Should I confess ??? Ch 27


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Chapter 26

Today’s episode

Twinj reached Taneja Mansion. Twinkle ran inside.

” Maa.. where are you? Maa.. maa..” she kept shouting. Suddenly she heard two voices. When she turned to look at the source ,she was shocked; extremely shocked. She saw a guy and a girl standing there smiling at her. She recognized them, their smile and their voice. she ran and hugged the girl as tightly as she could. She whispered in her ears ,” i missed you .” The girl smiled and replied ,” As if I didn’t. ” Suddenly the guy coughed and said,” Somebody pls even look at me.” Twinkle went and hugged him too.

Then suddenly the girl noticed the vermilion on her head and enquired,” Twinkle.. are you married?” Twinkle smiled and said ,” Yah… But you didn’t tell me that you and Uv got married? Didn’t find it compulsory to call me in your marriage ?” Uv smiled and said ,” Jaan.. tell Twinkle that how we got married !” Twinkle ,” ohhooo… Mahi.. blushing blushing. Well that’s so good ! I’m happy for you both. I’ll listen to your love story later on. ”

” Maa.. Twinkle .. where are you both !” Kunj came inside shouting. Both Uv and Mahi were shocked to see kunj there. Even kunj was shocked.

” Bro.. you here ?” Uv asked shockingly. ” Mahi.. Uv.. what are you both doing here ?” Kunj asked more shockingly. Twinkle understood the confusion and decided to handle the case by herself. ” Okay listen, kunj .. they’ve come to meet me… And uv and mahi, mm…. ( she took a small pause ) kunj is my husband !”

” What ???” Both shouted shockingly. ” Yes.. meet my wife Twinkle kunj Sarna” kunj boasted and everyone burst out laughing except Twinkle.

” Maa.. you should have told me about them.. I was soo scared! ” Twinkle said to Leela complaining. Leela smiled ,” if I’d have told you then you wouldn’t have got surprised.”

” Wait.. firstly tell me how you got married ? ” Uv again started fully excited. ” Okay come..sit I’ll tell you !” Kunj took them to the guest room. Twinj and yuhi together sat and yuhi kept listening to kunj like a prayer of a god. After listening to the whole story Uv and Mahi started laughing.

” You know what, your story is as complicated as you both are !” Mahi exclaimed. ” What do you mean by calling us complicated ?” Said Twinkle confused. ” Well kunj understood .. right kunj ? ” Uv chuckled and kunj gave him a very strange look.

After some time twinj along with yuhi reached Sarna Mansion and introduced them to everyone. They enjoyed for sometime and then went to sleep.

The next day..

Twihi were bzy chatting whereas yunj went to the nearby park.
” You knew her before marriage?”
Uv asked.
” She knew that you were the same kunj ?”
” Most probably yes ”
” Did you propose her ?”
” Indirectly .. yes ”
” Who are you waiting for then ?”
” She is angry with me. She thinks that I ignored her that means that I don’t love her. I tried explaining yrr but she’s not ready to listen. I.. I don’t know what to do.”
” Ok fine.. when I’m here then why to fear !” Uv laughed. Kunj hugged him.
” I love her.. I missed her yrr.. I want to get her back .. I know you’ll help me .. !! Saale teri mahi ko patane me itni madad ki hai. Itne papad bele hai Maine.. chun chun ke badla lunga be !( Idiot I’ve helped you so much while you were trying to convince mahi. I’ve tried so hard. I’ll take revenge of each and every thing.)
” Hnn.. hn.. le Lena..! ( Ok fine.. you can take )
They talked for sometime and then left for home.

Precap – couple date ?

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  1. Simiyy

    Adya i am so happy you posted your ff
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  2. Aamna_2690

    Dear it was excellent….. but episode kuch zyada chitta nahi tha…… chalo leave it…… but whatever it was awsum…. kunj n uvs talks was cute….
    Loads of love dear??
    Post soon….

  3. Kanchi

    Adu di remembered me I m kanchi ? what to do I was having some problem in logging in so couldn’t comment but I read ur all ffs loved them n this was fab waiting for the couple date loved it
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    Post asap
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  4. Anam_sidhant

    Heya adya, how are you?!❤️
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  5. Omgg Woww finally u posted…m waiting 4 it..u know its to hard without reading ur ff in 2 day’s… I love this ff to the core…
    Now this epi is just mind blowing awesome.. Just loved it..but i want twinj scene. And I no ur bz but try to give bit longer epi. Wo kya hay na 1 mnt may pura epi finished hojata hay na toh dil nahi bharta ab may kya karu..hope u don’t mind..he he.. OK now post next epi soon..
    Stay happy and keep smiling..
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  6. SidMin23

    Nice episode waiting for next post

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    Awesome adya
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  12. RUTU.....

    Really an amazing episode……my Adu really thank you for posting it love you dear

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    Heya! So glad that to see your update! In fact, Inwas just thinking about your ff befote opening the site and see I got to see yours! Anyway. Talking about the chapter, it was amazing! The bond b/w twinj and yuhi was so cute! Moreover, the precap ?

    Post the next one asap!

    Lovess! xx

  14. haye meri adu maza agaya …….nice epi

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    Hey adya meri addu meri cutie muti pie meri choto babyyyyy ?????????? pata ni kyu aaj tuje pe itna pyar karne ka man kar raha hai… I missed u and ur ff on the site so much… I legit jumped out of my bed when saw ur being posted early morning… As always its fab… Loved it… Precap couple date????❤❤❤ can’t wait for it… Hope bahut romantic hoga??? post soon ziyada wait mat kara…

    Love you to infinity re???????

  16. Ria

    Hey Adya,
    That was such a cute update. I really loved it. The bond between Twinj and Yuhi is worth appreciating. I really liked it. I’m waiting for the couple date. Do post soon.


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    Awesome episode
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    Loved it 🙂
    Awesome 🙂 Mahi and UV … I am sure will bring them close 🙂
    You know there are a very few writers who I compliment for their dialogue writing and you are one of them 🙂
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    Hi Adu, how are you? gussa ho? sorry yaar for not commenting on previous episodes n also for late comment… but what to do yaar bahot busy thi so TU par active hi nahin thi… now look sare ffs pending mein hain aur unhein coverup kar rahi hun so late ho gayi… plssssssss sorry….. maaf kar do apni is di ko….. n awww meri adu mere comment ka wait kar rahi thi aur main gayab thi… very bad hun na main…. sorry yarrrr

    Well episode was awesome n superb… loved yuhi’s entry n their bond with twinj…. it was really too cute… now post next asap….
    Aur han end karne ka sochna bhi mat varna………. pata nahin..

    Love my darling♥♥

  21. Kruti

    Adya that was just Amazing….loved d epi
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