Connection of Souls..A SwaSan few shots.. Prologue..By Maanvi

Hi guys!! Maanvi here.. Anyone remember me!? Well I am back here to disturb you all with my another imagination on our heavenly couple SwaSan.. hope you all will find this as worth reading..

Swara and Sanskar .. Stayed at an orphanage together for more than five years.. their friendship was something different from that of others..they were childhood friends.. support system of each other..

But when they got separated against their will..fate was not on their side too..they lost their contact and forgot each other or so they thought but not​ a single day went when did not think of each other..a hope was present in their heart that one day they will meet each other and their hope won but..

When they met each other..they failed to recognize each other due to the misunderstanding between their names but they always find a connection with each other.. maybe a connection of souls..

He always listened to his heart while she always listened to her mind.. maybe that’s why at the first sight only..he thought that she is his Swara..and when he finally found out that she is his childhood friend..his support system..his Swara.. Destiny was not in their favor again..She was getting married and she was happy or was just pretending to!??

Well guys! It’s a random thought that creeped into my mind so thought to pen it down! How was it guys!? Do share your reviews in the comments box and help me to improve more.. don’t remain a silent’s a request..
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  1. It’s so interesting dear. Continue

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    its interesting dear…
    please continue would love to read further….

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    Interesting dear

  5. interesting

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    Superb ?? do continue? waiting

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