Confusion ,An Funny OS on Aham Sharma (Manmarziyan+Mahabharat)


Main Character- Shaham Verma, he exactly looks like Actor Aham Sharma.

Shaham sat alone in riverside.He was feeling sad.This is the third time,he proposed a girl & the girl refused him .Shaham looked up the sky with a sad face.
Shaham-Why God why? Why always I faced refusal ?Please send a nice girl for me Lord.Its my Holi wish.
Suddenly, he heard a voice from his back.”Arjun”.
Shaham looked behind & she saw a girl approaching.(Its Radhika Mishra from Manmarziyan.)
Radhika- Arjun,what are you doing here?
Shaham looked here & there.He was sitting alone.Then, with whom the girl is talking??
Radhika- Why are you looking here & there? I am talking to you only Arjun.
Shaham- Excuse me lady.I am not Arjun.
Radhika- You are not Arjun Mehra??

Shaham- No, you are mistaking.
Radhika- Is this a joke??Then, I am very Sorry. Mujhe hassi nahin aayi.
Shaham tried to say something.But he heard another soft female voice.”Arya”.
That lady dressed up very much like a character of mythological shows.(Its Vrushali from Mahabharat).
Vrushali- Arya,what are you doing here?You know I was searching you for a long time. But hold on, you looked different.You cut yours long curly hairs Arya??
Radhika- Excuse me mam.You are mistaking him as Arya.He is my Arjun.
Vrushali(Shocked)- Arjun??? What are you saying girl??Yeh Devarjee kyun honge?
Radhika- We don’t even know you.How you became your Devarjee??
Vrushali( angrily)- He is not my Devarjee.Arjun is my Devarjee.He is my Arya, my Radheya, my Angaraj.
Radhika- Hello, excuse me.He is my husband Arjun Mehra.

Vrushali- behra??? How dare you to call me a deaf??
Radhika- When I said that?? Arjun who is she??( looked towards Shaham)
Vrushali- Arya, who is this girl?Why is she calling you Arjun?He was your greatest rival right?Tell her, you are my Arya only.
Radhika- He is my Arjun.
Vrushali- He is my Radheya, My Angaraj.
Radhika- Arjun.

Vrushali- Karna.
Shaham keep there standing like a statue.
Radhika- Why you are slient?Hold On.You will never change right?? First Bonnie, then Samaira, then me & now this lady.I thought you as my God.But You?? Tell me, Why this lady calling you Karna??
Vrushali (angrily)- Now, how can I prove that you are my Arya only??Why the hell you donated your Kavach Kundal?? No Girl listen (to Radhika) He is my husband, the father of my 9 sons.
Radhika( almost fainting)- 9 sons???
Shaham- 9 sons??????Whose??????????
Vrushali( blushing)- Yours.
Radhika ( super angry)- Police, Police.I am going to file a FIR against you for cheating & polygamy.You have to pay for this fraud.

Vrushali- Fraud? How can you say him that??Do you know he is the greatest dhanurdhar & danveer of all times.
Radhika- You worked in Birdsong naa?? When you became a archer??Indeed you are a great Danveer, father of 9 children???
Shaham(angrily)- Neither I am Arjun, nor Karna, I am……..
Another lady came & hugged him tightly.(Karishma from the show Aasman se aage).
Karishma- He is my Angad.
Radhika+Vrushali+Shaham= Angad????
Karishma- I know you love only me darling.I hurt you that’s why you left the dance competition right???
Radhika- Who is this Angad??
Karishma- Akshat’s brother.

Radhika- But you said you only has a sister, Nandini.
Vrushali- No No, he is the elder of five brothers.
Radhika- You said you don’t know dancing.
Vrushali- crazy girl.Dancing & Angaraj???? Dhanush ki tankar is music for him.He even taunted Arjun for dancing.
Radhika( confused )- when?????????
Karishma- Shut up Girls. He is my Angad.He can set stage on fire by his dance.
Radhika- so much confusion. You girls are telling lie. He is my Arjun.( holding his one hand).
Vrushali- Already told, he is my Arya.( holding his another hand).
Karishma- He is my Angad, leave him.( trying to free him from both girls).
Suddeenly a strong hand caught hold of Shaham collar.Its Inspector Daya from CID.
Ins. Daya- CID se koi nahin bach sakta.He is Mahesh, the suicide bomber.You challenged CID??Now, this Daya is going to leave you.Its 16 years og Glory.
All the girls were shocked as Shaham fainted on the ground.

No chappals & rotten tomatoes Please. & Friends, Bura naa maano Holi Hai.

Credit to: Madhumita

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  1. 😀 😀 what a thought madhumita…i like it.nice dear..

    1. Thanks Ammu.Its crazy thought, right???

  2. Awesome, very funny

    1. Thanks Brin.Glad that U liked it.

  3. d best ff of d day..(other ff writers, i’m really sorry..coz i’m laughing out loud.) bechaari shahaam…

    1. Ohh My God.Really??? Thanks, thanks a lot dear.yes, its poor Shaham, not Aham okay 😛 ha ha.

  4. really it is good friend even it is very funny

    1. Thanks Heena.Glad that U liked it.

  5. hahahaha .nice ..different thought …..i can’t controll my laugh….

    1. Thanks Subha.Glad that U liked it.

  6. It was something new, nice.

    1. Thanks Sasha. Glad that U liked it.

  7. What the hell?! Lol… Too coolll.. A lot for one man to digest ??… Lol lol lol.. No no .. Rotfl.. Lmao… Arjun, Karna, Angad, Mahesh.. Lol.. Soo saadd..

    No no.. No rotten tomatoes.. Nothing.. It was good..

    Keep it up.. Love you ??

    1. Thanks Shree.Glad that U liked it.Yes, you are right.Its too much for one man to handle.So, he fainted in the end.& I am also happy that no rotten tomatoes for me.Relieved that all are able to accept it.Love U too.

  8. Very funny madhumita
    really best ff ever
    n happy holi
    😀 😀 😉

    1. Thanks Aastha.Glad that U liked it so much & belated Happy Holi to U dear. Hope U enjoyed a lot.

  9. No Aham is only mine. Shush y’all ladies and Cid officer daya. It’s my aham baby.?

    Hahahahaha???? Madhumita you made my day darling. Thanks! ??

    1. Thanks Ameena.I am super happy that U enjoyed reading this OS.
      But darling, gladly you can take Shaham as Aham is only mine 😛

      1. ???? You can’t trick me in this. Aham sharma is only mine??

    2. Chalo,Lets peacefully Co-exist Ameena. 😛

  10. Oooh…..hilarious….so funny…lol??

    1. Thanks Rosie.Glad that U liked it.

  11. U kn wat I was studying my teacher gave me 5 min break and I just saw this I couldn’t control myself I started to laugh by seeing this even she to joined me ……….. omg wonderful…….:-):-):-)

    1. OMG, Thanks Shreya.Glad that both of you enjoyed it.These comments really made my day.

  12. you have an amazing talent to write a comedy…you are amazing girl 🙂

    1. Thanks Gauri. Glad that you liked it so much.Will definately try to write more.

  13. Unique thought. I think nobody can think this way. How could u think like this? Really nice madhu.

    1. Thanks Naaga.Glad that U liked it.Unique one?? Thanks again.You can say this is a madness from Madhu.

  14. Madhu super dear great thought yaar …pls continue this story…

    1. ahh, Thanks Susi. But this is an One shot.No plan to continue it. But yes, shall try something new.

  15. Crazy thing girl bt luvde it nd i jst wanted to watch this act u made my day luved it to the core im laughing out loud like crazy….it’s my wish plez com wid more funny OS it will be a gud change for us….luv ew…♥♥

    1. Thanks Krity. Glad that you liked it so much.yay, I know its crazy, but really afraid of posting. Glad that all of you accepted it.Shall definately write if something crazy things comes in my mind.Loads of Love to U too.

  16. Madhumita.. u r awesome..HAPPY HOLI to u.. I just cant stop laughing.. u simply nailed it with ur fabulous sense of humor n talent..keep it up..I wonder if they had really found out aham Sharma wat wud he do…accept all of them n finally land in the police station?? ROFL..LOL

    1. Heyy Brisha. Thanks again for your amazing comment.Its always a treat to read your comments.Belated Happy Holi to U too. Hope you enjoyed a lot.Glad that U liked it so much.I am getting crazy day by day.Its Shaham, Aham is peacefully living in my heart & he is only mine.Ha ha ha.Loads of Love to U dear.

  17. Nice one…

    1. Thanks Soumya.

  18. It was really funny madhu????? nc os

    1. Thanks Dev.Glad that U liked it.

  19. ???very nice kya style hai holi wish karne ka ha… ha… ha.. ha???nd ha…. ha.. ha.. ha by the happy holi to u too

    1. Thanks Deeva.Glad that U liked it.I thought Holi is the most safest day to post this madness.Belated Happy Holi to U too.

  20. Hahaa….Madhumita its too good….

  21. Rolf…rolf…rolf…I’m just laughing like crazyyyyy. ….you nailed it my honeyyy.’re amazing writer. ..what a awesoooooome talent n skills…wowwww. ..I’m totally addicted. …happy belated Holi my sweeeeeetheart friend…..lots of colors of happiness be in allllll you deariiiiiiieeess life always….love you soooooooo muchhhhhh, muaaaaahhhhhh

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