Contract Marriage (raglak) Prologue


Hi! I’m Lavanya. I’m a silent reader of many fan fiction but today i thought if writing a small short story on raglak. Hope you all like it.

Character sketch
Laksh – He is a superstar. A very responsible and kind hearted man. However he is against the institution of marriage because of his divorced parents. He never WANTED to get married. But life had its own game. Gets married to Ragini. But falls in love with someone else Kavya.

Ragini- Laksh’s wife. She was his only college friend. She loves Laksh since college days but was never able to profess it because she knew about Laksh’s mindset. She becomes surprised when Laksh proposes her and she says yes unaware about Kavya.

Kavya- She is very ambitious about her career and therefore is with Laksh. She doesn’t love him

The story starts on the wedding night.

A girl is seen sitting on a fully decorated bed contemplating about what happened in the past few days. Her love proposed her for marriage in the most grand way. She never knew he loved her so much! Her laksh. Thinking about him she blushes. She was thinking when suddenly a guy in golden and red sherwani enters the room.
Ragini’s heart start beating fast when he comes and sits beside her. He is Laksh

Laksh-Ragini you can take off your veil.
Ragini was confused as this was supposed to be done by Laksh
Laksh continues- I know Ragini you are shocked but main tumse kehna chata hoon ki main tumse pyaar nahi karta.
Ragini was completely shocked all her memories started flashing in front of her eyes. Still after composing herself she asks
Ragini- Then why did you marry me?
Laksh- Don’t worry Ragini I’m not forcing my marriage on you. This is hust for six months after which you are free.
Ragini (almost tearing)- Six months?
Laksh- Haan… Ragini. See these papers it says that you and I are married for only six months after which we both are free from this.
Ragini- You mean contract marriage?
Laksh- Yes. After this I will marry Kavya
Ragini (shocked)- Kavya? That college nerd whom you used rag.
Laksh gets angry hearing this and holds Ragini ‘s hand and says
Ragini was shocked seeing this sudden rage and winces in pain. Laksh realises what he did leaves her hand and apologized.
Laksh- Even after saying so many things why and how are you so calm?
Ragini (suppressing all her feelings smiles)- Laksh…. this was an arrange marriage for me too (she lies) and you are my only friend in Mumbai. I can do anything for your lo.. (she stops. She was going to say love.) I mean to maintaining our friendship. If this makes you happy then I’m ready. She gives a assuring smile to Laksh.
Laksh (hugs her)- I knew it Ragini! I knew it! You are the best! Main abhi jaake Kavya ko bolke aata hoon. He gets up and starts to leave when suddenly Ragini calls him.
Ragini- Can I ask you only one question.
Laksh -Sure Ragini.
Ragini- If you loved Kavya then why did you marry me? Even when you never wanted to marry?
Laksh- Because Ragini ma thinks that you
are perfect for me. I just want to show her that she is not correct this time. Saying this he again started to leave but turns and says
Laksh – But don’t think that I have used you. You are my friend and I’ll set everything right. One more thing in these six months if you ever fall in love with someone then go ahead I won’t stop you but make sure that you live happily with him. Chalo.. Ragini its quite late now. You must sleep. And I’ll also change and sleep in the guest room. Tomorrow is a very important shoot. Goodnight.
Saying this he leaves. Ragini who was holding her tears could not control herself and cries.

This for now. Hope you all like it. This is my first ff. So both positive, negative and suggestion allowed. Please tell me whether to continue or not.

Credit to: Lavanya

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