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Hiiiiiiii…Friends!Meethi is back with an os on our Raglak…It beeeeen soooo long i wrote an os..isliye i decided to write an os..for u all..hope u all like it..

So Now i willl start!

A couple are shown kissing eachoth
er..in d rain..

They separate and see eachother..They have pain in their eyes..which the tears reflect..

"This is wrong….we are wrong…"..the girl said..

"For once please tell me to stop this wedding i will..i will them…our love cannot be wrng..it can never be wrong "the boy calmed the girl..

"Never..Laksh u will marry di..Tomorrow only"..the girl turned away..trying to hide her pain..her tears

"What do u think..huh..if u turn ur face i wont knw..ur pain..wont come to knw u are injured deep in ur heart"..

"I am not laksh"the girl replied confidently..

"Ohh cmmon Ragu..we are connected by hearts!we dnt have to express our feelings..we get to knw..them without even speaking.."..said Laksh being admant..

"This is not as easy as u think laksh!..u are marrying shona di tomorrow..wat will we tell!huh..that i and my would to be jiju..are in love!..this will break di into pieces..she loves u!.."said ragu in a convincing tone..

"God damn it  i love you!..dont u understand…how can i marry ur sis!wen i love only u..marrying her will be cheating her..i will never be able to give her back the love she gives me…this will shatter 3 lives ragu..mine..urs and hers..try to understand …"said laksh in an angry tone!

"I cannot…plss laksh understand..and now more arguements..i am leaving"..said ragini..

"Ragu will u be able to live without me? "..

This made Ragini stop…she herself knew..how much did she love laksh..he was her lyf..how can she live widout him..she loved him since childhood!..they never knew wen their childhood friendship turn in to love…!
Her di..and laksh..were of same age grp..ragini was  a year younger to them!..

Ragini's parents died in an accident..hence she lived with her maasi and maasu..who lovedher like their own daughter..she got a understanding sister …parents…what else she wanted..she always thought her life was complete..until..Laksh entered their life and their life changed..laksh..swara and ragu..were childhood besties..

In childhood..
Swara and laksh used to fight always!..on almost every matter!..no one could say they were friends..

On the other hand..
Ragini and Laksh were very close since childhood..they were best of frnds..they admired eachother..over a period of tym..they developed a crush on eachother..but were unknwn to each others feeling..

Gradually they grew..and on one fine day!
Valentines Day..

Laksh went on his knee before ragu..and proposed her..told all his feelings to ragu..
How much he loved her..cared for her..everything abt her..

Ragini happily agreed..and confessed her feelings 4 him too….

That they ragini happily returned home..only to experience the biggest shock of her life..

As soon as she entered the house..she saw..sumi shekhar and swara sitting on the sofa amd swara looking down..blushing..
Ragini went close and asked them wat happened..to which..
Sumi-Ragu..ask ur this sister only..shekhar see how she is blushing..
Ragu-Di wat happened..
Swara-Voh ragu..i am in love..
Ragu excitedly with whom di?..
Swara looked down-Laksh..ur best friend..

That was enough for ragini to understand that her love..was loved my her di also..
She couldnt stand any longer..she told..
"Maasi i have sme work i ll come "..
And she went to her room..

That day which was supposed to be the best day of her lyf..turned 2 be the worst..

She cried..cried her heart..cried until..the nxt morning..
*tring tring*..
Her phone rang…
She picked up widout seeing d caller id..
"Yes"she said..
"Ragu wat happened!..u are crying wat happened "..laksh said..
"I am not laksh"..
"Now u will lie to me?u knw na..we r connected!"..
And ragu let open the taps of tears….
"Laksh kept on asking…continuously but she did nt ans him..instead she cut d phone and switched it of!"

In the evening..
Laksh entered the house worried..
He was directly gng up wen..sumi came..

Beta itna jaldi..ragu told u also..ki u couldnt control!..
Laksh gave a confused look…
Sumi-Vaise bhi we were cmg to ur house only..
Laksh-my house?..
Sumi-Ha..to talk abt relation..
Laksh was on cloud 9 he assumed tat his marriage wid ragu..
Sumi-Go swara is waiting..she wanted to talk to u before ur marriage..
He again became confused..
Sumi-yes beta..she wants to how happy she is..and i am also very happy..swara chose a perfect person..u are the best any 1 could get..

And Ji Ha Laksh ke pairo tale bhi zameeen khisakgayi../ek saath do dino mein..sumi ne kotne jhatke diye haina ?//

Laksh ran to ragini's room..he entered..and saw her sitting on the floor sobbing with her head dug in d bed..he closed the door amd went close and hugged her..ragini continued crying..
."ragu come lets tell them!we love eachother they will agree.."..
"Yes they will but..swara di she loves u…"..
"What do u mean"
"Laksh pls marry di"

And then their lives changed..

Back to the present time!

A house is shown with loads of decorations..and lightings..
Sumi-..Mehendi's rasam is going to start soon..champa call swara..and tell ragini 2 come  her soon  as Laksh and his family are cmg soon..
Swara comes down wearing a green lehenga..she sits down on the deewan and mehendi starts being applied..
Laksh and his family enters..

Laksh is looking dull….he enters and sits besides swara..but his eyes are looking for some1…

Music and songs starts amd the dancers pull swara also into the dance taking the opportunity he leaves the hall and goes up..
In search of ragini..he enters into her room..and sees her on the bed like a lifeless body..in a deep thought..he sees her and closes d door..

Ragini sees him .
"What are u dng here..were'nt u supposed to be down..
"Ya..to enjoy my wedding.!haina!"..
"Laksh their is no need 2 raise this topic all over again.."
"Their is..if u think we are nt supposed to raise the topic then why aren't u joining me..in my celebrations afterall u are my to be wife's sister..haina.."…

His statement hurts her deeply..and tears starts flowing frm her eyes…

"Ragu pls dnt do this..TO US!.."..

"Laksh we were never us!..and can never be.."..

"OH really ragu!..we were never us!..so wat was tat!..huh.."OUR LOVE!"..which u are sacrificing for ur sister"..

"Laksh…"she lowered her eyes..knwing tat now if she sees him..her love ..she will never leave him..would hug him and will wish to be in his embrace forever…

"Ragu..we are connected..we r us!..we love eachother..i know u love me..very damn much..then y..we stillave time..lets soo and refuse!"

"Jst shut…please Laksh..please..understand i cannot do anything..plsssss…please leave!..me alone..""

"I cnnt ragu"..

"Pls..tumhe meri kasam"..

And she pushes him outside..and closes the door..and cries leaning on d door..whereas laksh also cries leaning to the door..but wipes d tears wen he sees sumi..

"Beta all are waiting"..said sumi..
"Ji aunty"and he leaves..

Days pass..and ragini started ignoring laksh completely
…Finally the wedding day arrives!..

Light music is going on in the background!
Sumi and shekhar are waiting 4 the baaraat..
And Swara is sitting in the room and ragini is making her ready. …

"Chutki..are u happy?I mean u donot seem excited!"..said swara..

"Bilkul di..why will I not be happy …wen by shona di is marrying her love.."said ragini..

"I am marrying laksh"

"I knw tat di❤"

"He is ur best friend"

"Yes di"

"Ek cheez poocho..are u hiding smthng from me?"

"No di"

"Pukka di.."..saying this ragu left..

Laksh is sitting in the mandap..and waiting for swara..

Swara is brought by ragini and sumi..
Ragini and laksh share an eyelock full  of love..pain..

Swara is made to sit nxt to laksh..
The pandit starts the mantras..
When swara gets up!

Laksh-Kya hua swara..
Sumi-Swara kya hua?

Swara moves towards Ragini..and slaps her hard!..

Tears start flowing from ragini's eyes..

What happened swara!why did u slap my ragu..

Swara-Ma ek sec!.this is a convo btwn d sisters..

Swara-Wat do u think abt urself huh!want to be good sister..daughter haina..humesha..why?wat do u think i am selfish..i wont understand my sister's happiness huh!why?U shd have atleast talk to me..made me u understand..but no..u decided to handle it urself bo matter how much pain u are in haina..i love u pagli..u r my sister..i would have understand..did u think i would be happy with laksh!even wen he loves u..madly!why..u wanted my happiness but wat abt u?i knw i was mad behind him..and u didnt find courage to tell me..but meri behen ek baar!..
Sumi-wat..laksh loves ragu..
Swara-Ji ma..
Sumi-Laksh is this true…

Laksh looks down..
Swara-But tday i will rectify this mistake..today i will nt marry laksh..instead ragini will marry him..
Sumi-But swara..
Swara-Ma..aap bhibjaante ho..ki yeh right hai..
Sumi smiles..i am proud on both of my daughters…one did everything for her sister..and second understood her sister's sacrifice..

Both laksh and ragini get married!

After the marriage..swara and ragini share a sister moment..
Where swara tells how she got to knw abt them on the mehendi day..they part away with a hug full of love..

At Laksh's house..and room..
Laksh is already in the room..whereas ragini enters the room late..

"Not interested..go to sleep"..

"Laksh sorry na.."
"Sorry why?"
"Laksh na..!sorry na pls maaf kardo"
"Kyon na..who am i to u"
"Aarey aise mat karo na..u knw.na i love u"..
"Ya very well..isliye u told.me.to marry swara"
"Laksh that was the circumstance..u knw na..i cannt hurt di.."

"And wat abt me..u took me take it for granted haina..u also loved me still!u did tat.."
"I knw i was wrng..i am sorry"..
"How many times i tried to convince you! But u did nt listen haina!.."
"Aisa kuch nhi hai!"..
"Laksh u only say na we are connected..then how can we separate"..

"Ya this is why u told me to do that..what happened i..
But he is stopped by ragini who..kisses him to stop him frm speaking more..

First laksh is angry hence he doesn't resonds but soon he also melts..and responds with much more of passion..

After sometym they break the kiss due 2 d lack of oxygen..
"U very well knw how to melt me haina"said laksh in full on romantic mood
"Koi shak"??..said ragu…

"Waise ragu on a serious note!..this was the last and final tym we parted that to bcoz of this senseless amd baseless and sacrificing natures of urs!
Ragini nods her head..

"Good girl "..

And they hug..

Peoples who are desined to be together..whose destinies are joined forever and who r comnected to eachother by heart..Will always remain together..even though the whole world..tries to separate them..by any of the reasons!..

They'll meet!..Surely Meet!…
Similarly we willll meet soon ✌❤..


Till then!..
Keep reading..

Chiiling or studying  (coz kuch logo ke examz hai and kuch ke exams..)..

All best to everyone❤❤..

Loads of Love
Meethi ❤❤

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