Should I confess ??? Ch 21 happy birthday chiku di..


Chapter 20
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
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Today’s episode…
They used to meet and talk regularly. One fine day…
Kunj – Maa I’m leaving..
Usha – Beta where are u going soo early.
Kunj – Maa first I’ve a meeting nd then I’ve to go to meet Twinkle .
Usha – Beta it has been four moths after that incident nd I know that u and Twinkle have become friends but let me even meet Twinkle . I’m so excited to meet her.
Kunj thought for a while – ok maa , be ready at 10:30 ok..
Usha – Okk.

After the meeting kunj comes to pick up usha and then goes to meet Twinkle.
At Taneja Mansion
Kunj enters and touches Leela’s feet. Leela sees usha and was about to say something.
Kunj – Aunty … She’s my mom. She wanted to meet u and Twinkle so…
Leela goes and hugs usha – I’m very happy that u came else I would have come to u..
Kunj – Aunty where is Twinkle ?
Twinkle – I’m here kunj .. Twinkle comes from back and touches usha ‘s feet. But usha hugs her. Then twinj left as they had to go to a place.
Usha – Today I’ve come coz I’ve a very imp work …
Leela – Even I wanted to talk to u..
Usha – In this mean course of time , they have become such good friends ..
Leela – Why not…
Leela & usha – make them marry to each other. They both become very happy , they stand up and hug each other make each other eat sweets. Then after some talks Usha goes back .

In the evening..

Kunj – Maa when did u come back ?
Usha – Leave it.. I’ve a very gud news for u..
Kunj – What?
Usha – I and Leela ji have decided to get u and Twinkle married.
Kunj – What !!!! No … How can marry her.
Usha – Why can’t u.. u will have to..
Kunj – Maa … Suddenly his phone rings. He’s speaking on the phone – What !! Okk I’m coming .. plss don’t worry…
Kunj – Maa …see what happened ..
Usha – What happened ?
Kunj – U come with me.

Kunj takes her and reaches the Taneja Mansion.
He goes upstairs and sees Twinkle shouting and was completely out of control. She was continuously blabbering – No… Kunj can’t marry me.. I’ve been raped…No … He can’t destroy his life for me…No
Kunj went to her .. held her by shoulders- Twinkle calm down plss Twinkle calm down.
Twinkle – No kunj… U can’t marry me… No… I was raped…I can’t destroy ur life.
Kunj – Twinkle shut up.. u r not raped… Keep quite…plss
Twinkle – No kunj…plss don’t destroy ur life… I can’t marry !!!!
Kunj Shaked her with full power and shouted – Twinkle will u plss shut up !!! Why don’t u understand dammit.. .. u r not raped !!!! And why can’t I marry u… I’ll surely marry u… Jst keep quite…
Twinkle calmed down and a kind of fainted in his arms. Kunj hugged her and sat there beside her. All this was witnessed by Leela and usha nd they were quite happy with kunj’s decision.

They both left twinj alone and went downstairs.
Usha – Why did it happen to Twinkle ?
Leela explains and a flashback is shown.
Leela – Puttar I wanted to talk to u..
Twinkle – Yes maa…

Leela – Puttar..vo me and usha ji have decided to make u marry with kunj.
Twinkle – What !!! Maa what are u saying … This can’t happen.. me and kunj are just good friends… Pls maa…
Leela – No puttar … Now we have decided and that’s final.
Twinkle – maa no…maa I’ve been raped…I can’t destroy kunj’s life.. maa plss..
Leela – no puttar .. u were not raped…
Twinkle – Maa but…no plss maa..
This way she went out of control.
Leela having no other option called kunj.
Flashback ends..
Leela – now seeing how kunj controlled her… I’m fully satisfied that my Twinkle will not get a guy better than kunj.
Usha smiled at this..

Precap – A new start with a lot of revelations in future.

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