A confusing love triangle- FF Kaira (chapter3)

thank you for your support and some are saying make it longer. So im posting 2 episodes per day.
lets start

naira opens the door and see kartik

Naira: you!!!!!!!!1
Kartik omg! you?
Naira: why are you sitting here its sports captain place.
naira: dont give excuse. im gonna tell him about you.
kartik: areeey listen to me……
naira: Why?(she gets very angry)
Kaetik: you had to listen me because im a sports captain.

Gayu came there

gayu: naira we have to go. today we have assinment

naira:oh yes
naia to kartik: i will see you later.
she go out of the room

Kartik thinking: how great it that girl who written that note and see her! by the ve why that girl didnt came?

at night
nairas home
naira thinking- how bad is kartik i dont know? oh i forgot to meet sports capten.

Gayu enters
Gayu: Why are you shouting on kartik?
Naira: he is so bad i dont want to talk about him
Gayu:but he is so sweet.
naira: you are also just talking about his good qualities. and i cant meet captain. that kartik is there
Gayu: but naira kartik is the spo….
Naira: i dont want to listen and goes out of the room.

next day

naira at homr thinking

so today first i will meet captain and then go to classes.
Gayu- naira are you ready?
naira: yeah! lets go

at school

naira enters in rooms and sit there
kartik is sitting in chair back to naira

Naira: sir im that girl who left that note that day
kartik: oh you
suddenly kartiks phone rank and he go to balcony
then he talked and came back
kartik gets shocked

precap- kartik to enter nairas house
hope you guys like;)


  1. Avishi


    Sorry I have forgotten to add one line when kartik tells naira she is sports captain she didn’t listen because gayu came sorry.

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