Confused…. OS…. KKB Part 1


Ah….. 2 years, i should have proposed her, but…. It’s bcoz i was confused, whether i love her or tanu, but now when my confusion is cleard she is getting married! I can’t propose her now, i can’t express my feelings to her . . It’s late Mr Abhishek prem mehra! And today bcoz of your confusion this is happening, but i m happy that i didn’t proposed her, if i would have have then purab would have not married pragya and would have left pragya bcoz of me! And i didn’t want that thing to happen! Purab is my bestfriend, he loves pragya and pragya too loves him, oh yeah i forgot to tell you one thing that pragya loves purab, i mean i have never aksed pragya but their bonding is quite of couple one’s, i mean they Hug eachother ,until this day whenever pragya hugged me she used to feel awkward but when she hugs purab she smiles, like….. Ahhh why am i saying this right now! It’s late, She is getting engaged tomorrow and then she will get married….

This pratigya na! I m not getting married, yes, Abhi sir.. Okay okay Abhi, he might be thinking that i m getting married but i m not getting married, my sister is getting married! Ahh confused, Actually my sister looks alike me, we are twins, so she is same as me we have no difference, haha whenever i stand infront of her, it’s like i m looking at myself, but one thing is different she has mole over uper lips and i don’t have and that’s how our parents know us, ???You know, we used to go school, our friends used to get confused for who is pragya and who is pratigya, eventually our names also resemble! But Maa used to get confused, like teachers they used to complain for pratigya and maa used to get confused and used to blame me bcoz teacher used to pronounce name incorrectly, she used to say pragya, i mean there is difference in Pragya and PRATIGYA! well to remove this confusion my mom sent pratigya aboard for higher studies, Now pratigya is doing course in Fashion designing, she there met Purab! And then after friendship, they became lovers, she never hides anything from me so she told me, and i told to my mother, lol it’s bcoz she used to say me to get married, when i informed her for purab and pratigya, she asked pratigya and purab to get married and tomorrow is their engagement, now problem is this, i share everything with pratigya, so i shared with her that i love abhi, purab is abhi’s bestfriend and he considers me as sister, now pratigya and purab have made the plan, now plan is this that they want abhi to realise his love for me, and what will they do! Of coarse they have planned that abhi should not realise that Pratigya is not pragya! It’s like for abhi pratigya is pragya, i hope you understand now abhi thinks pratigya to be pragya who is getting married, nowww this is confusing you know what happend ,it was monday, i was ill and this stomachache wasn’t leaving me so I took a leave saying abhi that I have stomachache, he granted the leave, now this Miss problem, i mean Miss Pratigya she went to office, Abhi was amazed of coarse, he asked if i m alright, i mean he asked pratigya if you are alright, pratigya said yes i m alright, what happened to me! Abhi said you asked for leave right? Then my stupid sister realized that abhi is thinking her to be Pragya, so she lied and said actually i had stomachache but now i m alright i came here to meet purab! Abhi said he is in cabin! Noww wait i always told Abhi that i have a sister but in these 2 years i didn’t told him that my sister looks like me! I should have told him, actually now as per my stupid sister’s plan i have to go, sometimes the situation gets worse, That day when i had stomachache, and abhi thought pratigya to be pragya, pratigya entered purab’s cabin, abhi followed her , she then hugged purab and kissed him over cheeks, ahhh that’s embarrassing for me bcoz abhi thought pragya kissed purab but actually pratigya kissed purab! Abhi felt jealous, may be coz my stupid sister narrated to me this event, when next day i went office, i felt so embarrassed to go infront of Abhi, Abhi wasn’t talking to me, like whyyyy? Then i actually realized that he loves me, he was so jealous, whenever i had work with purab he used to be with me everywhere, but soon he got to know that pragya loves purab, actually pratigya loves purab but he thought pragya loves purab! And tomorrow theyare getting engaged ,now he will also come at engagement and i will be there too, so he will realize na that there are two girls, who are alike, he will get to know that Pragya is not marrying purab, pratigya is marrying , no no no! For this my stupid sister have plan, she said we both will wear same lehnga, like we will wear same dress! So i would cover my face, yeah of course with that dupatta, so abhi would not get to know, and u know maa already knows this full plan, she is the one who is helping pratigya bcoz she wants me to get married, Abhi sir, i mean Abhi has no family, but Purab has a sister tanu, abhi used to think he loves tanu, but then tanu married another man bcoz of property, abhi hates tanu now! Then he realized he never loved tanu, it was Beauty which attracted him! But nowww i have to go office ,i have strictly told pratigya not to come infront of abhi, today she is going out with purab and maa for shopping, abhi wouldn’t join them, so i should go to office…..

She won’t come office today, she is going for shopping na! Pragya! I wish i could tell youuu! I can’t, now i should go in my cabin ,and should continue my work, rather than sitting in pragya’s cabin urff ny assistant’s cabin…

Abhi opened the door, ohh this fate pragya came, The lub dub increased …. Abhi’s heart was beating faster, lub… Dub… Lub dub… Lub… Dub…. Abhi stammerrd prag… Gya.. Wo i came for a file, i mean wo, pragya also stammerd she said Si.. R ,ab… Hi, u …which… Fi… Le? Abhi said oh… I realised it’s with me, you weren’t coming na today, i mean tomorrow is your engagement , pragya said to herself shitt( stayanash gayee bhens paani mein)
Pragya said Sir… I… Maa, maa would chose everything for me, and after marriage i won’t come to office so i thought i should go office last time’…. Abhi’s eyes fill up with tears, he without saying a word left!…. Pragya took deep breathe and said i can’t go with this plan anymore….

Pre recap: To be continued….

Guyz actually my phone’s battery is 24% left and i can’t continue it further, please leave your comments then i will decide to right further or not ,it’s just OS with two parts, i wrote this OS for Nivethetha Especially ??….
So nive leave your comments yaar!

Thanks guyz for reading….

Credit to: somiya

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  1. It’s really awesome somiya…waiting for the next part….plzz update soon….

    1. thanks purnima, surely i will

  2. please please do continue

    1. Thanks, surely prabhi

  3. Omg Pratigya vs Pragya lol!! U made me confused initially as i am reading this quite late at night here and then realised they are sisters as u narrated further on… Interesting just carry on! And Pratigya helping Pragya is so nice… Sisters in mission to make Abhi accept his love! I loved this concept ???

    1. Thank you maya!

  4. It’s really awesome yaar plzzzz continue thn more than abhi my hrt s beating fast when I saw to b continue coz it’s really awesome n I can’t wait plzzzzz update fast

    1. Was waiting for your comment, thanks

  5. awesome awesome.

    1. Thanks shriti

  6. it seems like we can make housefull 4 with ur story plot

    1. hahaha manitha, u must be joking well thanks

  7. Wow amazing I was confused between pratiga and pragya and I don’t know why but I’m laughing so much you are so amazing and you have named the os correctly ??? I like this os a loooooootttttt and this os is ??????????????? these are all my expression when I read this

  8. Tu fir shuru ho gayi yr pratigya pragya judwa lolz mai.kya kahoon mje to.hansi jyada aa rahi hai hi confusion hai bechara abhi waisey hi dimag se paidal hai ab to.apne baal nochega wo ye pragya pratigya ke chakkar me aur haan i love that satyanash gayi bhains pani me ????

  9. Wow ..superb…pls continue…update soon…

  10. Omg confusing episode but nice one yaar. Continue yaar

  11. Hey its really awesome yaarr I was laughing pragya twins ha really superb just continue ya

  12. Hey somu…u r such a cutie pie u have prepared this os especially for me…ahh I love you dr…I love it soooooooooooo much??????? u thought I would get confused but actually I am not confused infact I understand each and every line I think this is the magic of friendship?????and don’t tell this is worse it’s really interesting I am eagerly waiting for next part if you tell this is worse one more definitely I will kill you understand.. . Anyways now I can’t tell thanks also if I say means definitely u will kill me so I won’t and I must say that this is my best surprise I have got ever…. Love u loads???????????????

  13. Hahaha pragya pratigya so confusing…not only abhi any one can get confused..I loved it…waiting for the next part

  14. Reshma Pradeep

    Hey Somu,Its Awesome…… Actually Meine ye 2 baar pada HEI……Pata hei kyoon……..Mein Confuse hogayithi……..??????????Anyway,I want the next part soonnnnnnnn………………….& Haa Tumari padayi kaise chal rahi hei dost?????

    1. Tum kya m bhi confuse ho gayee likhtay waqt, meri padhayee buht achee chal rhy h time mila toh socha one shot hee likh daaloon

  15. Oh my god.. Its fabulous dear somuuuu?????
    Can’t wait for next part.. Its superb superb superb yaar

  16. Really really awesome yaar…

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