Confusing Crossroad ( swaragini os ) part 2

Confusing Crossroad ( swaragini os )
Hello everyone.

Confusing Crossroad
A girl and boy get off a train
Girl is wearing very light green kurta chudidar and white dupatta. Boy was in regular casuals.
Boy:come swara.
Welcome to Mumbai
Swara smiles
sw:thanks laksh ji.
Next day
Swalak come inside the college
Laksh shows swara around
He introduces her to his friends.
Lak:so we are in the drama club.

You can sign up somewhere else if you want.
Sw:no that is fine.
He introduces her to the others
Anhata, Sophie, Rahat, Daya,Vinay, Rayan &Chris.
L:and where is he.
Swara is confused.
L:my best friend

Chris: The creature is right behind you.
Swalak turn to see a very cute boy.
Laksh:this is sanskaar.
Sanky in laksh’s ear:is it her
Laksh:so guys, any thing I missed.
Sophie:yeah. We are in for the finals of that drama competition.
In the best 3.
Rahat:the theme is dreams
Vinay:andit needs to be self written.

At night
Sanlak shared an apartment.
Lak:she is too shy.
Thank god I could get her to join this college else I would have just got a domestic helper rather than a life partner.
Next day
San:so swara, will you help in direction, writing or act.
Swara:none(blue kurta and white chudidar)
Lak:let her be.she is just a fresher.
A girl enters the room

She is in denim capris and lose top.
Girl:hy I am ragini
Laksh introduces her to everyone.
Swara hides behind sanskaar.
After he finishes.
Sanky moves aside
Laksh:and this…..
She hugs swara.
After breaking the hug

Rags: Okay how what when.
Swara:calm down.
Sankskaar:girls, I don’t know if we ought to ask for an explanation.
Lak:how do you know swara.
Ragini : she was my best friend in college.
Laksh : but I thought she only went to school.
Swara : I was supposed to, but I know how to sneak out.

Laksh: Okay so what is the store.
Ragini : Our dads think that studying school was all we needed.
Laksh : you could have told me
Swara:excuse me.I did not know you. You were dad’s choice. I thought you might react negatively.
Sankskaar:so all sorted now.
I am going to change. these clothes are too uncomfortable.

She goes with ragini.
After 5 minutes ragini was assigned to write the play and swarawas selected as the female lead while sanskaar was to play opposite her.
3 months go by
The play proceeds smoothly
Raglakswasan become best friends and the pairs start falling in love.
The 4 of them go to a snow themed place for an outing.
Swara gets pulled by someone he tears of her jacket.

But sanskaar comes looking for her and the person runs away.
Sanky sees her shivering in the cold
He shouts her name and runs to her.
Raglak come
He carries her to one of the benches Ragini rubs hand as she faints.
Hey Guys, Sorry for the delay but shifting is some hard work and I could not post due to this reason only.

So let’s step in

After an hour

At hospital

Sanlak are sitting out

Ragini comes out talking to doctor

Ragini: she is completely fine now.

Lak: should we cancel the meeting with the financers next week

S: yes

Rag: don’t you dare. She will kill you. My shona is the strongest girl in the world.

Lak: true

They went inside

Swara smiled at them

She certainly looked fine

San: how did all this..

Swara: vo actually my jacket got stuck in something and while pulling it, it tore.

Lak: are you sure

Swa: yes 100%

Ragini in her ears: was it him

Swara: yes, but I will deal with it.

Swa to laksh: so now both the plans are on (swasan meeting with financers (they wanted to see the lead characters of the play))(raglak are going on a kind of trekking and camping trip)

Lak: yes

After one week both pairs leave

Raglak by bus to the hill and swasan by car

Swasan side

After 5 mins of driving

Sw(denim shorts[blue] and a green-lemon yellow shaded croptop): listen I need to go somewhere

San(graphic tee and jeans): where

She instructs him and he drives

After a few minutes the reach a large house

San: what work do you have here?

Sw: need to repay a debt

Without asking anyone she barges into one room where a guy is sitting (same person who tore swara’s jacket the other day)

Sw: Mr. Sahil Sengupta

He gets up

Sahil: oh swara, what a surprise. Missing me so much?

Swara holds his collar: In your dreams, you cheapster.

Sahil: doesn’t seem so

Swara: oh so just because I was from a village you get the license to do anything and if I complain then, you can start attacking me and I should just sit and wait for that.

Sahil: no, my anger subsides; you know if I get what I want.

Sw: listen, you will never get what you want. But I can easily show you what you deserve, you basterd.

Saying so she kicks him hard lifting her knee and leaves

Sanskaar sees the whole scene in shock and comes out of it when she holds his hand and pulls him to the car

In car

Swara starts driving

Sanskaar: what the hell was that?

Sw: a dog who got his leash today.

San: pretty tight one.

Sw: he deserved it

Sanskaar suddenly remembers seeing Sahil near the ice park.

Sanky: did he

Sw: got it right, smarty.

Sanky: then why did you hide this from us that day.

Sw: I like to win my fights myself

San: but why did he….

Sw: we were dating back in college and he tried to take advantage of me, but I handed him to cops and he ended up in the lock up for a few weeks.

San: could we take a u-turn, I really want to punch his face.

Sw: too late. (Wanted to show swara’s bold side)

After a few hours

Both were talking about the play

San: Swara, How come you act so well as Annette (lead character of their play)

Sw: simple, I can relate to her

San: so then, what is your dream?

Sw: that my dad accepts me as my real self .

He has always seen me as his daughter who will soon be wedded and gone. He loves me because I am his daughter not because I am me, Swara

She was crying (she was on the passenger seat)

He puts his hand on hers.

Meanwhile Raglak side

Both reached their campsite

Ragini (black denims and yellow top with denim jacket): chalo now you set your tent while I do mine

Lak(white tee black leather jacket, blue jeans): at least give it to me

Rag: How should I do that

Lak: dint you take the responsibility.

Rag: but then we decided to bring just our things.

Lak: so you think it is my mistake

Rag: of course, who else’s

Lak: the fathead in front of my

Ragini: what

They keep arguing

Same time (Jaipur)

Swasan come to the hotel

But they found out that there was only one room available.

And end up taking it

In room

Swara (pink shorts and black tank top): you sleep on the bed and
I will sleep on the couch

Sanky: no way, we can make a pillow wall, but that couch is too small.

They do so and sleep but in the middle of the night end up sleeping, hugging e/o.

Raglak side (both were sleeping opposite as it was too cold outside)

They wake up as their tent opens from one corner and the strong wind gets inside

Both sit up with a jerk.

Ragini: what the hell.

Lak: Oh shit.

And in minutes they were rolled over by the wind with laksh on top of Ragini holding the tent with each of his hands beside her shoulders.

And that moment was enough for them to be tempted into a kiss and then something else too

In the morning both couples were embarrassed

Ragak head home w/o even talking once.

Swasan head to the meeting

Swara in a white denim straight skirt and tucked in black shirt (3/4 sleeves) and Sanskaar in black shirt and black jeans with a white blazer and grey tie.

San: ready

Swa: yup

After the meeting both come out.

Swara: we did it.

San: yes.

At night, both sanlak and swaragini were in their respective homes.

Raglak were not able to sleep as whenever they closed their eyes, the flashes of the previous night came in front of them.

Both sit up and say at the same time

Let me call him/her.

They pickup their phones and Ragini calls first.

Laksh immediately picks the call.

Raglak together: We need to tell them.

Raglak: yes

Rag: bye.

She cuts the call

Next morning

4 of them are sitting

Rag: I need to tell you too something (looking at swasan){white graphic top and black denim shorts}

Lak: actually we need to tell you something.

Swa: continue {yellow top and purple skirt}

Rag: actually…

Swalak phone rings
After 2 mins of hmmms
Swalak:we are leaving for jodhpur. Our engagement is fixed.
Next day
In jodhpur
After hearing that Swalak engagement is the next day.
All 4 went to the ir rooms

In swaragini room
Ragini went inside the washroom and started crying.
Swara came inside the room ans and sat in one corner hugged her knees and staryed crying.
Ragini starts saying: why me, I love him then why does he have to go away.
Swara hears her…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..
After 24 hours.
Ragini puts a ring on laksh’s finger. And het slides one on hers.
After 2 weeks
Swara was on stage in a long dress
Saying :all because I trusted a dream.
Claps fill the hall

(After swara learned from Ragini that raglak had made out in the trip and loved each other, she talked about it to her father and her father accepts her as she is and her wish to get ragini married to laksh. Same night sanskaar proposes her and her parents approve ) In short she had to go straight but she turned right and ended up in the wrong destination at the CONFUSING CROSSROAD


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