Confusion of the Mind (Chapter 1)



Anika POV
“Anika Beta, Billu ki Shaadi ke sare tayaariyan ho gaye na?” Dadi asked.

“Ji Dadi, Bas yeh kuch flowers rakhna baki hain.”

Dadi smiled and walked away.

“Anika, Shivaay Baby aur mere rings aaye kya?” Tia chirped. She was beaming with joy.

I smiled. “Ji. Pinky aunty ne tijori mein rakh di hain.”

Tia eyes went wide. “Ti…what?”

I rolled my eyes. What was a tijori in english? “Safe.” I replied.

Tia nodded and sauntered away.

“Anika didi, Om told me that I look like a clown in this kurta.” Rudra came whining.

“Rudra, you look good.” I confirmed.

Rudra shouted. “Om bhai, suna.”

I picked up a glass of water to drink. Today was such a hectic day.

“Anika…” I turned around.

“Haan Pinku.”

Unfortunately, my hand hit the pillar next to me and the cup…

“Panika, again seriously.” SSO looked red with anger. “I am so glad that after tomorrow, I won’t have to see you in my house. I find it so irritating just seeing you in the house.” With that snide comment he walked away.

I felt tears well up in my eyes. I brushed them away and looked around for Priyanka. Guess she left while her brother was yelling at me.

I looked at my watch. Time to go home. I was almost fed up of the Oberois, especially Mr. Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

As I stepped out, my mobile started ringing.

“Hi…Yup…I am coming…Yes, I will come. Yeah, I will bring it…Of course, you have to pay me…Nothing Oberoi is free.”

I tossed my phone into the bag and caught an auto to go for the movies with Ishana. As well as give her the Oberoi’s exquisite vase that Dadi had given me.


Anika POV

My knees buckled. Above the mantlepiece was a huge framed photograph of me and Bhaghad Billa. I and he looked so happy to have been clicked together. On either side were pictures of the girls.

I slowly walked down the stairs.

A pair of hands hug me from the back.

“Anika, Happy Janmashatmi. Why are you dressed in your PJs still?”

I turned to see Ishana. She was wearing a white and dark blue Salwar.

“Ishu masi” The elder one came and hugged Ishana. “How is Mama?” She asked.

“She is the same. You and Anika can come and see her today.” Ishana replied with a sad smile.

Pia ran up stairs.

“Sometimes, I worry about Pia. What will she feel when she knows that she is Megha’s worst nightmare.”

What had Pia done? And how was I, a mother to Ishana’s sister’s child.

“How is your sister?” I asked.

Ishana gave me a surprised look. Then smiled. “Our sister, you mean. Anu, you keep forgetting that Megh is your chotti too. She is still in coma. I and Om just checked before coming here.”

Om and she? When did they marry? I mean they did go on a few dates.

“Oh, and you better go and change. Before, Bhai takes you like this only for our lunch. Last year he did that. Let me go and check on the brothers, Nia and Somu. Pinku said that she would meet us there. Tia is also coming.” She had a huge grin. Then she walked in the direction of the kitchen from which commotion and ruckus could be heard.

I somehow stumbled up the stairs. How can I not remember all this? I ran back to the room, I had gotten up in and closed the room. I walked towards the closet and opened it. Inside were rows of gowns, saris, salwars, a few jeans and shirts, several pairs of slippers and jewellery on one wall and on the other was rows of black suits and other men’s clothing. In the corner was a cupboard. Inside the cupboard was a lot of documents. I took a file and walked out of the closet to the bedroom and lay the documents.

There were four passports, 2 birth certificates, an adoption certificate and a marriage certificate.

It was my marriage certificate. It looked kind of haggard. I could see that my sign was not as fluid as usual. Then I looked at the date. It was the same day as Shivaay and Tia’s wedding. But that was supposed to be tomorrow. The birth certificates were of Nia and Pia. I learnt that Pia was 12 years old while Nia was 5. The years were what gave me a shock. I looked at the calendar that was on the dressing table when I realised that I had lost 12 years of my life. Then I looked at the adoption certificate. It was of Pia. I and Bhagad Billa had adopted her from Megha on the same day she was born.

Then there was a knock. “Jaan.” I sucked my breath. I could also hear giggling.

“Jaanu, I am worried. Are you okay?” A voice I had heard so many times asked.

Oh shit I was dead.

What the hell is going on?

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