congruency vs similarity – vimala – nagalakshmi


hope you all are fine, see today I was seeing indiaforum and found that many are confused, why?
actually they are confused between vimala and nagalakshmi, plz tell the one you know on IF.
hope you all know difference between similarity and congruency, similarity or similar means they are quiet near in characteristics but congruency means exactly same in characteristics, hope you understand the difference.

many say, vimala is the wife of sheshnag, is it correct, yes but not totally, actually there is a difference, when one says vimala as the wife of sheshnag, many ask, how is she associated with lakshmi, so please clear your doubt
nagalakshmi is the wife of sheshnag, not vimala, she is the wife of balabhadra
Lakshman urmila in treta yug and balaram revati in dwapar yug are the incarnations of sheshnag-nagalakshmi, now these pairs can be said as congruent as they match totally, but sheshnag vimala are similar not congruent.

see, the fact is nagalakshmi is a partial incarnation of lakshmi and lives with her husband sheshnag in patal lok, the sankarshan form of vishnu
see many say, she is the milk ocean, but honestly i was not aware of this earlier or not much sure about this even now, but yes, urmila lakshman wife wishes to come as a ripple from bay of bengal to touch lord jagannath feet so she might be the ocean, i think when sheshnag lives in service of vishnu, nagalakshmi lives in form of milk ocean, this is my assumption
and yes,i heard( milk is the symbol of prosperity plz confirm this) and nagalakshmi is a partial incarnation of lakshmi, the godess of prosperity, so we can corelate it
so, if you tell anyone, plz its a request tell that nagalakshmi is the wife of sheshnag and vimala is the wife of balabhadra
honestly speaking, earlier i knew vimala as an incarnation of adishakti or yogamaya as there are many intrapolations but if the story of treta yug is correct, she might be the wife of balabhadra, but remember not sheshnag.

you may google to clear your doubt, there is a temple of sheshnag-nagalakshmi in kerla and also a story how she incarnated as revati.
plz clear the doubts of your friends on IF or copy this article there if you want.
plz comment

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  1. Sofie

    Thanks for clearing my confusion. 🙂 🙂

  2. Thanmathi

    Just right bro I was trying to say this only. But I think I’m the one who confused all sorry for all the trouble caused by me

  3. Padmaja

    I am clear now bro….my confusion gone… tnx for dis…

  4. Yer another doubt!??

    Who is balabhadra?

  5. But bro, i googled and found tat vimala and nagalakshmi r same! Shesh nag’s wyf! Vimala was varun dev and varuni’s daughter! She incarnated as urmila and revathi! As per texts, balaram had only one wyf!

    So wats ur views bout this?

  6. I hv some questions! Cn u give ur maid id or google+ id? I want to ask u! Plzzzzzzzz Aman bro!


  7. sis,see though some people write but think if we pair sita krishna and ram rukmini,its mk difference so in same pairing vimala with sheshnag is not exactly correct,pair is sheshnag naglakshmi,balabhadra vimala,balram revati

  8. on G+,your art on Mandavi,Shrutakirti ws nc but 1 thng ws wrng,shrutakirti mata was known for listening to good,talking good,giving good advice and sita ws a known cook and ,not shrutakirtiplz correct tht and see my bhardavi articles i possted recenttly and comment plz

  9. and vimala ws not varun varuni daughter i thk

  10. refer for sheshnag nagalakshmi temple in kerla-

  11. lakshmi considered as daughter of varun,so nagalakshmi,a partial incarnation of lakshmi refer- she my be daughter of varun,and varuni is varun wife,so she s like a mother to lakshmi all her partial incarnations,and vimala is inc of nagalakshmi,a partial incarnation of lakshmi,so you can say that but varuni is also her elder sister came out of milk ocean,and married varun,so became mother alike to lakshmi refer-

    1. Tnks bro! Btw, wats ur g+ id? I wan to folow u thr!

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