Should I confess ??? Ch 23


Chapter 22
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Today’s episode.

Twinkle was literally shocked. The room was like a perfect honeymoon suite . She was like ‘ what to do know ‘. As un common , she went and sat on the middle of the bed with veil on her face.

After 10min or so… Kunj entered the room . He himself got the biggest shock of his life. Seeing the whole room decorated and his wife sitting in the middle. He stopped at the door. At first he examined everything and then was lost in thinking what to do next. He was about to do something when he was pushed inside by the girls. Twinkle saw all this and was herself very nervous. Kunj didn’t know how to talk to her.

Kunj – Twinkle, u don’t need to do all this. Just go and change.
She nodded and as she was about to get up , her heavy lehnga got stuck somewhere and she was about to fall when she felt two strong arms holding her. She slowly opened her eyes and saw kunj staring at her.
Kunj – when will you learn to take care of yourself ? See ! What would have happened if i wouldn’t have been here ??
Twinkle still in his arms – Sorry kunj.. I’ll take care.
Kunj – You better do !

Twinkle stood up and went inside the bathroom. She realized that none of her clothes were with her except that wedding lahnga. She said – Hey babaji ! Again siyappa
..what will I wear now ?
After 10mins she gathered a lot of courage and spoke – kunj !!
Kunj immediately came ( from outside ) – What happened Twinkle ??
Twinkle – Kunj actually I don’t have my clothes .. what..will ..I ..wear .. now ? (She was quite nervous )
Kunj – I can’t even go to mom at this time. He went and brought his shirt and handed it to her by opening the door slightly.
Twinkle – Kunj ! Will I have to wear this ? But how..
Kunj – See Twinkle .. I know you’ll find it a bit uncomfortable but you’ll have to adjust. No other option.
Twinkle – ok..

She wore the shirt and slightly opening the bathroom peeped out.
Twinkle – kunj is not here.. I must go to bed before he comes.
She came out , took the hair dryer and came Infront of the mirror. She was looking stunning. The shirt came up till a bit above half his thighs exposing her beautiful legs. Her hair was wet and the first three buttons of her shirt were open . She was looking like an angel. She was drying her hair when suddenly kunj entered the room .

He was in the balcony. As he entered , he was shocked to see Twinkle , her beauty , her beautifully exposed body. He lost his senses and started walking towards Twinkle. Everything around him stopped for the moment. He came from behind and held Twinkle by her waist. She became uncomfortable or rather very nervous by his touch. He even didn’t know what he was doing. He placed his rough dry lips on twinkle’s collarbone and kissed her there leaving a love bite. Twinkle – kunj ! (She whispered ).
She lost control on herself. He kissed her on the other side. She again moaned . Kunj made her turn towards him. He motioned towards her lips and captured her lips with his. He bit her lower lips and the the upper one. He was sucking her like hell. His hands wrapped around her waist and her hands caressing his hair. Twinkle too responded with utmost pleasure. They were finally out of breath and parted away. Kunj picked her up , his hands touching her bare thighs and other hand wrapped around her back whereas Twinkle had her hands around kunj’s neck. He slowly laid her on the bed and came on top of her. He again started kissing every inch of her body. He moved towards her leg started kissing her toes and while kissing motioned towards her thighs , then to her navel and then to her cleavage.. nd twinkle was truly enjoying it and her loud moans proved that. He was about to open her shirt when he realized what he was doing . He immediately got up .
Kunj – Twinkle ! I’m so sorry Twinkle. I don’t know what happened to me.. I don’t know.. what happened.. Twinkle pls forgive me ! I didn’t have such intentions .. sorry Twinkle. Pls
Twinkle realized what just now happened. She remembered that kunj still didn’t know about her being HIS Twinkle. She was cursing herself for loosing control .
Twinkle – it’s ok kunj !! That was even my fault …. I should have protested. I’m sorry.
Kunj quietly took a pillow ,a blanket and went and slept on the couch . Twinkle too slept on the bed covering herself with duvet.
Kunj’s pov –
What did just happen ? Why couldn’t I control when I saw her !! She was looking hell gorgeous and hot in that dress. I felt like kissing her again and again . I feel very addicted to her !! I Donno why. Twinkle .. my Twinkle I’m sorry yrr.. I don’t know why I did that.

Next morning

Kunj got up and saw Twinkle getting ready sitting in front of the mirror. He was mesmerized to see her. He just got up and went to take the shower. He came out and saw Twinkle sitting on the couch.
Twinkle – Kunj you came ! Get ready fast . We need to go down.
Kunj got ready and both went down. Twinkle took the blessings from elders and she moved to the kitchen to make her first rasoi . She was making something suddenly Shana ( kunj’s sister ) asked her – bhabhi .. what’s this mark on your back.
Twinkle saw it nd became red , it was a love bite. She remembered whatever happened last night. Their first kiss , that beautiful moment .. everything . Kunj was there , he chuckled.. usha smiled.
Kunj – Shana you come here.. I’ve some work…. Kunj said trying to handle the situation. Twinkle was already the darkest shade of red. Shana left. Kunj was also smiling.

Precap – Old memories… New entry.
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