Should I confess ??? Ch 20


Chapter 19

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Today’s episode…

Kunj kept on thinking about Twinkle. Not what happened with her but whether she was his Twinkle or not. When he picked her up he felt a sensation… But he ignored it. When she was crying , he was feeling the pain but he even ignored that. He wanted to stay with her .. the feeling of closeness…but he even ignored that. Every feeling that he felt , he ignored that. After a day or two kunj decided to go and apologize to Leela and Twinkle …but for what !!!

Kunj reached the Taneja Mansion. He entered nd Leela saw him.
Leela – Puttar u ??? How come u here ! Come ..sit .
Kunj touches her feet and sits .
Leela – nd beta , how did u come here.
Kunj – Aunty actually I wanted to apologize to u nd twinkle.
Leela : Why beta ?
Kunj – Aunty that ni8 I made a blunder mistake …though I went there to save Twinkle but I saw her in that condition. Sorry aunty , actually Twinkle is someone else’s property and I’ve no right to see her like that but I had no other option.. pls aunty forgive me !
Leela was shocked to listen this . Leela – Puttar , I’ve never seen a person like u with such manners . First of all u saved my daughter , her respect nd for that u r asking sorry.. that shows how well ur parents have moulded u… Puttar I will surely like to meet ur mother.
Kunj – Aunty hope u have forgiven me nd pls let me apologize to Twinkle also..plzz
Leela – hmm go..

Twinkle ‘s room..
She was sitting on the bed covered with blanket. Kunj came and knocked the door.
Twinkle – come..
Kunj – Twinkle …
Twinkle was firstly not able to recognize kunj but later on she was able to identify him.
Twinkle – Pls come nd sit. Kunj goes nd sits there.
Kunj – Actually I want to tell u something.
Twinkle – even I want.
Kunj – First u say !
Twinkle – Mmm…I don’t really have words to thank you. I don’t know how should I thank you. Today if I’m here’s just because of u… U r a very good and kind person.. Thank you so much _____ ( she realized that she didn’t know his name )
Kunj smiled – kunj, kunj sarna !
Twinkle was literally shocked. May be kunj couldn’t realize that she was HIS Twinkle but Twinkle knew his full name , nd moreover in the same city of Amritsar.

Twinkle pov – is he kunj … But how !! Though it is possible but how.. oh god , I need to find out.
Kunj – Twinkle now my chance. Actually I came here coz I wanted to say sorry. That ni8 I saw you in that condition .. I really didn’t have any intentions but even had no other option. Someone else will be there who’ll have full ri8s on you…sorry Twinkle…
Twinkle was having tears in her eyes. Twinkle – When u saved me..I thought u r a gud person but today I came to know that God has made u with full concentration and love.. nd u r the person with the most beautiful heart. Thank you kunj.. thank you…
Kunj was smiling. He jst sat there for a while and left . Twinkle was in a different chain of thoughts .
Twinkle pov – how can a person be soo gud…I can’t believe it… God plss keep him happy always. But is he kunj ??? My sadu sarna !!! I know that Infront of everyone I hate him but in within he was ,he is, nd he will be the only one who’ll rule over my heart. If he is my kunj…I’ll surely try to find out the reason why did he stop talking to me 10yrs back. Why he made me hate him !!
Kunj on the other hand was feeling a bit relieved. But he still wanted to know if she was his Siyappa Queen or not.
Leela started having another soft corner for kunj. It slowly started that kunj used to go and meet the Taneja ‘s alternately. Twinj became quite good friends.

Precap : Before a prosperous work..let’s have some sweets ..

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  1. Chiku

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    Love u??

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    Adu loved this part waiting for twinj recognition n also for the next part
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    Kunj itna acha hai in fact mujhe pyaar usse
    He is so great tumne uske character place diya
    I loved it n twinkle kko bata chal gaya na nearby I hope jaldi ho kunj ko bhi bata chal jayega lovelyplssssszssssss asap
    Loved it n love u

  4. Sohi

    The episode was good i think very soon kunj will get to know that she is his twinkle do continue and which sweets

  5. Paavu

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  6. Modeste

    awesome I really love ur ff.I’m a silent reader.I really enjoy it.pls post the next part soon

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    Now coming to episode it’s amazingly amazing…glad ki TwiNj became friends…I wish they both recognise eo soon…waiting for next…


  8. Aanya_pandey

    Really awesome episode

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  10. Kritika14

    Hey Adya,
    This was amazing! Kunj’s character is just so pure! Waiting for what’s gonna happen next! Post asap!

    Lovess! xx

  11. SidMin

    Just Loved it Awesome 🙂 Twinkle has finally identified Kunj now I hope Kunj also identifies Twinkle soon and Precap …. Twinj marriage 🙂
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  12. Hi Adu, how are you? I hope you are not angry with me… hai na? after all u r my cute si sweet si my darling my janeman my lil sisso… tu mujhse kabhi gussa nahi hogi… hawww u r thinking I’m buttering u… very bad… apni di ke bare mein asisa sochti hai… n by the way this was not my fault…. arrey jab main kehti thi ki post next asap toh tu nahin karti thi aur jab main TU se gayab thi toh u posted it regularly… very bad… well I was really very busy that’s why I wasn’t active on TU last few days n now reading all ff when ever getting time… sooooooooo sorry for not cmnting on pre episodes… maaf kar dena pllssssss

    Comming to epi-17 it was mind blowing…. bechara kunj bcz of his one mistak he lost his syapa queen…
    epi-18 hayeee tune toh pura filmy bana diya is epi ko… ab toh main teri jabra fan ho gayi… loved when kunj saved her n the emotions feelings everything was perfect…
    epi-19 it was awesome n superb epi… feeling sad for them… n itne achhe ideas kahan se lati hai? loved it so much
    now todays epi- hayeeee I’m in love with ur kunj… itna achha n kindhearted…. koi bhi uspe mar mitega… now I’m happy that twinkle’d try to find out about him… n I hope they recognize eo n unite soon… I’m falling for ur ff day by day… its so sweet n cute ff…

    Ab maine sare ff ke cmnts ek saath de diya hai… ab toh khush ho ja… aur wo bhi itnaaaa long…. by the way mere cmnt ko miss kiya?pata hai nahi kiya hoga… ab itni bhi special nahin hun tabhi toh tujhe mera dob nahin pata……achha sorry just kidding…well post next asap….
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    Loads of Love

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    I hope Kunj finds out that its his Twinkle soon
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