Connection of Souls..A SwaSan few shots-Part 1-By Maanvi

Hi guys!!Maanvi here! Thanks for all your comments on the prologue and so sorry for not replying you all..was bit busy in preparation for exams.. here is the next part.. hope you all will like it too…

In the grey sky of early Dawn..stars still glowed.. Creepy silence was prevailing in the chilled morning of winters.. everything was deadly silent except for the occasional bark of a dog,the distant steps of a Workman going early to work,or the screech of a bird disturbed before it’s time,the whole city was wrapped in a deadly silence.Most of it’s inhabitants were still in the arms of sleep,the sleep which grew more and more profound on account of the intense winter cold; for the cold used sleep to extend it’s away over the things even as a false friend lulls his chosen victim with caressing smiles.

The car came to halt..
Swara!! Come on! We are here! Get up!! Someone said shaking her..

She refused to listen the words..her face had a innocent smile as if she is living the happy memories which is lighting up her life..

Swara! I don’t have whole day to spend here! Come out now..A voice brought her back from her thoughts…

She sighed heavily as the smile left her face..she once glanced from the window to look at her surroundings..

On One side of a road was a row of trees,on the other side a garden.The sky was darker now and the cold more intense, for the wind was blowing straight along the road,on which they fell like frozen snow,only the faint light of morning star.At the end of the garden stood a handsome building of the newest style,and the light gleamed threw the crevices of it’s closed doors and windows..her eyes travelled up to read the board
It read” University of Law- Delhi”..She looked for the board for few seconds as thought of her living in New city amidst new surroundings crossed her mind..but it was not​ that what disturbed was something she never imagined in her wildest dreams..

Swara!  Are you planning to come out today or we should keep waiting!? A voice brought her back to present..

She moved out of the warmth only to be welcomed by a chilling breeze..

Dad! I don’t want to be here! I will do anything but please don’t leave me..She said as a sudden fear crept into her mind..She will be all alone here for whole two years..her mind was filled with inferiority.insecurity and fear..but no one was willing enough to read or understand her fear of heart and thoughts of mind… Although it was her dream to be a lawyer and be the voice of people and want to do anything that she can do for providing justice..but everything turned upside down crashing her dreams into pieces..

See Madam didn’t got satisfied with her evil deeds and want to stay with us so that she can destroy us more but we are not that stupid enough to keep you with us..those words were enough to shatter her heart..

You misunderstood me was Ragini Di who was driving the car that day not me..she accused me for the Crime I never did..She said justifying herself for the millionth time but no one seems interested to trust her..

Swara! Don’t create a scene here!! We came here to fix your marriage with the dean’s son..and he said you can fulfill your so called dream of being a lawyer.. at least we will be freed from your unwanted presence..

Their words pierced her innocent heart and brought tears to her hazel doe eyes..

But I don’t want to marry.. She said in a strong yet low voice..

And we don’t want your opinion.. keep it with yourself.. Don’t forget from where you belong to Swara we were there for you when no one else it’s time to return our favor..Dadi said to her..

Her words brought the flashes of her past to her mind and her heart pained..

She didn’t said anything instead buried a thousand things she wanted to say and allowed the tears to fall depicting her helplessness..

It was better I would have stayed at orphanage rather getting you people as my family..her heart said..

Don’t forget Swara..they helped you to study further and just want you to marry with a boy of their choice.. What’s wrong in that!!Her mind said..

Seriously! What’s wrong in that! They didn’t trust you..They think of your dream as waste and on the other hand support their own daughter..they always do comparison between you and Ragini just..they never showed the Same love to you..?? Why! Just because you are adopted!! Her heart said a matter of fact..

But Swara least they provided money for your studies..if they would have not adopted would have been​ a illiterate now..
Her mind said true too..

It’s damn too confusing but one thing is for sure..if they call their love as a favor on me! Then they never loved me..and maybe thought of me as a burden..She thought..

[After 2 hours]

[6 AM]

A new day..A new beginning..Rays of the sun shone mildly as the fog refused to leave the sky..It was not usual to see the sunrise before it’s due seems like life was getting an hour early to live an hour more..

He ran and ran and seems he was having a competition with a jet plane..but no it was not the case.. Right corner empty..Defenders coming up but no one can defeat the extraordinary skills of football present in him..beaten the defenders.. goalkeeper misjudged his mind and it was a goal..A smile crept over as he knew he did it again..again he helped his team to win for fifth consecutive time..

Wohoo! was awesome goal rocked it again..A voice said totally filled with appreciations and happiness..

He turned to the source of voice with a genuine smile.. Confidence and happiness reflecting from his eyes..Sweat was dripping from his forehead despite of the chilled morning of winters..even in the casuals he looked damn handsome yet cute…

That was nothing Sahil! This was just the trailer.. whole picture will be seen in the tournament..He said with a genuine smile..

Too much Confidence on yourself Sanskar.. Not bad..Sahil said shaking his head..

Not on me.. but on my game and my practice..I just hope this year we will not knocked out ..He said hopefully.

Game is okay but did you prepared​ for today’s viva..I hope you didn’t forgot what happened last time!!? Sahil asked him chuckling a bit..

His words changed his experience from happiness to tension to worries to sigh to normal..

Let it be..I will manage.. He said sighing thinking about last Time when he was not prepared for his viva..since that day he just hate that​ professor..

Care to explain that how you will manage!! Sahil asked in a same tone imitating him..

Somehow..there is solution to every problem my friend..and we just have to find that solution..He said dramatically..

We will see that in class.. hope you will prepare well as it consists 40% of our marks..his eyes widened..
You remember or forgot?? He asked seeing his reaction..

Ofcourse I remember..He said nervously and scratching his head..

Okay then.. meet you in the college…He left bidding bye to him..

Damn! How can I forget it is consisting 40% of my marks..and OMG..I didn’t prepared anything.. prepare?? I didn’t even glanced at the book once..I am gone 40% marks are gone..that professor is not going to Leave me..Oh God! Help me!! He said as his face was flooded with various emotions..
Sanskar! Did you realize that you are late today..A voice made him look towards that source while he was munching his breakfast..

Mother! I know I am late..[glancing at his watch] actually very very late but I can’t miss this awesome breakfast prepared by you just because of that professor..He said shifting his gaze back to Masala Dosa..

Sanskar! Son you can eat it after returning from the college but need to go to college or else you will miss your exam and I don’t want any hurdles between you and your dream..She said sincerely..

I wanted to become a lawyer because of her..but if she is not here..there is no reason I should be sincere..He said carelessly..

Think about her..if she would have been here! She would have not been happy seeing you like this way Sanskar!! Mother said with a softened voice..

I am 99% sure mother she will not return.. maybe she is so happy that she forgot me and our memories and created some of her own but that 1% still keeps me going..He said sighing..

Anyways..I should leave.. otherwise that professor will fail me without any exam..He said chuckling a bit..

All the best Sanskar! Do your best Sanskar..Mother said smiling genuinely..

He walked out bidding bye.. Sunshine Orphanage..his home..he got shelter here when no one was there to give him a helping hand and now his only aim is to protect this orphanage against all odds…
One more morning..A new hope..I didn’t lose faith Swara.. even though I didn’t lost hope but I am missing you..Where are you!?..He sighed as his hope was losing with each passing day…

PRECAP:: A New beginning..

Well guys! That’s​ it for now..was able to manage this much because of my hectic schedule..but hope you all​ like it..Sorry if you find it boring as I don’t know how it is! Hope you all will share your reviews and help me to improve more..Do comment guys and don’t give me a silent treatment..
Take Care
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