Confused In Love by Vanshree (Promo)

So guys this is vanshree some of u may remember me or have forgotten me back I know my xams are near but I couldn’t stop myself from writing this.While studying chemistry this idea came to my mind making chemistry of shivika 😛
So this just a promo shot

Scence 1
It is afternoon time sun is shinning brightly a girl is running from a house or you can say a bungalow written Oberoi mansion she stops and starts walking she is sweating badly her face is shown she is anika wearing a blue colour suit like in todays episode she is then takes phone and calls someone,
Ani: I have come out of that place now where I shoul d go??
POC: okk come to this place I m sending U the address.
Ani:okk I will be there in 15 min .

And then the call ends,

Scence 2
A farm house is seen anika goes inside the and asks her the person is the same person ont he call she is a lady her face it not shown
Anika: I have come here now tell me about myself I want to know
Lady:You should be happy kalavati that you are free now enjoy ur life
Anika:plzz say sumthing as u told I did that I ran way from there those people scare me plzzz tell me about my family
The lady turns and her face is revealed to be Tia

Tia: Relax kalvati so he is ur husband pointing in the direction behind anika . Anika turns
A man with pony tail is standing there face is not shown he runs and comes and says where were u Kalvati I was searching for u everywhere the person cries and hugs anika doesnt know how to react she stand in that position only the hug and the person smirks and his faceis shown to be daksh
And screen freezes on daksh smirking .Anika confused look and tia’s victorious smiling face
So how was it do tell should I continue it or not and I know I do alot of silly mistakes do tell me that also. All chameli chandini ,rose, jasmine evrything is allowed please do comment

**************PLEASE COMMENT GUYS ***************

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  1. Rithik

    Awesome vanshree but make shivika meet soon

  2. It is interesting.. And post next part ASAP..

  3. Awesome…

  4. Vincy

    Shivika they will meet na ?

  5. Nithu

    Superbb. Daaa….

  6. Dreams97

    Loved it 🙂

  7. Awesome

  8. Awsm dear

  9. Neha_Pheonix

    I do remember you vanshree…Your name is unique..Great promo…Do continue..waiting for the next….

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