Confession to Consummation – Ishqbaaz Shivika OS

Hi guys and Gals this is VHM coming with an one shot OS on Shivika…I hope you will like this…there is no other character just Shivaay and Anika …I am starting with a scene from the recent episodes where Shivaay hands a bat to Anika and asks to break the glasses of the house but not stop talking to him.. in my OS Pinky will not come to disturb their moments…. Sorry for the spelling and grammatical mistakes in advance…

So let’s start what are we waiting for…happy reading… here we go !!!

Shivaay: tum chaho tho ghar ke saare kaanch thod do par mujhse baat karna mat chodna..
(If you want you can break the entire glaases of this house but don’t stop talking to me)
Anika stares at him surprisingly
Anika: Kyun ?
Shivaay: kyun ki mujhe tumhari bakwaas sunne ki aadat pad gayi hain…
(Because I am habituated to listening to your nonsense)
Anika: sirf isliye ?
(only because of this?)
Shivaay now looks into her eyes
Shivaay: ha ..ha aur kya ho sakta hain?
(Yeah..yes what more could it be?)
Anika: pata nahi par mujhe aise kyun lag raha hain jaise aap mujhse kuch kehna chahthe hain lekin keh nahi paa rahe
(I donno but why I am feeling like you want to say something but you are not able to)
Shivaay: tumhe har baa raise kyun lagta hain?
(Why do you always feel like this)
Anika: kyun ki aapke aankhein sab batati hain
(Because your eyes says everything)
Shivaay: tho tum hi keh do ki meri aankhein kya bata rahi hain tumhe
(Then you tell me what do my eyes say now)
Anika: aapki aankhein aap ki dil ka halat dikhathi hain
(Your eyes are speaking the state of your heart)
Shivaay: what nonsense

Anika: accha abhi mein nonsense bol rahi hoon..theek hain fir mein aapse bilkul baat nahi karoongi…aapko jo karna hain kar lijiye…
( you feel iam saying nonsense..ok then I will never talk to you whatever you want)
Shivaay holds her tight and says
Shivaay: tum aisa kuch nahi karogi
(You will not do anything of this sort)
Anika: mein bilkul aise hi karoongi..aa mujhe aise karne se rokh sakte hain tho rok lijiye
(I will do exactly what I have said now…try to stop me if you can)
Shivaay: mujhse challenge mat karo
(Don’t challenge me)
Anika doesntsay anything and removes his grip and tries to move away
Shivaay looks towards her in his attitude wala look and moves towards her..he blocks her way and pins her against the wall
Shivaay: tum mujhse baat karogi..
(You will talk to me)
Anika: kabhi nahi
Shivaay leans a bit towards her and says
Shivaay: haan
Anika moves her head away and Says
Anika: nahi
Shivaay: haan

Anika : Nahi
Shivaay: haan
Anika: nahi
While this yes and no they come closer and in a moment of rage both their lips touch each others
Both stand in a pleasant shock and Shivaay slowly moves away and turns back while Anika wipes her lips and recollects what just happened….
Anika then turns to go leaving the room when Shivaay in his husky voice says
Shivaay: Anika…tu
Anika stops
Shivaay: Anika tum theek thi..mein tumse kuch kehna chahtha tha par …
(Anika you were right..i wanted to say something to you but..)
Anika turns her head slowly while her body is still towards the door
Anika: par…kya Shivaay
(But..what Shivaay)
Shivaay: Kuch nahi
Anika: aapse nahi hoga Shivaay..rehne dijiye….aur ab mujhe mat rokiyega
(You will not be able to say Shivaay…leave it…and please don’t stop me now)
Shivaay: Anika please…
Anika doesn’t respond ..Shivaay turns towards her while Anika is still facing the door

Shivaay: mein jaanta hoon maine tumpe bharosa nahi kiya par daksh ki batein mujhe itna pareshaan kar gayi ki mein aur kuch soch nahi paaya…aur jab mujhe ehsaas huan tho mein andar hi andar tooth gaya isliye nahi ki mein galat tha ..isliye kyunki maine tumpe bina soche samjhe shakh kiya…tumhe dard diya aur sabse badi baat tumhe dukh huan..tum tooth gayi….tumhe kaha huan har baat ..tumse kiya huan har bartaav mujhe niche girati gayi apni nazroon mein…ye mera sach hain…
(I know I have not trusted you but Daksh’s words had made me so terrible that I couldn’t think of anything else..and when I realized then I broke within myself..not because I was wrong but..ibecause I doubted you without thinking for a moment…I had hurt you and above all it pained youa broke…all those harsh words I spoke to behavior..everything made me fall in my own eyes..this is my truth…)
He pauses while she stands still..Anika couldn’t believe Shivaay was actually saying her something like this….
Shivaay continues….
Shivaay: Anika..OmRu kehthe hain ki mein kuch bhi express nahi kar sakta ..lekin…lekin aaj mein kosish karna chahtha hoon….Mujhe nahi pata ki kaise mujhe tumhe bina dekhe tumhare paas rehne ka ehsaas ho jaata hain…mujhe nahi pata kyun jab tum roti ho ya mein tumhe kuch keh ke dukh deta hoon tho shaayad tumse jyada mujhe dard hota hain…mujhe ye bhi nahi pata ki agar tum mujhse baat nahi karti tho mein kyun bechain ho jaata hoon..mujhe nahi pata ki tumhe bina dekhe mujhe kyun sukoon nahi milta..mere saath ye sab kyun kaise ho raha hain ye mujhe samjh nahi aata….
(Anika …OmRu says that I don’t know how to express..but..but I will try today..i don’t know how I feel your presence when you are around me…I don’t know why do I get the pain when you cry or when I hurt pains me more than it pains you…I don’t know why do I feel restless if you don’t talk to me…I don’t know why don’t I get peace without seeing you..i don’t know how, what is happening with me….)
Anika has tears of happiness in her eyes listening to Shivaays words
Shivaay continues
Shivaay: Anika mere paas in saare sawalon ka jawab nahi hain …lekin Om kehtha hain ki jis bhi din mujhe kisi ke baare mein sawaalon ke jawaab nahi milthe tho mujhe samjh jaana chahiye ki mere liye who khaas hain….
(Anika I don’t have answers to any of the questions ..but Om says the day I feel I don’t have any answers for a person then I must understand that..that person is someone special in my life…)
Shivaay: Haan Anika..tum mere liye bahut special ho….
(Yes are someone very special to me…)

Anika feels a bit upset , wipes her tears clears her throat and says
Anika: Shivaay aapko yehi kehna tha?
(Shivaay you wanted to say this ?)
Shivaay: nahi..mera matlab hain haan
(No..i mean yes)
Anika: theek hain…mein chalthi hoon
(Ok then ..i will leave now)
Shivaay: tumhe mujhe kuch nahi kehna
(don’t you want to say something?)
Anika turns back , faces Shivaay and says
Anika: kya kahoon mein ..aap abhi bhi mujhse poori baat nahi kahi
(What should I say…you haven’t completed yet)
Shivaay comes near her holds her gently looks into her eyes and says
Shivaay: kya sunna chahthi ho Anika?
(What do you want to listen Anika?)
Anika: aap bolne se hichkhicha rahe hain
(Truth..which you are not able to say)
Shivaay: mein..mein sab keh chukka hoon
(I..I have said everything)
Anika: aap tho rehne dijiye Shivaay..aapse nahi hoga…
(You just leave is something which you can never do)
Anika turns to leave when Shivaay takes a deep breath and says
Shivaay: I love you Anika…I really love you…mein tumse bahut pyaar karta hoon…
(I love you Anika..i really love you…I love you so much..)

Anika has happy tears in her eyes and turns towards Shivaay and looks deep down into his blue eyes..while tears still doesn’t stop she couldn’t speak but definitely wanted to say something …
Shivaay comes towards her takes her face in his hands and slowly wipes her tears and says
Shivaay: maine kuch keh diya kya jo mujhe nahi kehna chahiye tha?
(Did I say something which I shouldn’t have?)
Anika controls herself and says
Anika: Nahi Shivaay..aaj mein bahut khush hoon aur ye khushi ke aansoon hain..aaj aapne apni dil ki bat keh ke meri saari naraazgi door kar dii….mein bahut khush hoon Shivaay….
(No Shivaay..i am very happy today and these are tears of happiness…today you have said what’s in your heart and wiped away all my complains and annoyance..i am really very happy today…)
Shivaay: tumne mere baat ka jawaab nahi diya Anika
(You haven’t replied yet Anika)
Anika: kis baat ka
(About what?)
Shivaay: kya tum mujhse pyaar karti ho?
(Do you love me?)
Anika : Nahi Shivaay…
(No Shivaay…)
Shivaay stands shocked and Anika comes towards him hugs him tight and says
Anika: mein aapse pyaar nahi bahut pyaar karti hoon..
(I don’t love you ..I love you so much …)
Shivaay hugs her tight and they find peace in each others arms for sometime…After sometime they break apart the hug and Shivaay caresses her face…she feels shy and runs from there and he looks at her with satisfaction..he felt a burden leave off his heart, mind, soul and body..he was feeling happy…
The rest of the day passed by their own busy schedules and the evening arrives as they both were literally waiting for that part of day to arrive…

Shivaay entered his room with a gift and placed it near her cupboard….and went to get freshen up …later she came in ..she was surprised to see the gift on her name.. stealthily she opened the gift to see a beautiful night own …she had a rush of blood onto her cheeks and she wrapped it back and placed it as if it was never touched…
Shivaay got out after freshened up and was shocked to see Anika there as he wasn’t expecting her to be at that time…he realized he was bare chested and felt embarrassed ..Anika was also shocked to see him thus and left from room saying the same to Shivaay…
After sometime he dressed up and went out in search of Anika….. Anika got ready in Prinku’s room …. They both met near the dining area but avoided looking at each other…They had a quick dinner with family ..
After seeing the gift Anika’s heart was not under control it was thumping with a mixed feeling of happiness and nervousness..she could understand what Shivaay wanted ..on the other hand Shivaay was also nervous as to what would be Anika’s response for the gift …
With all sorts of thoughts she went towards the pool and sat there blushing…Shivaay was searching for Anika and finally found her lady love near the pool. He observed her then
She was wearing lavender color embroidered saree with a golden embroidered blouse ..a small lavender stone earrings complimenting her outfit…her hair was set loose with perfect curls falling over her shoulders..her moon and stars bracelet which she never ever leaves was present…a beautiful pair of anklets hugged her legs…she was a beauty in reality before him ..
He was in a trance in a trance of her beauty and slowly walked towards her..she looked at him and had a smile…he came out of his trance and cleared his throat and said..
Shivaay: Anika who..woh…
Anika looked at him in a puzzle..she knew what he wanted to say but acted innocent…
Shivaay: mein tumhare liye kuch lekar aaya hoon…mere ..matlab hamare kamre mein hain…tho ham andar chale …
(I have bought something for’s in our room…shall we go to our room then?)
Anika : haan chaliye
(yesh ..sure..let’s go)

Shivaay POV: ye gift ko dekh ke kaise react karegi..doon ya naa doon..Shivay singh oberoi jo sochtha hain wahi karta hain…baad ka baad mein dekha jayega….
(How will she react after seeing the gift .. should I gift her or not…Shivaay Singh Oberoi does whatever he thinks…whatever happens will be looked after later…)
Anika: Shivaay ..kya soch rahe hain….mujhe na gifts bade acche lagte hain…fukat mein aate haina isliye…jaldi chaliye na mujhse ruka nahi jaa raha…
(Shivaay..what are you thinking..i love gifts…they come for free right…come fast I cannot control my excitement..)
Shivaay: ye kya language hain Anika…fukat and all…
(What’s theat language Anika…)
Anika: mein aise hi hoon…..
(I am like this…)
Shivaay: tumhara kuch nahi ho sakta…
(Nothing can be changed about you…)
Anika: aapka bhi…
(You too)
Shivaay; what the wuck ??!!
Anika: ab aap mujhe gift denge ya what the kya? Wahi kuch bolthe rahenge?
(Now will you give the gift or would just say what ?oh yaa What the wuck ?)
Shivaay: chalo
They both enter the room…. for sometime because of their usual conversation both forgot the nervousness but again it started
Shivaay slowly picks the gift he placed near her cupboard and hands it over to her and asks her to open
Anika takes it and was about to open when he stops her and says
Shivaay: actually not now…kal open kar lena
(Actually not it tomorrow)
Anika: kyun? Fir aapne aaj kyun diya? Kal hi de dete…aiwii apna decisions badalthe ho..huhhh
(why? Then why did you gift me could have given me tomorrow..simply you change your decisions…huhhh)
Shivaay: haan tho gift tumhe mil gayi haina ..tumhara hi hain tho kal open karlo jab mein ghar par nahi hoon..aaj mere saamne nahi..mujhe who kya bolthe hain mich michi hoti hain…
(Yeah..but you have got your gift right…you open it tomorrow when I am not at home..don’t open when I am here or infront of you..i feel michmichi…)
Anika: aila..aapko nahi lagta aap aaj kal meri language bolne lage hain…
(aila…didn’t you notice..these days you are speaking my language)
Shivaay: who..aisa kuch nahi hain…it’s just mein tumhe samjhnae keliye tumhri language use kar raha hoon…
(who…nothing like’s just for your understanding I am using your language)
Anika: ohh…
Anika smiles naughtily and looks away..
Shivaay Sees her smiling naughtily and gets a naughty idea… he slowly moves towards her and says
Shivaay: mujhe kuch kaam poora karna hain jo subah adhura reh gaya tha…
(I have an important work to complete which was left I a midway today morning)
Anika: subah…par subah poora time aap mere saath the
(morning..but today morning you were with me )
Shivaay: haan jab mein tumhare saath tha tho kuch huan tha na…tab kuch adhura reh gaya..soch raha hoon who poora hi kar loon…
(yeah when I was with you something has happened..something was left incomplete..i am thinking to complete it now)
Anika looks puzzled and says
Anika: aapna batein aise gol gol jalebi ki tarah mat ghomayiye..saaf saaf boliye..kya kaam tha
(why do you always speak in a circular waylike jalebi..can’t you say straight..what was that incomplete task)
Shivaay smiles naughtily now and says
Shivaay: subah mere confession se pehle kuch huan than a yaad hain wahi poora karna chahtha hoon
(Morning before I confessed my feelings something happened right..i wanted to complete that incomplete task)
Anika: kya huan? Aree..
(What happened? You..)
She stopped before she could ask further..she realizes that during yes-no, yes-no tashan their lips touched each others and they stepped back to stop that argument…
She blushed heavily and bent her head looked here and there ..Shivaay noticed her changing expressions and slowly started moving towards her..she also started moving back..their steps continued until she reached the wall and he pinned her up…she was breathing heavily..both could hear each others heartbeats …he bent towards her ..she wanted but there was a denial though..she wanted to go..he suddenly let her go..she got startled, walked and stopped taking two steps..
he held her hand pulled towards her caressed her face..planted kisses on her forehead , eyes and cheeks ..he moved his fingers through her face gently..she was breathing heavily and held his hands tight which were holding her face..he bent towards her lips and sucked them…a sort of current passed through her entire body.. it was the same with shivaay..while he was about to part his lips from hers she held them with hers..both their lips entwined …what started off slowly from sucking turned into a wild one with their tongues fighting with each other to exploring every nook and corner of their mouth… after a very long time they came apart in need of oxygen….
They both needed something more… a pleasure along with love, trust and togetherness..their bodies were heated up and harmone levels raised…they were speaking through their eyes …finally Shivaay broke the silence and said
Shivaay: Anika..apna gift kholo aur agar tumhe theek lage thooo…
(Anika your gift..and if you feel right..)
Anika cut his words and said
Anika: mein aap pe pehle bhi bharosa karti hoon aur aaj bhi..isliye theek lagne ya na lagne ki baat kabhi hamare beech ayegi bhi nahi….
(I had trust on you earlier and I trust you now ..therefore feeling right or wrong should never come between us)
Shivaay: lekin Anika…
(But Anika…)
Anika moves her head horizontally signaling him to not speak anymore..he obliges…she opens the gift which she already knew before him to see a velvette cloth baby pink laced night gown made to expose the right areas of woman..
She smiled seeing it and looked at him….He looked at her lovingly…and said
Shivaay: kya tum mere liye ye pehnogi?
(Will you wear this for me?)
Anika blushed again and went to change
She came wearing the night gown and she was an absolute treat to watch..she wore no accessories..put on no make up..she was just Anika..a natural beauty….Shivaay stood up looking at her..she was feeling shy..
He came near her and whispered in her ears THANK YOU
Anika hugged him tightly he reciprocated..he lifted her in his arms and lay her on the bed..she was silent and most importantly she was ready…Shivaay also was on bed…
He turned to her and placed his hands into her hair and started kissing her from top to toe not leaving any part of her body…he slowly removed the straps of her nightgown and she made him bare-chested….the clothes on her body were slowly bidding good bye to her for the night as he was replacing them with his kisses and touches …she held him tightly sometimes his shoulders and sometimes his hair….he was hunting her and she was supporting him…their lust was uncontrollable and was justified as they were tied through the bond of marriage….he was moving his fingers producing the intimate sensation for her while she was moaning with happiness…they enjoyed each and every move of each other and finally were united by body, soul, mind and heart … that night changed their lives forver and was welcoming new days for their strong bonding…

I hope you all liked this OS…sorry if you are disappointed….i tried my level best…any comments are welcome…I will respond to all the comments at the earliest…fingers crossed for my writing verdict….Thank you..this is VHM Signing off


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    Grt 👌! Would’ve helped if it was in English though. But that doesn’t take the charm!❤️ It’s awesome 👏, wish you could continue, but it’s os! 😩

  2. VHM



    Thank you so much everyone for your comments and encouragement … Due to net issues I am unable to thank each of you separately…Once I correct the net issues I will definitely post a reply to every comment… Hope you all will continue to support me if I come up with another os or FF

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    Simply amazing, romantic and beautiful dear. proposal was awesome. She got her answer by hook and crook. Waiting for your next os/ff

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