Should I confess ??? Ch 24


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Ok.. I know I’m late ! Soo sry.. but I’m hell bzy these days with my school projects and hardly get any time to write or even read the ffs .. I’m taking out time to do all this .. pls honor this nd keep commenting.

Today’s episode

That s*xual intercourse .. or say semi s*xual intercourse between twinj brought about a frank relation between them. They started opening to each other more especially kunj.. bcoz he did not know that the girl whom he loved the most was his wife , neither Twinkle made any attempt to make kunj realize that. She had only one thing in her mind .. let the things go as it is.

One fine day kunj was sitting in his balcony deeply engrossed in the thoughts of His Twinkle nd twinkle was sitting far and admiring him. She was thinking that should she confess to kunj that she was his Twinkle. Suddenly something struck her mind and she went to kunj and sat beside him and patted his back.

Kunj – Twinkle ! What happened ? Needed something….?
Twinkle – No.. actually wanted to ask you something.
Kunj – Hmm .. ask
Twinkle – Have you ever loved someone ?
Kunj – Yess .. more than anyone else.. I still love her .. and will always love her.
Twinkle – Will you tell me who’s she ?
Kunj – She’s my siyappa queen. Always bzy creating Siyappas but she is the cutest girl I’ve ever seen.. ( then looks at Twinkle ) Don’t worry.. u r also cute ..
Twinkle – haha ! Really ? Well , did you propose her ?
Kunj – No .. never.. I was scared that I’ll loose my friendship with her !
Twinkle – She also loves you ?
Kunj – She hates me.. jst bcoz of that crap !!
Twinkle – Which crap ?
Kunj – That day we had a solo music competition in our school and we all got a recess of 1 hr.. ( he them tells Twinkle the whole incident how Tanish pushed kunj on her , how she shouted and how he left from there )
Twinkle – but I don’t think this would be the reason why she hates you..
Kunj – No actually …
Usha – Twinkle .. puttar come here.
Twinkle – Yess maa coming.. kunj I’ll be back.
Kunj – Hope she’s not hurt by knowing that I love someone else !

At the evening :

Usha – Puttar , she called you?
Kunj – Yess maa I’m going to pick her up ..
Twinkle – Maa .. who’s coming ?
Kunj – My darling.. my s*xy is coming .. !! I’ll make you meet her. She’s the hottest lady of this world.
Twinkle was fuming in anger. Twinkle pov – Till today he’s never called me hot and s*xy.. now who’s she whom he’s praising so much.. huh..

After 2 hrs..

Kunj – Maa .. look she’s back !
Usha came down running . The lady’s back was faced towards Twinkle .
Twinkle – See him… How he’s hugging her.. god knows who’s she.
Kunj – Arre Twinkle why r u standing there ? Come meet my darling.. Twinkle heads towards them.
The lady turns. Twinkle is shocked.
Usha – Twinkle .. beta she’s bebe .. ur papa’s sister.
Twinkle touches her feet and still stands there in shock.
Kunj – Twinkle .. she is s*xy ri8..?? Twinkle smiles.
Bebe : You’ll not improve .. u r married still flirting with your bebe.. hann ?? Badmash ( naughty )
Kunj : Awww… I was missing this soo much.
Bebe : Twinkle puttar ! Welcome to sarna family.. I missed ur wedding.. I’m soo sad but what could I do .. I was sooo bzy.. Puttar.. u can only improve this idiot. Twinkle smiles and nods.
Twinkle pov : Since I came to sarna family after my marriage .. this is the first time I’m seeing kunj soo happy ! Plz god keep him happy always.

At night after dinner ,

Twinkle was roaming here and there waiting for kunj to return.
Twinkle – Where is kunj ? He’s soo late .. he should have been back by now !!
She started searching for him. While passing by bebe’s room , she saw him sleeping there with his head in her lap. Twinkle couldn’t help but just smile at her innocence. She quietly entered the room.
Bebe – Arre puttar come !
Kunj – Twinkle you here ? Needed anything ?
Twinkle – No actually you didn’t come to the room so I was worried !
Kunj – Ohh.. sry I forgot to tell you.
Twinkle – it’s ok..
Bebe – Come puttar .. sit with us.
Twinkle went and sat beside bebe. They chatted for sometime and then both twinj slept there itself. Bebe saw them sleeping and went to sleep in different room. Both of them changed their positions and slept there peacefully in each other’s embrace.

Precap – Silver jubilee ??

Guys was yesterday’s episode too vulgar ? I saw many of you shocked … May I know why ? Well this would be boring but it was needed for the track !
Love u all…..

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  1. Thanks for posting di …..well let me introduce myself. I’m aashiya …A silent reader of ur ff. …..nd I’m in love with ur ff…..its so amazing……too good di….Acha wd u like 2 b mah friend. ……If u want……I won’t force…….ur in which grade………
    OK so Buhbye. …….Love u take care nd don’t forget me……?????

    1. Adya

      Hey Ashiya..
      I’m in std 9… Nd I’d love to be ur friend..Nd u don’t need to force me darling…love u too nd will never dare to forget u.. haha..
      U r too cute..

  2. Sohi

    Yaar adya the episode was was cute make kunj realise that she is his twinkle only and yeppliiiii silver jubilee do continue and post soon

  3. Cute episode adya I loved it

  4. SidMin

    Loved it πŸ™‚ Awesome πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚ Loving the episodes πŸ™‚ Twinj talks were so sweet πŸ™‚ Jealous Twinkle was so cute πŸ™‚
    Love you πŸ™‚ Post soon πŸ™‚

  5. Malhotrarochika

    Yrrr it was superb!!!! And sooooo cuteeeee and when kunj was flirting with bebe ..that was soo amazing!?????? and vvvvvvvvvvvvvv excited for your SILVER JUBLIEE..SOO EAGERLY WAITING FOR IT…PLEAZZZZ POST IT ASAP AND THEN PAKKA I WILL GIVE A LONG COMMENT ON THAT EPISODE…OK BYE LOVE U???

  6. Chiku

    Woaah lovely????very cute.
    Sorry cannot write long comments. Exams starts from tomorrow. Hope u understand
    Post soon
    Love u?

  7. Aanya_pandey

    Soo good.. amazing it ws..

  8. Hey adya
    Lovely epi… Loved Kunj and twinkle talks… Kunj calling Bebe darling s*xy is so funny?? twinkle getting jealous is so cute… Dear don’t worry last epi wasn’t valgur at all… Waiting for next… Try posting next soon…

    Love you??

  9. Hey adya
    Lovely epi… Loved Kunj and twinkle talks… Kunj calling Bebe darling s*xy is so funny?? twinkle getting jealous is so cute… Dear don’t worry last epi wasn’t valgur at all… Waiting for next… Try posting next soon… Congo baby for silver jubilee?? adya I want something special in ur silver jubilee OK…

    Love you??

  10. Kruti

    Adya….the epi was cute….darling s*xy???….loved d epi
    Eagerly waiting for d nxt one

    Loads of love??

  11. Simiyy

    Adya i loved it
    Thank god you posted it
    try to post the next one soon
    take care

  12. Omg…….adya finally tumne epi post karhi diya…kuch din hua sirf tumne epi post nai kia but mujhe fill hota he ki 1 saal beet gaya tumhara epi post kiye huye…dekha kitna miss kia mera fav ff ka….but its finished…..I want more……
    Ohh wait…. who said ur previous epi was vulgar….aree its not at all vulgar…ab vulgar kyaa hota hay tumhe may batau kyaa…and even I want more damn romantic episode did u get that….
    Now the epi is just fantastic and fabulous…. Love the way u shaped twinj relationship…. And kunj flirting with bebe………congratsss 4 ur silver jubilee….. Want some treat in the epi….
    Love u Darling…..ummaaaaahh…

  13. Ramya

    Wowww adya
    Superb episode loved it
    Amazing episode
    Pls post soon

  14. Aamna_2690

    Adya it was fabulous dear……
    Luved the way u shaped there relationship……. happy to see twinkle getting jealous…… n the way kunj was flirting with be be it was awsum…… it was so cute…. plz post soon… mmwill be waiting for the next post

  15. Kritika14

    Hey Adya,
    This was an amazing episode! Do post the next one soon!

    Lovess! xx

  16. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Adya,
    Sweetie this was too good, the way the story is going is amazing! The different perspectives of Twinj’s married life were described perfectly. The confusion of the hearts and the war b/w dil aur dimaag seems good! Keep it up sweetie.

    Keep smiling πŸ™‚ Always πŸ™‚

  17. Hey Adya, firstly very sorry for late comment kya karun yaar bimaar hun…

    Well episode was superb amazing…. loved twinkles jealousy… it was awesome n hope kunj get to know about twinkle….
    N last episode was not vulgar… n about my cmnt I was just kidding n I’m really very sorry for that if its hurt you… next time I’ll not comment like that promise.
    Come soon with next..
    Love youβ™₯β™₯
    N Best of luck for you project


  18. Ayu

    Oye angry bird! Mujhe guilty feel kyu kara rhi hai? I actually lost track of the story..n pta hai? Chemistry ne meri vaat lagayi hui hai…phir bhi sab padke comment kr rhi hun…pta hai? Tu phir mat kehna u hate me…n mujhe pta hai kaisa lagta hai jab koi comment krna chod deta hai…bhut bura lagta hai…tujhe meri vajah se bura laga na? Sorry sweet little sissy! Love u! Maaf kr de…tujhe pta hai jab tune i hate u kaha to mujhe kitna bura laga? Aayinda mat kehna varna katti! Ab mujhe saara kuch pehle se padna hai aur homework bhi krni hai…good night! Bye!
    Love u❀️

  19. Baby

    hey adyuu………dear who tld u it was vulgar nt at all dear
    twinkl’e jelousy well truth was going to cm in front of twinkle bt ohh god
    well srsly luvd it n yeahhh silver jublieee cant w8
    loved d is episode sooo much πŸ˜€
    love u lodsβ™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯β™₯post nxt asap πŸ˜€ β™₯β™₯

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