hello guys i am kajal . i am recently writing a ff on ragsan but thought to post an os on different pairs . wish u guys love it n ya keep smiling as ur smile can change one person ————————————————————————————————————————-
a girl is seen walking in the college. looks like she is new here and is a bit nervous .
girl( to herself): oh god plz plz make this day good . let me make new friends anf find new relations , nothing should go wrong.
( but lets see if god listens to her or destiny has something else)
the girl is waking when she bumps into someone and falls down her hair is covering her face .
boy: hey u woman dont u have eyes. i know u girls just want to be with me but i hate ur type of girls. just remember sanskar maheshwari doesnt like low middle classed girls. he has high standards.( thinking that he is hero but sry no)
slowly the hair from the girls face is removed her lips are shown which are just juicy and red then her eyes which are like ocean calm and soft, now her angelic face is shown and the girl is( wait not so soon)
girl: oh hello mister what u think of yourself. u think that i am low cheap middle class girl who runs behind money of rich boys but ur wrong bcaz i am too rich enough to buy this collage of yours. u now who i am i am ragini … ragini singhania. but i am not like you showing people my status and richness.
ragini gets angry n leaves. she goes to a corner and cries.but composes herself.
sanskar here is fuming with anger. he decides to take revenge.

suddenly we see a boy entering collage in his black jaguar. he opens the door and all girls are mad on him.but he ignores and goes to princi . while on the way he bumps with someone and catches that person before falling.
girl: oh god today is my bad day i again bumped into someone. i am so sorry( closing her eyes). boy is totally mesmerised to see her.
boy: its k ur safe.
girl: listening to the sweet voice opens her eyes. she looka at the boy.
first the boys hair is shown deep choclate brown then his eyes which are hazel brown with a shimmer and intimate then his face .
girl: i am actually sorry, hi i am ragini .
boy: hi i am laksh. so friends.
rags: friends.( ya guys the hero is laksh)

but there is a commotion outside and they go to see what has happened.
a girl is shown coming out of a mercedes . all the boys look at her in awe. the girls is non other than swara. she goes without noticing and shows attitude. she stops near a perso and kisses his cheek.
swara: baby i am back.
the boy is sanskar.
sanskar:its apleasure to see you sweet heart.
both raglak look at each other saying disgusting.
they enter the class and find that swasan r their classmates. sanskar is fuming in anger to see ragini and behaves normally but.
soon raglak become good friends.
one day sanskar comes to ragini.
s:ragini i am sorry for that day. can we be friends.
rags(happy inside but doesnt show):i will think.
sanky: plz
rags: okay but before that u must also make lucky as your friend.
sanky: command acceped.
laksh comes there and looks at ragsan laughing.
l:ginu why r u with him?
r:oh lucky now he is our frnd , u know he apologised to me.
s: so can we b friends.
l: okay. hi i am laksh oberoi.
s: sanskar maheshwari.
soon ragsan become friends but ragini was much closer to laksh she used to chat with laksh mostly.
one day sanky proposed ragini and ragini was in cloud nine. she readily accepted his proposal . but laksh was not happy.and even swara. sanky took rags on dates and gifted her. he even kissed her. laksh always warned rags about sanky but she took it lightly but sanky cheated her.he infront of the whole campus said that it was his evenge and he loved swara. rags was broken she ran from there.

laksh:ragini listen ragini.
rags hugged laksh and started crying.
rags: laksh i loved him then y he did with me like this for that day he did all this drama. laksh i wont be able to believe in love again.
laksh was broken to see ragini like this because he loved her. ya that day when ragini accepted sankys proposal he broke down . he understood that he loved ragini.
l:shh no ginu plz dont cry sanky never deserved you. he doesnt know how precious you are.
after some days rags was out of her trauma. she was again happy. when again sanskar came and apologised to her.
r: do u think that i will come in ur trap gain? just go away before i slap u hard.
rags went to her home and cried but laksh called her and soother her.
swara called rgs and apologised on behalf of sanskar. rags did not forgive sanky but turned out to be a good friend to swara. she was still in love with she decided to leave the collage.
rags was though not in contact with everyone she was always in contact with swara and laksh. but after some days laksh stopped talking to rags. rags was worried about laksh but there was no reply from laksh.

a girl is seen talking in the phone. she is very busy . then her face is shown its none other than ragini. ragini looks at a photo and says i miss you.the photo is shown its of raglak.i wish i can see u in swasan marriage. u know i am still confused that i love sanskar or not. and if i dont love him then y i am not marrying . y i deny marriage. i dont even know y u stopped talking to me laksh , i miss u my friend.

after some days in india
there is heavy preparations going on for swasan marriage and we can see a guy fully immersed in it.
swara: ohho stop it look at you after ragini went u look like some ghost yaar. u need to move laksh .
laksh: u know i can even die for ragini but cant live without her. i know that she loves someone but i cant move bcaz i love her and swara dont worry for ur frnd i am fine.
swara: nothing can change u except ragini.
after some days rags comes her eyes r searching for someone and then she gets a tap on her shoulders.
swara: madam ur late , so ur not allowed.
rags: sry shona.
swara: its for whom r u searching?
rags: no one.
swara: o really . look he is there.
rags eyes follows the direction and she looks at laksh.
rags(in mind):y does laksh look so tired, his eyes has lost its glamour, his smile has dissapered. i dont know y looking at him i feel a pain in my heart.
sanskar enters.
sanky; rags i know i dont deserve ur sorry but i am really sry.
rags: its k sanskar, that topic is long gone.
sanskar: seriously thank you yaar. so tell me are you married or have someone in your life?
rags: no yaar never found someone.
swara(in mind):or just couldnt see ur love rags . u love laksh n i bet u will propose him soon.
swasan marriage takes plae whiles rags pulls lucky.

r: lucky y u did not reply to me n y r u avoiding me , plz lucy have i done something wrong plz tell.
l: y r u bothered ragini , you must be happy n plz its my life so dont interfere
rags holds his collar and shouts.
r: its bothers me damned bcz I LOVE YOU, YA I LOVE U LAKSH OBEROI. i love u fro the staring but could not realise it. i was so confused about my love about my feeling but i love you.
laksh hearing this kisses rags on her lips.
l: even i love u ragini, i love u from the day i saw u , u know i didnot speak to u bcaz i thought u love soeone else. i love u like hell.
both raglak were in each others embrace.

ragini: so this is my confused love story.

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