Connection of Friendship… or LOVE? E-1


Hey guys, I’m….. I won’t tell now.. You’ll have to guess.. Okay I have red icon, and I wrote 2 ff’s and I just put the 3rd one on stop as…. Reasons! I’m quite active in commenting in @lovelylady’s ff… Guess??

New ff..!!
A girl is standing and cooking..
Girl: preeta, woh pineapple dena
Preeta gives her the pineapple..
Preeta: sumo, aaj pineapple raita?? Kyu??
The girl is revealed to be suman.
Sumo: kuch special hai..

She packs the tiffin and sends it off too Malhotra and Associations

(Oh yea,shraman not met.. Pushmo are best friends .. Pushvan have not met too)

A guy opens the tiffin
Pineapple Raita! He exclaims!
He receives a call “sumo”
Sumo: kaisa tha??
Guy: sumo, mujhe tumse milna haii
Sumo: pushkar,wait kar.. Accha sunn..shaam ko The Grand pohonch jaana at 9
The guy is revealed to be pushkar
Pushkar: fine..

At 9

Pushkar goes into the hall.. Its dark there.. Just them some people jump up and shout
“Suprise”.. Pushkar is suprised..
Pushkar goes and hugs sumo! Tum!
Sumo: suprise..
They break the hug and pushkar cuts the cake.. Just then pushkar’s gf, Preeti enters with a bunch of her friends!!
(Preemo don’t know each other except for the relation they share with pushkar)

A few girls and guys enter with preeti..
A guy enters, tall , handsome, charming, intense eyes (yes! Its shravan)
Sumo is mesmerized by him.. Shravan looks around and his intense deep eyes meet her’s
They share and intense eyelock.. They were talking, not with words.. But their intense eyes shared everything..
They break the eyelock as someone called sumo..
Shravan had intensely fallen for her.. He searched for her.. A smile appeared on his face after his eyes met with hers.. She smiled back.. They all had dinner.. Sumo and Pushkar went back home…

At night

Sumo’s pov

I don’t know.. I feel a connection with him.. Him? What’s his name! Oh no! I’m not sure if we would ever meet again! Forget about him Sumo..!! Its apparently for the best!

The next day.. Sumo is leaving for PCT.. Unknowingly she drives in the wrong way..
She stops at a bus stand.. Shravan looks at her.. He is overwhelmed but did not show it… Sumo opens the door for him and he gladly enters… They share a small , cute , intense eyelock..
sumo: tum kahi jaa rahe the?
Shravan still lost in her, hmm..PCT!
Sumo: PCT
A merry smile appears on her face
Shravan: tum kahi jaa rahi thi naa, I distrubed you!
Sumo: well perhaps yes, I have to go to PCT.. As it’s mine!

Shravan’s pov
I smiled at her.. That connection feeling.. Phir se aa rahi hai..

Sumo’s pov
Mei toh PCT jaa rahi thi, why did I turn to the bus stand. That connection… I have something with him.. What is it??

They reach PCT..

Shravan: actually , I’m opening a new company.. For that….
Sumo: that’s all right

They discuss the matters..

Sumo gets a notice from the court

“Your PCT is built on illegal property”

She breaks down.. She starts crying.. Shravan goes to hug her but he holds her arms.. And rubs them to console her.. She calls Pushkar..

Pushkar takes up the case..

Precap: it turns out be that the first case of shravan was against pushkar. And pushkar was fighting Sumo’s case!

Do comment..!!

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