contract marriage (epi-1)

Hey it’s arjun from banglore.i am new to fan fiction. ABHIGYA ‘s big fan…will you all accept me as your friend …I read tisha’s,aditi ‘s and surbhi ‘s ,sowmiya’s all are “the best” …I don’t know it will be equal to them.but I will try…

ABHISHEK : a rockstar
PRAGYA : famous female singer equal to abhi
Aliya: abhi’s sister
Nishi: abhi’s sister
Bulbul: pragya”s sister
Purab: abhi’s friend
Dado,dasi and sarla…

According to pragya , Marriages are like fingerprints; each one is different and each one is beautiful.”she has full faith on it.but now she could not believe herself.she gonna do a contract marriage….a marriage for 2 years..
now she thinks
“Love is a feeling, Marriage is a contract, Relationships are work”.she closes her eyes and tears droplets falls on her hands.she wipes her tears when she heard a sound. She turns back to’s the person with whom she gonna do a contract.he comes neae her and sits beside her.she looks on him.he looks worried.she says abhi…yes abhi ,the rockstar .abhi looks at her.he asked what you have decided. PRAGYA says I am ready to marry you.abhi asked are you sure.pragya asked is there any option na…abhi says fine.pragya says we are doing for your dadi and my ma’s sake.abhi says hmm ..I know.pragya says for two years ,we have to act as husband and strange na…we hate each other ,but our destiny.leave it…waste of time to speak about it.pragya says one condition…I want my should not order me what I should do.abhi says it also suits also should not order me.pragya says fine.abhi asked is there anything…pragya says no.let’s go and both leaves.

Abhi and pragya comes to living room.all looks at them.abhi says we are ready to marry.all gets happy.bulbul rushes to pragya saying I am happy di for you.purab hugs abhi.pragya says ok..relax.bulbul hugs abhi,saying congrats juju. Abhi asked juju..why are you calling me like that.pragya looks on.abhi says it’s joke.bulbul says so sweet jiju…nishi says I will call her bhabhi.pragya could not bear it but she smiles.abhi says let’s leave.further details ,dadi will tell.bulbul says bye jiju.abhi says bye to bulbul and pragya.all leaves.

Sarla says I am happy beta.finally you are going to marry.pragya smiles.bulbul hugs her.pragya says I will come and goes to her room.she thinks finally the problem solved.he too agreed with this.she gets a call.she attends it.she says ya…I am coming..and leaves.

Abhi goes to his room.dadi says to nishi I M happy beta .and asked is aliya is coming or not for abhi”s marriage.nishi says dadi she is coming tomorrow. Dasi says finally abhi agreed for marriage di.let’s start the preparations.
abhi gets a call.he says ya…I am coming.
abhi reached the studio and sees pragya there.he says I vant go as is inside and was about to leave but the press covered him….pragya looks on helpless.abhi says hi…to all.the reporter’s asked is he going to marry pragya.abhi thinks how this thing leaked to media.he thinks definitely she would have told to embrace me.and says yes.pragya comes out.the reporter’s asked a photo.both could not resist..because it may cause a bad impression on they posed for a photo.the reporter’s says thanks and they left……

Hope you all like.and it’s my first attempt.if there is mistakes forgive me

Credit to: arjun


  1. trisha

    Hi Arjun… Great start… Love the storyline that you have chosen… Looking forward to your next episode….All the best!

  2. PEEKU

    Good one Arjun! I like the concept….waiting for the moment when contract marriage will change to love marriage….!!!!!

  3. Zari

    Hi arjun… Awesome start… Plzzzz continue…. Eager to find out the reason behind this contract marriage

  4. sharaya

    Hi arjun bro your story line is amazing I like the first epi itself if u don’t mind can I call you bhai/bro?

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.