Contract Marriage (raglak) Part 2


Hi I’m back with the Part 2 of my SS. Thank you for your comments and suggestions. In case you missed something here are the previous episodes.
part 1

Recap- Laksh introducing Ragini as her PA. Ragini coming to know the truth about the marriage being hidden from the industry. She is broken by the news yet complies to what Laksh says. A production company comes to meet Laksh regarding a script. Ragini opens the door and gets stunned seeing someone.

The episode starts with Ragini opening the door. She gets stunned as well as teary seeing the man.
Ragini-Sanskaar?!? You?
Sanskar (smiling)- Yes. Now I work for the Red chillies company. So the office sent me here to talk about the film with Laksh. BTW tum yaha kya kar rahi ho? And is everything alright? I mean your health, you look very pale and tired.
Ragini (mi)- Wow! Look at this man. We didn’t meet for three years yet he understood my health and look at Laksh with whom I’m staying for the past two months doesn’t even look at me for once. She was thinking when suddenly she felt someone jerking her
Sanskaar -Ragini! Ragini! Abb kab tak khada kar ke rakhogi. My legs are hurting!!
Ragini (coming out of her thoughts )- Oh!… I’m so sorry. Please come inside.
They go inside and sit.
Sanskar- I asked you something. Is everything alright Ragini?
Ragini- Yes everything is just perfect. Ab meri chodo tum apni batao. How is Swara?
Sanskar- Aree she is such a pain in the wrong place! Sge and her mood swings! BTW We are expecting our first babies!
Ragini (confused )- First babies?!? (Then realising something ) you mean twins?!? OMG I’m so happy for you! Congratulations!

They both were talking when Laksh hearing the laughter comes down. He sees Ragini laughing heartily and an unknown smile comes on his face. He says to himself
Laksh- Ragini you are looking so beautiful. But why is she laughing with this Sanskar. Is he her friend?!?
Laksh was thinking when suddenly Sanskar sees him and says
Sanskar- Mr Laksh Good Evening. Let’s con e to business now.
Laksh- Yes of course.
Saying this they leave from there.

After 2 hours
Laksh was sitting in his study and thinking about Ragini laughing with Sanskar (he is unaware that Sanskar is already married )He felt bad. He thought. “Ragini you never smiled and laughed with me. Are you in love with that guy? But how can you fall in love with him being my wife? WIFE? What is happening to you Laksh? Why are you so much affected with this? He shirks away his feeling and thinks”I think I should talk to Ragini about this. If she likes him then I’ll talk to him.”
While coming towards Ragini’s room his phone rings. He had mistakenly taken Kavya’s phone. Anyways he picks up the phone.
Man: Baby you are taking a lot of time now. When will you marry Laksh and transfer all his property in your name. Listen Kavya do it fast I cannot wait anymore. Get it. Saying this he disconnects the call. Laksh was stunned listening the truth. He runs towards Ragini’s room. Ragini who was setting the bed for herself when she was shocked seeing Laksh’s state. Laksh straight comes to her and hugs her tightly and breaks down.

Precap- Ragini comforting Laksh.

Credit to: Lavanya

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