contract marriage (epi-3)


Hi guys it’s arjun.I finished my college last year and working in a software company. And I am aditi’s elder brother.she is my little princess. And I think before a year I started watching kumkum bhagya. She used to see one episode for 3 times in a day.I got attached with this serial too.and I think this intro is enough and ranaji I will try to upload I am not planning before.

Contract marriage
precap….abhigya dances
episode 3

All claps for abhigya.both shares an awkward eyelock.suddenly the lights go off.pragya holds abhi’s hands and shuts off her eyes.bulbul shouts di..where are you.I know you are afraid of dark.abhi gets his answer.he wants to tease her as she mocked him yesteday.abhi calls akash and tells him something but akash asked why he wants now.abhi asked him to get it.akash leaves ,meanwhile bulbul ,purab,nishi went to check what happened.abhi asked pragya ,why she is holding his hands.she says i is not holding purposely and I am feared of dark.abhi asked her to not to fear as I m here.pragya asked him switch on the torch might of his phone as she left her phone in the room.abhi says I will and switched on the torch.pragya turns to see abhi and was shocked ,was about to shout when abhi closes her mouth and drags her to corner.pragya asked what you know I am dear of played pranks on me.abhi asked her not to shout as he returned for what she had done yesterday. PRAGYA asked what I did.abhi says you mocked me n.a..pragya says I was wrong. You are impossible and leaves taking his phone from his hands.abhi says it’s my phone and smiles at her.

just then lights come ,aliya says suprise.abhi calls hey aliya…aliya gets blessings from dasu, dasi, and hugs abhi and nishi. Nishi says I am so happy aliya you returned single.aliya asked what you mean.abhi says stop your drama.dadi introduced aliya to pragya and says she is his sister .aliya asked how is her suprise and says nice to meet you.abhi says yes she loved and says she wants more and laughs at her.pragya smirks at him.pragya thinks carbon copy of brother.and smiles.aliya hugs her saying thanks bhabhi..for coming in our lives and breaks the hug and gives her a braclet. She says it’s for you and puts in her hand .pragya says thanks.aliya says come to home by tday itself bhabhi.nishi too says yes bhabhi.dadi asked them to wait for two days as mehendi function,sangeet fiction,haldi are balance.sarla says ok dadi we are leaving. PRAGYA gets blessings from dasi ,dadi and leaves. Puts drops all of them .bulbul says Really enjoyed today di.pragya smiles at her.pragya gets a call from producer that she has to come tomorrow. Sarla says no as there is only four days for marriage.but pragya asked her to accept.sarla says ok but tomorrow only
PRAGYA hugs her.

Abhi in his room listening to music when aliya and nishi comes .aliya asked bhai you are happy tday.abhi says if my princess are happy then me too happy.both hugs him.abhi asked them to sleep as its late.

In morning,pragya leaves to studio and starts to busy in singing a beautiful song.dadi asked abhi to take pragya to jewellery shop as she has odered mangalsutra and asked him to ask if she likes it.abhi asked dadi you think she will wear that mangalsutra and all.she is a famous singer and she will think about her image
Dasi says it’s her wish.if she wants she can wear no n.a…no problem. Abhi says you both are becoming modern now-a-days and leaves
he reached pragya’s home.he enters and calls pragya.but sarla ma comes.she asked him to sit. Abhi says he came to take pragya to jewellery shop. Sarla says she went to studio.wait I will call her. Abhi sits on the sofa and looks at the pics.she was getting award from famous singers,music directors in small age. He smiles at the photos.Sarla says ,abhi she is studio. She says she will get so you message her address. Abhi Says no ma…I will go there and pick her.and leaves

Abhi enters the studio. PRAGYA was singing sincerely.abhi asked not to disturb and takes a seat.he watched her where pragya was singing beautifully. He looks at her expressions and smiles at her.she finished singing ,all claps for her.abhi too claps and pragya says thanks
And looks at abhi….she was supeised..


abhi compliments PRAGYA. ..pragya smiles
They both reached the shop.

Credit to: arjun

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