Confusion of the Mind (Chapter 3)

Chapter 3:

Anika POV

She held my hands in hers. She squeezed them. Okaaay that is super scary. Like I mean really scary.

“Till when do you remember?”

I smiled halfheartedly. “Well, I remember Shivaay bringing the date of the marriage forward and I was super busy. I remember getting in an auto and then it’s blank.

“Are you sure that you were going for a movie?” Mallika asked with a smirk.

I nodded puzzled seeing her mocking smile.

“Well Chutki, you got married the following morning to the love of your life.”

Love? Seriously?

“You know sometimes, I wish Sid was as half as romantic as Shivaay.” Mallika sighed. Poor girl, did not even know half of what was going on in my life.

“You know when you guys came back with Nia after spending 3 years in Paris. We were worried about how Pia would react. But Shivaay made sure Pia never felt left out.”

Suddenly, I saw something flash through my mind.


“Call them.” Shivaay was glaring at me.

“But Shivaay…I am not pregnant. What will I tell them when we go back and I have no child.” I looked terrified.

“I have a kid.”

I gasped and felt my eyes tearing up a bit. Mallika looked at me weirdly.

“Are you okay?” I nodded with what I thought was a smile. “Just felt like I remembered something.”

“But you guys are the most ideal couple I have ever seen.” I felt like crying. “You guys rarely fight. Yesterday when you came you were very upset but we never got to know why.”

As I glanced up, I realised why.

Shivaay POV

As I watched the two sisters talking to each other.

“Shivaay, how is Nia?”

And in walked my partner in crime.

“Ishita, she is fine. She is very happy. The witch may be trying to steal information from us but she never misbehaves with the kids.”

Yup. Ishita is my best friend and half-cousin(Tej is her dad). No one but I knew about her. Nia is her daughter. After Nishant, her husband, died, Ishita moved back into her childhood house and since she travels a lot Nia stays with us. But Anika does not have to know that.

“Bhaiya, are you sure, you are doing the right thing by hurting her this way. 10 years and you still have no proof that she stole anything from you.” Ishita asked. She always questioned my decisions.

“I saw her with her boyfriend the other day. They both looked so so happy with each other.” Ishita grimaced. “Shivaay, I really think you should talk to her.”

Ishita walked up to me. “Look at her. She does not look like someone who will steal anything from anyone. Are you even sure that she was with him.”

“Ishita, you don’t know these low class girls. She was engaged to Daksh when I married her. She has no shame.”

Ishita shook her head. Suddenly, Anika looked up. From her face, I could see that she had seen me. I snaked my arm around her waist. Ishita was used to this. She put her head on my shoulder and gave Anika a smile.

Anika quickly looked away. But I saw hurt that I had never seen before.

Ishita moved away from me. “So are we going to Goa this week? I want to spend some time with my baby girl before I fly out.”

I nodded. “I have booked everything. Pia is going to Ishana’s house. Anika is coming with us.”

Ishita grimaced. “So we have to keep up with the act.”

Meeting her five years ago had been the best moment of my life. She always supported every decision of mine.

“Okay Ishita, I better get going for the family dinner.” Ishita’s face fell.

I gave her shoulder a squeeze. “You want to come?” She gave a small nod.

“Bhaiya, I want to know more about Omru. All I know is what you tell.”

I held her hand. “Then come?”

Ishita stopped. “Bhaiya, are you mad? Nia will call me Mama then what will happen?”

“I will think of something.”

I dragged her along.

Anika POV

We were all seated at the table in the restaurant when Shivaay walked in with the girl from the room.

“Shivaay, we were waiting for you. The kids ate. Nikhiil and Pia took the kids to the playground. You took too long at the meeting.” Om said as the two of them walked to the table.

Shivaay smiled. “Ok Om. Guys, this is Ishita, my best friend. Ishita, this is my family. Anika, remember Ishita, she used to come to our house everyday to play with Nia when we were in Paris.”

Ishita smiled at everyone. So, Shivaay is with her. Then why am I married to him.

“Jaan, Can you move there?”

Suddenly, I felt a hand on my shoulder. “Jaan? Are you okay?”

Shivaay looked at me so sweetly. I moved over. Ishita sat next to me and Shivaay to her other side.

“Anika, how are you?”

I gave her a smile. Maybe she was not the one I saw. “I am fine. How about you?”

Ishita smiled. “It’s great. I have to go out of country next week. We should spend sometime together. You and the rest of us, you know, Me, Shiv and Princess. Our family like we were in Paris.” She gave a dimpled smile before turning back to her food.

It pricked me that I had been separated as she described the family.

Suddenly a flash went through my mind.

“Shiv, are you coming for the movies today. All my friends and their boyfriends are coming.”

Shivaay was looking at his laptop.

“Sure Jaan. Anika, please take care of Nia.”

Suddenly, I felt breathless and nauseated. I got up from the table and rushed into the bathroom. I puked out my entire meal and breakfast as well.

I felt a warm hand on my back. Shivaay?

“Are you okay?”

No, it was not Shivaay. I nodded. There was a tall handsome man.

“But who are you?”

Suddenly, there was a knock.

“Jaan, are you okay?”

The man moved back. “Call me soon, Princess. Mom is asking about you.”

With that he disappeared through the window.

At that moment, Shivaay walked in. His face was scrunched up worried.

“Anika, tum teek ho?”

I nodded and he hugged me. Then suddenly he pushed me away. I almost fell but steadied myself.

“Such a drama queen. You were just jealous of Ishita.”

With that he just walked out.

Was that pain I saw in his eyes. Then why was he behaving like this.

Author’s Note: I am so happy to receive so many reviews. It gives me inspiration to write more. Anyway, the serial is just the base of my story. Characters are same but others are also introduced like in this chapter Ishita and Mystery man.

Is Anika really cheating on Shivaay? Why does Shivaay hate Anika so much? Next chapter you will get a name for mystery man. I promise.

Keep reviewing and liking.

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  5. MariaRebecca

    Had they been already married for 10 years?
    How old are they now then?

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