Contract Marriage (raglak) Part 3 and 4 Maha episode


Thank you so much for all your love and support. Sorry I cannot reply to all you lovely people. So to makeup for that I’ve updated a maha episode.

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Part 3+4
Ragini was stunned at the sudden gesture of Laksh but she was feeling so complete in his arms that she quickly hugged him back. Laksh realising this hugs her even more tightly and cried his heart out. After sometime Ragini frees herself and cups Laksh’s face.

Ragini- What happened Laksh? Why are you crying? Is everything alright? Is your Ma alright?
Laksh- Yes Ragini she is fine. It is only me who is alone in the world.She left me alone and ditched me Ragini. She left me? Saying this he starts crying. Ragini got a little congused at first but then understood that msybe he was talking about Kavya yet she asks
Ragini- Who?
Laksh (still crying)- Kavya. She left me! All her love was a hoax. She did this for my property. He breaks down again and hugs Ragini. Ragini tries to free herself when Laksh holdes her tighter and says.
Laksh- Please don’t leave me Ragini. Please let me stay here. Please.
Ragini was feeling helpless and was sad seeing her Laksh in such a vulnerable state. Ragini starts caressing his hair and started saying.

Ragini- Laksh… Iook at me. (He looks up) I know that you are hurt. I know that you had loved Kavya whole heartedly and I also know that you have faced your first breakup in life but Laksh life doesn’tstop here. You’ll have many relationships in your life while most of them will fail and you’ll feel that you can’t anymore but you’ll be proven wrong by your own self. (Laksh looks up at her in a confused way) Yes Laksh this is true. I’m your friend Laksh and I knew that Kavya was not the right kind of girl for you. I’m not saying Laksh that you’ll be over her within few days but you’ll be over her and that’s something I can give you a guarantee. And about you being alone it’s not true everyone is with you.
Laksh- You too?
Ragini- Yes me too. (Ragini finds him staring at her)What happened Laksh?
Laksh- I don’t know Ragini what magic you have but your words soothe me. I feel complete. And I’m feeling much better now. Ragini- I know and understand you and that’s why my words soothe you. Now go wash your face and sleep.
Laksh- Can I sleep here today? With you?
Ragini was stunned at the request she didn’t what to answer. She just looked at him. Laksh understanding her discomfort says

Laksh-Don’t worry we’ll seperate the beds into two halves by using the pillows. Please Ragini man jao na aaj mein akela nahi rehna chahata.
Ragini acts like she is thinking and then she smiles and says yes. They both arrange the bed and sleep. Ragini was feeling very happy that Laksh was sleeping beside her though there were pillows between them but still sharing the same bed made her happy. She was thinking when suddenly she felt something heavy on her body. She opened her eyes and saw one of Laksh’s leg entangled with hers and he was clinging onto her holding her tight. Ragini tried to move him away but she heard Laksh murmuring
Laksh (sleeping)- Please don’t leave me please dont…
Ragini felt very sad to see Laksh’s vulnerability. She made him sleep slowly and then caressed his hair after sometime she also slept.

Next Morning
Ragini woke up early. She looked by her side and saw Laksh was not there. She looked here and there and then found him standing in the balcony. She goes to him
Laksh-Good Morning Ragini and I’m really sorry for yesterday’s night. I was very vulnerable last night so i couldn’t think anybody leaving me for once and therefore I clinged onto you. I’m really sorry for making you uncomfortable last night. But don’t worry this would not be repeated.
Ragini had tears in her eyes. Whatever Laksh said did not hold true for her. In fact yesterday was the best night was the best night of her. Yet she controlled her emotions and said.
Ragini-It’s okay Laksh. Laksh vCardcan i ask you for something?
Laksh -Yes Ragini sure. You are doing so many things for me. You married me even when don’t love me. Tell me what can I do for you.
Ragini- Actually Laksh in the past few days I had applied for some jobs. One of them have wants to hire me and they are also paying me well. So I want to ask you can I please take up this job.
Laksh thought for sometime and yhen nodded in the affirmative.
Ragini -Thank you so much Laksh. And don’t worry Laksh I’ve given my marital status as single. So nobody would come to know that I’m your wife. Saying this she leaves.
Laksh felt somebody stabbed his heart when Ragini said that she had kept her marital status as single. Laksh POV

what she said? she kept her marital status single? how dare she do that?!? she’s married. and she is married to me. how can she hide that? wait what? why am so affected by this i only told her to kep our marriage a secret she did what i told her then why am i feeling so bad? have i fallen for ragini? no. i was in love with kavya how can i fall in love with rangini within one day? what is happening to me i have to figure this out. i have stay away from ragini because she doesn’t love me. or does she? what am i thinking she likes sanskar. and only loved kavya. that’s it.

End of POV.
Some days passed. Everything had started to normalise. Laksh was moving on from Kavya while Ragini was busy with her job. Laksh had signed a new film and was shooting for it and his feelings for Ragini were becoming stronger but he was unaware of it. Meanwhile Sanskar had become a regulatory visitor to Ragini much to the displeasure of Laksh. One fine day when Laksh was at home and Ragini also toom the day off the doorbell rang. Ragini opened the door and saw Sanskar.
Ragini – Aree Sanskar? I was waiting for you only. Come sit inside. Laksh heard this. He was damn jealous.
Laksh (mi)- Wow! Now this Ragini is waiting for him to come. Aur main mera toh kabhi aisa wait nahi kiya. Jab bhi main ghar aata hoon yeh toh soti rehti hai ya kaam karti. Mujhse toh aajkal baat tak nahi karti. If he was not from red chillies I would have killed him. Meri Ragini ko apna banane chala. Wait what?! Meri Ragini yeh ho kya raha mujhe…… His thought was broken when he heard.
Sanskar- Ragini if you don’t mind I want to talk to you in private.
Ragini- No problem. Come to my room. Saying this they both left leaving Laksh fuming in anger.
Laksh- Uff!! Now this Sanskar wants to spend time with Ragini in private. Dhat!!
In the room
Ragini – Tell. What happened?
Sanskar – Swara delivered two daughters.

Ragini (happily)- Wow! This is such a good news. I’m so happy for you. But why you look so sad.
Sanskar- Ragini.. you know Swara and her mood swings. One day she started shouting that I only made her pregnant and then left him.
Ragini burst out laughing. She continued speaking-So you are sad. Aww! And then
Sanskar – And said that I don’t take her responsibility and even don’t do her diapers. I got angry and said that I can do it. Now you know Ragini I can’t do it. So can you help me.
Ragini was trying hard to control her laughter. Unable to control she burst out laughing. Sanskar got angry.
Sanskar-Ragini!! I’m in problem and you are laughing!!!
Ragini – Sorry… Sorry. Chalo I’ll show you.
Sanskar becomes happy and started learning.
After 1hour

Laksh-Aree it’s been an hour yet they are not coming down. I’ll go and check.
He was about to go when he saw them coming down smiling.
Ragini- Sanskar renember what I told you.
Sanskar. Yes. And thank you. He hugs her. Laksh felt jealous and gritted his teeth. He thought
Laksh-Aree leave Ragini. Leave her.
After saying bye. Sanskar left. Here Laksh thought of something.

Precap- Laksh talking to Ragini about Sanskar. Ragini gets angry. Later Ragini attends a party while Laksh becomes jealous.

Credit to: Lavanya

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