A confusing love triangle- FF Kaira (chapter 4)

so lets start-
Kartik get shocked seeing gayu
gayu came there because when naira was standing there then gayu came running and say naira that bhai is not well naira go running.
Gayu to kartik- Im sorrry one emergency is there i have to go.
Kartik thinks that gayu is the person who written that letter.Ans smile
In hostel
two people are talking about gayu very bad thing
kartik hear this and gets angry
he thin that gayu is so nice girl how someone do such a talks!!!!
kartik see them with angry face and start beating them..
Teacher is going from there and see kartik. she takes the boys to principle and all are suspended from the hostel including kartik.
kartik parents live far.
he thnk where he should go?
He calls his bua
Kartik-bua and he tells all the things.

BUa-dont worry i will tell you one place.
Bua tells the
place andhe goes there
its nairas house.
he enters there

Precap- Naira gets shoked
hpoe u like!

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  1. Vinni05

    Nyc but make it long

    1. Avishi

      Thank and I am posting one more episode?

  2. Aadi

    A completely different storyline , go on dear waiting for next episode

    1. Avishi

      Thank you

  3. Soumya85

    Nice one

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