A confusing love triangle- FF Kaira (chapter 5)

So let’s start
So Karthik wants to naira home and meet everyone. Naira is not there she has gone to gayi house.
Karthik meet everyone and gone to his room.
Naitik come to Karthik room and talks about where he study so he got to know that where Karthik is studying naira is also studying.
At night
Naitik calls naira and tells that the person came that is studying in your high school.
Naira gets so happy.

Next day at school
Assembly is going on
Karthik came to stage and say that girls football team is going to be maid and traial are from today. Naira gets soon happy.
Naira think he is sports captain OK but he is so nice and cute.

At home
Karthik came to house
Naira is telling her dad that about football and he also gets happy
Karthik sees naira and gets shocked and naira too get shocked.
Naira so you live here (she said this with anger)
Karthik get scaered.
Naira-thank you me and gayi are so happy
Karthik thinks that gayi and she are friends so gayu is happy so she is happy .

After some traial and final team is there
Gayu gets the viral so naira is taking care of her

At school
Karthik sees the whole team and get shocked not seeing gayu.
Then one person came and said that one girl hasn’t come.
Karthik asks why?
Person -she is not well.
Karthik OK
Karthik to all the team members the girl that is not there because she is not well but when she come here she will be the captain of the team.

At night
Karthik searched gayu at Facebook and talks to her and say I know you are not well that’s why you not come here but I like your spirit you have written that letter I got so happy and I have to tell you you are the sports captain.

Gayu sees the message and gets shocked

Precap-can Karthik know the truth?
Hope you like. And I want to ask that do you want to see gayu in negative role please comment down.

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  1. Vinni05

    Excellent part make some kaira scences

    1. Avishi

      Thankyou and I’m gonna make

  2. Hales

    Good one ..but is it gonna head towards kartik loving gayu?

    1. Avishi

      Thankyou hmm and gayu will love Karthik

  3. Avishi

    If you want to see gayu in negative role?

    1. Vinni05

      No negative role pls

  4. Tvfan1

    no..i don’t want gayu in a negative role…but the story line is up2 u

    so amazing..

    does karthik love gayu..?

    1. Avishi

      Thank you

  5. Vrushy

    Nice one.
    But want to see kaira together and not kayu.
    would love to see gayu negative as it would add spice to the story !!

    1. Avishi

      Thank you

    2. Avishi

      Thank you.

  6. Sorry….but I did not understand the story

  7. And by the way!!love from schooling age only?? Why ar you spoiling children by writing such kind?

    1. Lasyashree.10

      Read the comment below!! So that you open your eyes and come to reality

  8. Lasyashree.10

    You feel that this story is such kind where children will get spoiled right?

    Oh..come on…. this is an open forum and everyone will have their own views there is nothing wrong in this…. we, the readers of this ff feel that your comments are such…. kind where the readers and writers thoughts will get spoiled….so please… don’t create such thoughts to readers who even did not got that idea….

    Thank you…

    If you think I’m rude then please change your thought I was not…?

    1. Avishi

      thank you

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