Confused… OS… KKB… Part 2

Can’t go this with stupid plan any more…. Leave it i should concentrate at my work…

It’s her last day at office, i want to stop her but i can’t….

Ughhh bcoz of Pratigya, i m going with this stupid plan! And even can’t concentrate at my work, RING RING…… what now pratigya id calling me, Haan hello pratigya….
So my pragya bear is upset ?
No no, i m enjoying ur stupid plan,by making abhi sad ??
That much anger pragya bear! ?
Just shut up, it’s so hard to say abhi that it’s my last day at office you know when i said it to him, tears came in his eyes ?
Don’t worry pragya bear! Tomorrow is my engagement and then marriage, this will end soon ?
Hope so ?
Okay pragya bear, maa is calling me, don’t spoil your mood, love you! ??

Love you too stupid ?

Ahh this pratigya na, always finds a way to cheer me up and she calls me Pragya bear,lol i don’t know why! But she is the stupidest girl! Last time what happened, Abhi called me for the some work at his home, i went, she i mean pratigya also came there to meet Purab….. Then you know what happend! Flashback starts : Pragya comes to abhi’s home, same as mm, she mistakenly went into purab’s room, pratigya also came, worst thing is pragya and pratigya both of them wear specs and suit! But this time pragya was wearing pink suit and pratigya yellow suit, pratigya first time came in mm so she mistakenly went into abhi’s room! Abhi saw her and said pragya that much late, come we have to start the project, i need your some guidelines, Pratigya became tensed and said surely Sir, abhi said don’t call me Sir, we are friends right? Pratigya nods, abhi was discussing something but pratigya wasn’t understanding what he was saying as it was related to business, and pratigya had no sense for business she was a Faision designer, at next scene, purab said pragya u here? Pragya said ahh sorry purab, i forgot where is abhi’s room? Purab said next to mine, just go out turn left, u will find it, pragya said thanks but can u tell me how u realized i m pragya not pratigya, Purab laughed and said pragya it’s bcoz whenever pratigya meets me na she comes ane hugs me tightly, and u are different from pratigya, 2 years and i can easily differentiate b\w u and pratigya, pragya laughd and said well thanks now i need to go to abhi…..
Here pratigya was giving so much stupid ideas that abhi got angry and asked pratigya to leave, pratigya left at same time pragya came out, pragya said Pratigya? Again u messed everything right? Pratigya nods, pragya says i will talk to u later, i m going to abhi, pragya enters abhi’s room, abhi was sitting on couch angrily, pragya comes and says Abhi, abhi didn’t responded, pragya thinks this stupid girl na! Pragya says Abhi sorry! We can start it again, Abhi says okay but don’t give me stupid ideas! Pragya nods….. Fb ends

And this happened u know after that i gave abhi some good ideas so he became doubtful as pratigya was wearing yellow dress and i was wearing pink, so to remove this doubt what abhi did, he arranged a date for me and purab and said he will drop us to place, but again my stupid sister made plan, and abhi became doubtless! Ufffff sometimes i wish to……. What to say! I even can’t concentrate on my work, u know abhi won’t stop marrige bcoz he thinks i and purab love eachother so as a sacrificer, he would sacrifice his love but still my stupid sista wants to continue the plan! Leave it i m hungry, should go to cafeteria….

Can’t even concentrate on my work after thinking that she won’t come office after her marrige,leave it i m hungry let’s go to cafeteria….

Juice please!
Okay mam! Well congratz for ur marrige
Thanks, (pretends to smile)
What the hell, pratigya even staff thinks i m getting married, this girl na!
Hi pragya!
Abhi! Please sit na
Why are u tensed pragya!
Oh nothing! Tomorrow is my engagement and then marrige!
Yeah! (becomes sad)
Well abhi, when are u getting married, any girl, love?
Ahh me,no girl can tolerate me!
But i can! (smiles)
Awkward moment…
I mean, wo actually i can tolerate u as a friend so.. U don’t love anyone?
Abhi thinks: How to tell you that I love you!
Pragya: i know u won’t tell!
No i don’t lov anyone?
Yes baba!
Okay i need to go bye! Would meet u at my engagement tomorrow…
Abhi whispers i will miss you!
Pragya too whispers i won’t miss you, haha love you abhi!

Engagement day:
pragya bear, ready!
It’s not my engagement, it’s yours, so are u ready?
Both turn towards surla,
They are looking exactly same with that grey and white lehnga, they aren’t wearing specs and best thing, through makeup pratigya had hid her mole!
So they are looking exactly same!

Day passes, abhi didn’t noticed two pragya’s ?? but he was feeling bad, he left before the engagement started and purab even didn’t stoped him coz he knew how be abhi feeling….
Finally engaged! Function ended, nothing especial between pragya and abhi!

Oh it’s wedding day!

Finally this day came ,now plan would end…
Maa see na this pragya bear, she is happy not bcoz i m getting married but bcoz plan is gonna end..
Awww my stupid girl, u are best! Com’on hug me, won’t you?
*hugged tightly *
But wait a second, i won’t wear bridal lehna like u so abhi would get to know na!
Ah haan prgya bear! Yes! U will just see the happy face of abhi….
Mmm hope so!
Okay okay i m getting late let’s go to Parlor!
No we can’t! Said pragya
But why?
Beauticians are coming here
Mm thanks! Pragya bear love you
Only for u pragya bear!
Will miss u stupid!
*hugs tightly *

So purab ready to marry pragya?
Yes abhi…
But purab on card it’s written PRATIGYA…
Ammm woo, actually spelling mistake.
Purab leaves
So finally pragya would become pragya khanaa!
So finally my stupid would become Pratigya Khanna!

I wish i could say Pragya mehra! ?

Pragya bear u will also become Pragya mehra one day!
Ah han, okay stop now!

20 mins left for wedding: hushhh only 20 mins, Thank God, Abhi still doesn’t know about pratigya being married to purab!
I should leave now! I can’t see pragya marrying to purab, i should leave silently! Abhi leaves…..
Oh so Abhi left, won’t stop him, can’t see him in pain, he is more like brother to me!
Oh this stomachache, i havn’t ate anything wrong, then why! It’s wedding of my stupid sister, please Pain sir go na! It’s so painful! It’s like needles and pins poking into my belly…..

Finally pratigya and purab got married ,as already decided after their marrige they will directly go to Darjeeling, so they directly left……

Next day: ahhh maaan it’s so much paining maa! This stomachache, pragya beta don’t feel it u won’t feel pain, maa seriously it’s paining, ah okay i will call doctor!
I thought to propose abhi today but this ache!

Ah well surla jee, chances are there for appendicitis, so for further conformation please come to hospital now!
What annnn maaa no!
Shut up pragya! Let’s go now

She won’t come to office why are u looking at door abhi! She is married now! I want her back, she taught me how to live a life, when i had no one in my life, she came!As a ray of light in my darkness, i always thought she loves me but i was wrong, she loves purab!

What operation?
Yes pragya!
Okay doctor, pragya it will be painful if u won’t go through operation…
Amm okay maa!

1 week passed for pragya to recover from the operation, in that pain she forgot about the plan of pratigya! More likely to be prank on abhi!
Abhi became so restless that he used to drink more than 2 times a day!

Finally today i will go to office! But pratigya ann still in Darjeeling, they planed for 2 weeks na i miss her badly!

I miss you pragya please come back! Again i looked at door i know u won’t come!

May i come in Abhi?
Ahh again imagination, no u can’t please leave u imagination !
Pragya laughs and says Abhi i m pragya! Not any imagination…
Please i m not in mood to imagine you..
Pragya laughs and says fine i m going…
Pragya left…
See i said na it’s imagination…
So surprise for abhi! Ammmm planed it!

Time passed it was 9 00 pm!
Beep beep: again whose messgae!
Pragya: Abhi can u plz come at xyz place
Abhi : Why?
Pragya: it’s urgent please..
Abhi : okay fine

Abhi reached to isolated place! It was dark, he called out pragya: pragta don’t play pranks see i havn’t met u after marrige… I don’t know how will u be looking
What you mean, how would be i looking?
I mean with manglsutra and kumkum !
Abhi, 2 years, i don’t know how it happend but it just happend, i wanted to say you this thing but i didn’t had courage, i wanted to propose you but i thought what if you don’t love me!
Abhi remains in shock!
Lights get turned onn
The place was beautifully decorted…
Abhi was stunned.. He said pragya
Pragya said I Love you abhi…
Abhi became happy, he rushed to pragya and hugged her….
He came in senses and broke hug, he said pragya it’s late u are married now!
Pragya laughed harder
Abhi remains in confusion
Married me? Purab …what? ???????????????
Abhi says pragya u married purab right?
Pragya nods no and then nods yes!
Whattt u are confusing me!
Let’s vedio call purab, ur confusion would be removed!
Hey pragya, video call?
Abhi u too. And wow decorations, ammm don’t tell me pragya is proposing u ,she is first girl proposing to a boy ????

Hold on purab where is my stupid sis?
Pragya bear i m here!
Wow that rhymes na, hey abhi jiju! How are u?
Abhi says pragya u are there then pragya how u are here ??
The trio laugh which makes abhi more confused!
Pratigya says jiju i will tell u see i m Pratigya arora, now pratigya khanaa, twin sister of Pragya arora!
It means you guyz planned this..
Pragya says nooo only my stupid sis, she plandd this….

Purab tells A to Z, how they planned…
Abhi says now i understood!
Okay byee jiju, bye pragya bear!
Bye stupid ,bye purab…

So it means pragya loves me?
Pragya nods and blushes..
But i don’t love u, who said i love u…
Pragya says bad joke Mr abhi!
Ohhh God always u do this, u should have said why u don’t love me, then..
Okay baba u don’t love me right! Okay i m going…
*hugs tightly*
I loveee you stupid,
I love u tooo……..

Okay guyz thanks for such sweet comments!
Surbhi and sharaya, this surprise was especially for nive ???
Ur turn would come soon, till then wait for it byeeee

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  1. Worst somu yaar! Could have written in better way! As usuall bad one

    1. Thanks for the comment, it made my day’s it motivated me to write more perfectly! Don’t know who u are but thanks for making my day dear! Loved ur comment!

    2. I think this is first time u r commenting..
      I wanna say one thing don’t discourage anyone…

  2. super…

  3. Superb with humour loaded in right amount and I loved it to the core!!…expecting another OS from u with a lot of humor and masti!! ????

  4. really superb somiya i enjoyed it u can make it as a ff na i just told ya its k really awesome yaar

    1. haha krish 😉 if u want to make it a ff u can but as you know i m busy with mu studies so i can’t sorry 😉

      1. ha its k dr u concentrate in ur studies i just said it.. k if u take me as ur friend

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  7. Ya really nice but we cannot understand in many places what I want to tell

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    1. yes felt it 😉 sorry! next time i will clearly write it

  9. Awesome awesome awesome somiya dii no words amazing fabulous a grade work full standing ovation to u dii sry couldn’t comment in first one forgive me na dii..

  10. Deepika bhaasker

    Awesome story line

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  16. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Awesome….??????????????????????

  17. It was really awesome yaar…

  18. suprb… its very funny….

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