Contract Marriage (raglak) Epilogue


Thank you guys for showing your support towards this SS. I thought that I would have to stop writing it after the prologue but your cooments gave me the courage to continue. Thank you so much for your love. This is the last episode because I wanted to keep the story short so that it remains crisp.
Previous episodes

Part 6
The episodes with Ragini working in the kitchen. She is seen talking to a servant.
Ragini-Are the pancakes ready? Is the black coffee ready? Where is the nutella and tampered white chocolate that I told you to keep? (to some other servant)Aree what are you doing Iiss tarah se toh jal jayega?!? Let me show you.
Servant-Ma’am you don’t worry so much everything will be ready on time. You just wait and watch.
Ragini-No I will do it myself. And Shraddha how many times I told you to call me Ragini and not ma’am.
Shraddha-Okay… okay Ragini. Chalo your breakfast is ready…… now go.
Ragini- Thank you. She goes.
Ragini goes upstairs with the breakfast tray and prays that”I hope Laksh is not sad for yesterday’s fight. I shouted too much. I shouldn’t have used the reboynd word. But he was trying to fix me up with Sanskar. Waise if I think deeper… fault is mine. I never told him that Sanskar is married. Uff! I don’t know anything. I’ll give him the food and ekdum kaan pakad ke sorry bol dungi… then he won’t be able to stay angry with me. “Saying this she enters Laksh’s room. She saw him sleeping.
Ragini- Aww!! Kitna cute lagraha hai.
Laksh (still closing his eyes)- Ragini I’m not cute. Im handsome.
Ragini (shocked)-You…. you are awake?
Laksh-Why? Nahi hona chaihiye tha?(He winks at her) And what were you telling I look cute while sleeping?!?
Ragini (blushing hard)-Uh… uh… actually…
Laksh (naughtily)-What Ragini?
Ragini (looking at the breakfast )-Breakfast.
Ragini-Actually I wanted to say sorry to you for yesterday. So I got your favourite breakfast ready.
Laksh-Ragini first I’m sorry for yesterday. I shouldn’t have imagined so many things. I should have talked to you once.
Ragini- I’m sorry too. I also shouldn’t have reacted like that. Anyways have your breakfast and tell me how’s it.
Laksh (looking at Ragini)-Beautiful.
Ragini- But you didn’t even taste it.
Laksh-I was talking about you Ragini. (Ragini blushes)Wow!! You can blush even. (He thinks something) Can I take you out for dinner tonight?
Ragini-But for that we have to go uot together. If people see us together they might question na?
Laksh-You don’t worry about that. I’ll handle it. You’ll come or not?
Ragini smiles and nod in affirmative. Laksh gets happy and thinks “This dinner will be ypur best night. Today I’ll confess my feelings to you today”. Laksh was going to tell something when suddenly both Ragini and Laksh phone rings. They pick up.
Ragini- Yes tell….. hmmm…. is it really important? Okay…. I’ll come.
Laksh -But today was my off…… achaa okay. I’ll come.
Ragini-Laksh. They both call each other at the same time. The both smile at the coincidence.
Ragini-Actually mere office se call aya tha. There is a party tonight. I’ll tried to say them no. But you know….
Laksh-It’s okay. I also have to complete my social commitments. I won’t be able to take you for dinner tonight. But I’ll take you tomorrow promise.
Ragini-Okay. I’ll keep myself free for you tomorrow.

In the evening.
Ragini gets ready in a red long dress, hair tied in a messy bun and a diamond stud with red lipstick. She was looking absolutely stunning. Here Laksh was wearing a black suit looking dapper as always. He enters Ragini’s room and is mesmerizedto see her.
Laksh- You look beautiful Ragini.
Ragini (blushes hard)-Thank you. You look dapper.
Laksh smiled. Her compliment was special for him.
Laksh-If you want I can drop you at the venue.
Ragini-No Laksh it’s okay. Office is sending me a car.
At party.
Ragini enters the venue. It is completely dark. Ragini looks here and there when suddenly a spotkight falls on her.
Voice-Welcome Ragini. Ragini after your arrival in the office…. we have reached new hieghts. Your dedication and hard work has led to this success. Therefore we present you the Employee Of The Year award.
Ragini was stunned hearing. This was really unexpected. She got the fruit of her sheer hard work and perseverance. She was happy. All the lights were switched own. There were people clapping for her. She was extremely happy
Voice -Now Ragini please come onstage and take this award from your favourite actor. Ragini came onstage with a confused face.
Voice -Please welcome Mr Laksh Maheshwari.
Hearing Laksh’s name she becomes shocked. Laksh comes onstage he too becomes shocked seeing Ragini. They both understand that they were supposed to come to the same party. They both smile seeing each other. Laksh gives her the award and congratulates her. Ragini accepts the award and gives a nice thank you speech.
Voice-So let the party begin. Laksh Ragini please enjoy the party. They both nod.
Laksh was going to ask Ragini for a dance when suddenly a guy comes between them.
Guy- May I have the pleasure of dancing with you. Saying this he puts his hand infront of her.
Ragini- Yes ofcourse Rohan. Saying this she gives her hand and move towards the dance floor. Leaving Laksh jealous.
(Sorry guys I can’t write the entire song. The song is janam janam from dilwale.)
Rohan puts his hand on Ragini’s waist and pulled her closer. He twirls her around. Here Laksh grits his teeth and folds his hand in a punch. Are ng them so close he goes towards the bar counter and started drinking. He saw Ragini smling while dance. Laksh got more jealous and leaves from there. Here Ragini became a little uncomfortable so she excused herself and went from there.
Ragini-Where is Laksh? Let me call him. (She calls him but the call goes unanswered )She becomes tensed. I think he has gone back home. I’ll go and check.
At home.
Ragini comes back home. She calls for Laksh everywhere in the house but it goes unanswered. She calls his manager
Ragini- Where has Laksh gone. He has not come back home. He is not answering my calls. What do you do?
Manager- Sorry ma’am I forgot to inform you he told me to inform me that he’ll be late.
Ragini- You should have informed me before. Anyways if he answers your call tell him to come home early.

Late night.
Ragini was walking here and there waiting for Laksh. She was tensed. “I don’t what is happening. He’s been late but I never felt so. I think something wrong is going to happen. Please keep him safe”She was thinking when suddenly there was a BAAM sound on the road. Ragini turned and saw Laksh.
Ragini-Laksh. Where were you? I was so worried for you. You left the party suddenly. I got so tensed. She hugs him
Laksh(sarcastically )- Achaa. You were worried or your dance got over with that Rohan?!?
Ragini (suprised)- Laksh what are you saying?
Laksh comes near Ragini and holds her by her waist very tightly. Ragini winces in pain.
Laksh-Aisa kya hai usme jo mujhme nahi?!? (Ragini was completely shocked seeing Laksh) I asked you something WHAT DOES HE HAVE THAT I DONT?! (He shouts)He hold you like this. How dare he touch you in front of me.
Raging (crying out of pain)- Laksh why are you doing this. Leave me its hurting.
Suddenly Laksh felt Ragini’s lips over his. Laksh was suprised at this gesture. But he didn’t eant to let go of the moment. He too kissed her back. The kiss became really a passionate one. Ragini later broke the kiss. She said
Saying this she hugged him Laksh was really happy to listen his love profeesing her love towards him. He hugged her and asked.
Laksh-Will you marry me Ragini? Will you let me hold you? Love you? Have children with you? Grow old with you?
Ragini-Yes Laksh. You can hold me love me have children with me and grow old with me.
They both hug.

Few days later.
Ragini was seen in the same bridal dress that she wore on her marriage. She sat the same way she sat before. She was waiting for Laksh when the door opened. She saw Laksh coming towards her her heart started beating fast. Laksh came towards her and sat.
Laksh-You can remove your veil.
Ragini was confused because she knew that the setting was exactly the same. But this was the only thing that she didn’t want to get repeated. She removed her veil and looked at Laksh.
Laksh hand her some papers and says”This paper is the new secret of our marriage. Open it”
Ragini thought that she was betrayed. Still she opened the envelope. She got suprised and looked at Laksh.
Laksh gave a wide smile and said”Tumhe kya laga? This our honeymoon tickets”
Ragini just hugged Laksh. Laksh to hugged her back. Today they became complete. Today Laksh and Ragini became RAGLAK forever.

Credit to: Lavanya

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