A very big hi…to all the ISHQBAAZIANS…this is YAZHU…writing my first OS on my favorite couple SHIVIKA…I thought of writing an OS for a long time finally I’ve decided to do it now…so forgive me if I made any mistakes in the OS…this part is about Shivaye’s confession to Anika…hope you guys will like it…Now I stop my blabbering and lets go to the story…

In Oberoi mansion everyone were busy in arranging all the stuffs, as there is only five days left for Shivaye and Tia’s marriage. Anika was the one who is handling all the work in an amazing way, but she was feeling so sad and hurt inside, she can’t able to understand the reason but it hurts her when she thinks about Shivaye’s marriage with Tia. Anika felt relieved when Shitia’s marriage stopped previous time, but now it is happening again and she felt restless about it. Is this love??? She asked herself, but there’s no answer with her as she’s so confused about it.

In his room, Shivaye’s also confused and felt restless about his marriage. He thinks about Rudy’s words that there is only a deal between him and Tia but not love, Anika is the only one comes again and again in his mind. He got frustrated and comes out from his room. When he comes out, he saw Anika carrying a plate with flowers in her hand, she was about to slip just then he holds her and the flowers fell down from her hands. They share an eye lock, then they both composed themselves.

‘Can’t you watch your steps??? What’s the need carrying this by yourself, you could’ve asked the servants to do this’ Shivaye says

‘I’m sorry Billu ji…it won’t happen again’ Anika replied politely

Shivaye looks at her dull face and felt sad. His moments with Anika flashed in his mind, their fights, their cute moment when they’ve got drunk and the moment when Anika stopped his marriage with Tia, everything seems so right to him. At that moment he only thought of Anika, she filled his mind, he felt scared of losing her and he wants her to be in his life forever.

‘Billu ji’ Anika’s words brought him back, ‘what happened Billu ji??? Think you’ve lost in something’ she says

‘Nothing…it’s nothing’ he replied noticing that there’s no usual glow in her face

‘Ok…I should go’ Anika said and when she turns to leave Shivaye holds her hand, she looks at him

‘I wanna talk with you Anika’ he said, Anika got surprised by his act and looks at her hand which he was holding, Shivaye leaves her hand and again says that he want to speak with her, Anika agrees and they went outside to the lawn.

‘You wanna say something Billu ji’ Anika asked Shivaye

‘Yeah actually it’s….’ he said, he can’t able to find the words. Anika looks at him to get the answer but he just stares at her. Both were lost in each other’s eyes, they shared their emotions and love through their eyes. Anika can’t able to handle his strong gaze, she just wants to hug him and scream that she loves him, due to that thought a tear flows from her eyes, he notices that and felt pain seeing her tears. Anika in the verge of crying tries to get away from there, she turns to run but Shivaye holds her hand. She turns to look at him, this time he didn’t leave her hand. He pulled her towards him, she bumped into his chest and holds his shoulder to get her balance.

‘I love you…Panika…I love you so much’ he said
She can’t believe her ears it was like a dream to her, tears started flowing from her eyes. Shivaye wipes her tears, she looked in his eyes there is love and confidence in his eyes, he is certainly not lying or playing there is so much love in his beautiful blue eyes, he is saying the truth, he is saying it from his heart. Anika hugs him, he got surprised and happy.

‘I love you too…Billu ji’ that’s the words came from her

Shivaye felt like flying, he smiles and hugs her back with all his love, he hugs her tightly that he doesn’t want to leave her again. Both were lost in each other, tears flow from their eyes, they never want to separate again.

Om and Rudy who have seen all this got super happy and Rudy shouts ‘Hurrayyyyy I’m so happy’

Shivika heard his sound and gets parted. Om and Rudy came towards them and they both felt embarrassed. Rudy starts dancing like crazy, while Om laughs and looks at Shivika to get the answer. But they both bowed their heads and didn’t face OmRu.

‘Whooooo… I’m so happy today, finally I don’t have to face that lady baba again…hurray…’ Rudy says in huge excitement

‘At last the great Shivaye Singh Oberoi admits his feelings for love and for Anika’ Om says to Shivaye in a teasing tone

‘Shut up…Om…’ Shivaye says feeling embarrassed, Anika felt shy and bows her head

‘Shivaye bhaiyya…you gave me the best gift ever…now Anika didi is going to be my Anika bhabhi…yay…’ Rudy says, while Shivika smiles sheepishly

Rudy goes to Anika and hugs her, ‘Thank you so much Anika di…sorry it’s bhabhi…you changed the super egoistic SSO and made him confess to you… You really are a SUPER GIRL’ he says and Anika smiles shyly

‘Rudy…’ Shivaye glares at him and Om laughs at them

‘Don’t try to scare me bhaiyya…now I have my Super cool bhabhi in my side…now I will dance happily in your marriage…even I’ve decided the song already’ saying this Rudy started singing “Baby ko bass pasand hai” and dances for it, everyone laughed and Om went towards Shivaye and hugs him.

‘I’m so happy for you…Shivaye…’ he says

‘Even I’m feeling happy…’ Shivaye says and looks at Anika, they smiled and OmRu felt happy for them.

That’s it …I’ve finished my first OS successfully…don’t know whether I’ve done it good or not…so please give your valuable comments down…by that I can decide that whether I can write further or not…Sorry if I didn’t satisfy you all…but hope you would’ve liked it…and Thanks for reading it…Love you all ISHQBAAZIANS…One for all and All for one….

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  1. Loved it very very much!!!!!!! You rocked it Yazhu and please continue with another OS of Shivika!!!!!!!!! As I’m a big wali fan of Shivika, I loved it so much!!!!!! Ekdum khidkitod OS tha!!!!!!!

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Mukta…I’m sooooo happy that you all liked it…I’ll definitely write another OS on Shivika…

  2. its too good

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks kutti…

  3. I Lov it dear pls continue tnk tnk tnk uuuuuuuiii…yahzu

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks for those amazing comment Baby…your name is so cute just like your comment…tq once again…

  4. Woww…i loved it..??….loved the shivika moment..❤❤..keep posting..

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks sabhya…I’m happy that you loved it…

  5. Shaista


    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Shaista…

  6. its very good yarrr keep going

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks yaar…

  7. Hi yazhu it s awesome confession…but I feel billu tat much easily can’t do tat confession…apart from this cute propose

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Vno…yeah I know billu won’t confess that easily…so only I thought to show his romantic face…I’m happy that you liked it…

  8. Shaza

    Hey , it’s awesome ….loved it ♥️♥️♥️…the confession was ???????…..will be waiting for ur further ff’s and OS’s on ishqbaaz …will write na ?? ..if u can…….. try for ishkara , actually it was my fav couple …?…but this one was really awesome ???…..

    1. Yazhu

      Hey Shaza….thanks for those amazing words yaar…I’ll definitely write an OS on Ishkara…I’m sooooo happy that you loved it…

  9. Aradhya mohanty

    I loved it

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks aradhya…

  10. Sat

    Very nice yazhu, great talent. Shivika moments❤❤❤❤❤. Hope you come up with a new ff.

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Sat…I’m so happy that you loved it…

  11. Such a beautiful confession. Lovely yaar don’t feel that u didn’t satisfy us. Infact if d writers even think d same. Lovely dear. Am impressed. Dis s wounderfel story I have read in telly update.

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks Saranya…your words are really encouraging…

  12. Very nice yazhu. It is so emotional nice

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks kavi…

  13. Plz post another os fast I loveeeeeeeeeeedddddddd it

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks safaq…sure I’ll try to update another OS soon…

  14. Ketaki19

    beautiful os <3 love shivika a lot <3

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks ketaki…

  15. It was awesome …. who write another one soon

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks janvi…happy that you loved it…next one soon…

  16. This is awesome
    can’t wait for the next os

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot Angela…so happy that you loved it…

  17. Rithik

    Nice episode please continue

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks rithik…

  18. wonderful yaar

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks aishana…

  19. very nice I just loved it . please write more

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks divya…sooooo happy that you loved it…next one soon…

  20. very nice

  21. awesome , i just loved it a lotttt. please write another os on shivika . loved this very much

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks a lot Varshini…I’ll definitely update another OS on Shivika…

  22. Alekhika20

    Beautiful confession

    1. Yazhu

      Thanks alekhika…

  23. Goms

    Awwwww….. ?shaza… I was jumping in joy when they both confess their love… Feel like wanna hug you.. ..

    1. Yazhu

      Awww…Thanks for that lovely comment Goms….sooooo happy that you loved it…

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