Should I confess ??? Ch 28

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Today’s episode

” Twinkle at least listen to me yrr,” kunj said running behind her. ” No, I won’t. Not at any cost. You just go away from here .. get that!” Twinkle shouted back.

” Ek number ki siyappa queen hai. Dekho kitne nakhre dikha rhi hai. Lekin ye meri siyappa queen hai to mai bhi iska sadu sarna hu, date ke liye to mana kr manunga!” Kunj said to himself.
( She’s truly a siyappa queen. Look at her tantrums. But if she’s my siyappa queen, then I’m also her sadu sarna, I’ll make her agree for the date! Kunj said to himself )

Twinkle went and sat in the balcony. Kunj followed her. He held her hand and sat Infront of her. ” Maan ja na siyappa queen.. itne nakhre Kya dikha rhi hai!” ( Pls agree Siyappa queen.. why are you showing so many tantrums) kunj said cutely.

Twinkle POV:
Awww he’s soo cute. I want to agree but I won’t so easily. What does he think of himself ?? Huh..

“Twinkle pls yrr else … Else,” kunj was stammering as he didn’t know what to say. ” Else ??” Twinkle smirked.

” Else I’ll jump from here… Yes.. I’ll jump from here ” kunj said making Twinkle shocked.

” What do you mean you’ll jump?” Twinkle asked angrily.

” Then see..” saying so he climbed the balcony railing. Twinkle was startled to see that childish behavior of kunj. She pulled him by his collar but he was strong enough not to be pulled by her.

“Kunj stop this nonsense and come down.. that’s my order!” Twinkle shouted.
” No.. I won’t , first you come with me for a date,” kunj requested like a baby.
” Enough kunj.. come down I said.”
” No.. I won’t.”
” Kunj you’ll slip.. plss”
” So, what if I slip. Why will it affect you?”
” It will affect me because I..”
” Because you?”
” Because I hate you! Now come down kunj”
“No.. I won’t. Twinkle I’m going to jump!”
” Kunj.. pls!”
” Twinkle I’m jumping.”
” Arrgghhh.. ok fine I’m coming.”

Kunj quickly gets down from the railing and hugs her. Twinkle just smiles at his innocence but doesn’t hug him back. He slowly breaks the hug.

” I’ve kept the dress in your cupboard. Be ready at 7 pm!” Kunj said excitingly. Twinkle nodded in disbelief.

At the evening..

Twinkle came out wearing a red off shoulder gown, her hair curled up. She wore a light makeup and black belly shoes. The most important thing for her was a bracelet that she wore with a silver Star on it. She looked at the star and smiled.


” I won’t talk to you. You forgot my birthday.” Twinkle said in her tashan type form.
” I didn’t forget yrr. Actually.. ok leave it. Pls forgive me.. see I’m so small 14 year kid. ” Kunj said holding his ears.
” No.. I won’t talk to you. Which type of friend are you?” Twinkle said innocently.
” Ok.. see I’ve got this gift for you!” Kunj said showing her the same bracelet. Twinkle’s face lit up. She took the bracelet from him and wore it.
” Aww so cute.. thank you my cutie friend. And yah.. I forgive you!” Twinkle said with her best ever glow. Kunj also smiled looking at her.

Flashback ends

Twinkle’s self talk:
I don’t know why but I kept it with me always. And I promise that I’ll keep it till my last breath coz I love you kunj but I’ll not admit so easily. I want to know the reason and I know that I’ll soon come to know.

Her chain of thoughts were disturbed as kunj came calling her name. He was wearing a black shirt with his 1st three buttons open and a white jeans looking hot as always. As he saw Twinkle, he was awestruck. He was just numb at the moment by her beauty and what made her more shocked was the bracelet. He thought that she’d have thrown it but that really made him happy that she valued his gifts.

He went to her sat on his knees and asked for her hand. She slowly gave her hand. He stood up and took her along with him to the car. He opened the door for her and she sat there. Kunj went and sat on the driving seat and started driving. A light music playing in the radio , making the silent journey a bit romantic. They reached the destination and Twinkle saw Yuhi standing there.

” You are looking pretty!” Uv said looking at Twinkle. Twinkle smiled back.

They all went inside and Twinkle was actually shocked to see the arrangements. It was beautiful for her. She just couldn’t take her eyes off. ” Who did this?”asked Twinkle.( I will not explain the arrangements as I suck doing that, you can imagine the same arrangement as in episode 26 )

“Obviously kunj!” Mahi smiled. They all sat around a small table. There was a black forest cake with a sorry note on it. Twinkle looked at the cake and a curve appeared on her face. Yuhi and twinj cut the cake.

Kunj slowly took a piece and forwarded towards Twinkle, he thought that she wouldn’t eat but she slowly gulped the cake making kunj shocked cum happy.

“Kunj , now we’ll leave. My friend has called us for a small party. So, you both enjoy. Bye!” Uv said and left with Mahi.

Twinkle just kept sitting there. She looked at kunj. She indeed loved him, her heart knew that.

Kunj POV :
I am happy to see that she’s more or less enjoying the party. I love her, but I’ve still not told her the reason of our separation. I’m sure she’ll forgive me once she gets to know the reason and I’ll try to tell her today but SHOULD I CONFESS that I love her? If she says no then.. but.. yes I’ll confess today
for sure.
POV ends

Kunj just patted twinkle’s shoulder who was busy admiring the decoration and view. It was in a hotel a bit far away from the main hall. Kunj took out a small box from his pocket and handed it over to Twinkle. Twinkle took it and opened the box. There was a small locket with a heart broken into two pieces.

” I’ll join both the hearts on the day when our hearts would be joined.” Kunj slowly said.

” I’ll wait to see if that day comes or not!” was a sudden reply from Twinkle.

To be continued….

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    Hey Adooo,
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