A confusing love triangle- FF Kaira (chapter 6)

hello friends!
i hope you all are good…
you all are thinking though who readed my ff long go i think 6 months before
i lefted my ff on epi-5 bcoz i dont have any story in my mind basically my sis is helping me but she had to go for study
so i dont had any story in my mind. now not take this as long i thought to continue my ff and finish it.
so, lets get started
those who dont know the story read epi 5
Chapter 5

*gayu gets shock*
she calls naira happily
naira here is message for you
naira came running there
gayu- good news for you here read this
naira reads and get very happy they both celebrate naira sucess
naira runs down and start screaming yay!!!!
naira-papa you im captain of football team
gayu also come there
they all celebrate naira sucess
karthik also came here,karthik gets so happy by seeing all family happy
karthik smiles
naira in mind-*is this mendhak haa i mean coach is really cute*

next day

naira come to ground gayu also come with her to wish her all the best
karthik sees gayu and get happy
he walks towards gayu and naira
gayu wishes naira all the best and then she moves from there
karthik gets shock seeing gayu going from there
he asks from naira where did she go?
naira-arey she have to attend her class
karthik- but its football class na!

naira- haa why is she taking in football
karthik- wait! what are you doing here?
naira- you messaged last time that im selected and im the captain of the team.
karthik- when i messaged you?
naira- arey you sended in gayu’s fb!
karthik-i sended that to gayu.
naira- why you sended to her she is not even intrested.
karthik-so why she comed with that slip about starting football team?
naira explains whole incident and im in foot ball team na?
karthik sees her confusingly

precap- do naira will be selected in football team?
hope you like it and sorry by mistake i written it in caps

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  1. Vrushy

    Nice story.
    Loved it.
    Can’t wait for next !!

    1. Avishi

      THANK YOU 🙂

  2. Fenil

    Amazing chappy.
    I was waiting for your ff so long today my wait is over pls don’t go in between.
    Loved it.
    Hope Naira get select.
    Waiting for next.

    1. Avishi


  3. Vinni05

    Amazing one
    Waiting for next one
    Pls upload asap

    1. Avishi

      Thank you
      next epi will come soon

  4. Avishi


  5. sanayakapoor

    It was great I loved it pls try to post soon dear

    1. Avishi

      thamk you its coming soon

  6. Sethidisha002

    Hope naira got selected

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