -mistake?
Ragini-it was mistake xo just leave it by saying this she leave frm there
Laksh was still confuse bt smile rembering that moment frm that laksh always went that place hooefully to find ragini bt always he was disapointed becoz frm that day she deny to go that coffee shop .laksh was now totally fallen for her he cannot concerted oh his work .he was now frusted n any how he hv to find her one day he came to know that ragini study in xyz college .he was xo hapoy that he will meet his kissmiss after one month(upto now he dont know her name)
Fb ended
Laksh-xo it means it was bet miss kissmiss
Ragini-dont call me that u hv my own name
Laksh-bt i love ur this name alot miss kissmiss by saying this he wink at her.
Ragini-its ragini laksh sing
Laksh -ok why are u hyper n one thing you will kiss anyone for bet he asked her with determined face
Ragini-its my problem whom i will kiss its my matter its not your matter(now in her old avtar)
Laksh catch her frm shoulder now its my matter to miss kapoor now you r mine he say with serious tone
Ragini-what who says
Laksh-i says miss kissmiss
Ragini- bt i hv a boyfrnd
Laksh-no you dont
Ragini -yess i hv
Laksh-no you dont
Ragini-yess i hv
Laksh-yess you hv
Ragini-no i dont
By listening this laksh smrik
Laksh-see i say na u dont. You r saying urself
Ragini bite her tounge
Ragini -whatever i m going to my class (trying to escape)
Laksh-okk bt i just want your one day .
Ragini- i dont hv time
Laksh- please with a cute face
Ragini dont wanna deny her heart says he is good person bt mind says how can you trust him xo easily
Laksh-if your heart give permission then come (with xo gentle omg)
Ragini dont say anything
Laksh-ok ragini i m not forcing u here is adress if u trust me then u wil suerly come
Ragini- i dont
Laksh-ragini i m not mood in playing that game again bt i know you will come
By saying this he leave frm there.
Ragini was still fighting with her mind n her heart..

Here we go guys n 2nd shot also finish i m xo sorry guys todays only raglak scenes becz it hs connection in swasan marriage xo swasan fan there is defeaneatly a swasan in next epi xo dont mind
Xo guys
Will ragini accept laksh
What is the connection of ragini n laksh in swasan contract marriage how they are related each other.
Precap-love confession swasn first meeting

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