Should I confess ??? Ch 18


Chapter 17
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Today’s episode.
After that Chinki never talked to Twinkle about kunj, but she knew that Twinkle still loved him. There was a function organised for twinkle’s hospital. She was invited there . In the party she was awarded as the best doctor of India in the present. Happiness had no bounds but who knew that the happiness would take out such a turn. She decided to return back home. She took her car nd left , the driver hadn’t come as he was ill. She was on the highway, the whole area surrounded by forests. She came half the way when suddenly the car stopped. It was approximately 12at night , no vehicle was to be seen on the road. She got out of the car and opened the front part exposing the engine but didn’t understand anything. She took out her mobile to call someone but no network. She finally decided to move ahead , may be she would find some place to spend the night or some lift. She started moving but stopped when she saw a small place which was roofed with grass straws. She decided to go there. As she reached the entrance she saw some men sitting there having whiskey . Probably they were not men but goons . Twinkle decided to leave from there but stopped when she listened what the goons were saying .
Guy1- Ahha …where are u going sweetheart.

Guy2: come join us !
Guy1- don’t you think she’s too beautiful.
Guy2- hmm..heroine !
Guy3: Arre she’ll not come..she’s calling us there . They started moving towards them.
Twinkle – Stop there !!!Dare u come near me..stop !
But they didn’t listen to her. They came to her. One held her hand, the other one held legs and the third one took off her dupatta .
Twinkle was trying hard to save her herself, she was shouting trying to free herself.
Twinkle- Pls …someone help me!! Plzz..plzz leave me…plzz let me go..ahh…plzz…
She was crying out hard but nobody was there on the highway who could help her.
Guy3- Shout ! Shout one is here to listen to u darling.
He was about to move more ahead when he felt a punch on his face. It was kunj. ( Ri8 guesses ).. He went to other goons and beat them blue and red. At last the goons themselves ran away. Then he turned to look at Twinkle. Her dupatta lying on the floor, her kameez torn near her navel due to which her bra was visible. Her salwar torn a lot near the thighs , hair messed up and scratches here and there. He had to go to her as there was no girl or lady who could help them.

He slowly went to her, took off his blazer and made her wear that. He then asked her to move ahead but she was not in the condition to do so. So, he picked her up in his arms and made her sit in the car and Twinkle fainted there. He then went out,looked for her purse. He found it and took out the driving license.
Kunj- Twinkle!!( He whispered)
He lifted his head up to look at her. Kunj – No, she can’t be my Twinkle…there are so many girls in the world whose name is Twinkle. Nah..she isn’t my Siyappa Queen. And moreover Twinkle left Amritsar 10yrs back.
He then saw the address on the license and decided to take her there. He drove and reached her house. He again picked her up and took her inside.

Precap : Leela’s reaction…moreover Twinkle’s reaction .

Guys today is my best friend’s bday . This episode is for him.
Love u all…keep commenting.

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  1. Supriya18d

    Adya aaj to shortcut me nikl gai ha…I knw ki tym nai h but pls thora sa long epi post krna next tym…I hope TwiNj jldi se ek dusre ko pehchan le…luv u so much….god bless u…gd ni8..


  2. Sohi

    Episode was good waiting for twinkles reaction and would kunj get to know that she is his twinkle do continue

  3. SarahKhan

    Adya, again I’ve become your fan honestly. Where do you get such good writing ideas from?! I loved it honestly. I just hope twinj will reunite real soon. Keep writing the way you’ve been. And, keep gaining more people who’re drooled over your ff (that includes me too) ? Stay blessed always!

  4. Kanchi

    Adu love this one n post next soon (no requests today:) as u said )
    But again post as soon as possible
    Lave u

  5. Hey adya,
    Luved the epi.Too gud.Actually I had commented on the previous epi but don’t know why it didn’t get posted anyways the epi was too gud.Hope kunj gets to know that she is his siyaapa queen.Pls unite them n try posting soon.Tell ur bf happy b-day on my behalf as well n sry if I won’t b able to cmt on the next one coz I am leaving TU for few weeks.Post soon.

    Lots of luv,

  6. Kritika14

    Hey Adya,
    This was amazing but so short? Next chapter should be lengthy okay? I’m demanding and not requesting so it really should be! Anyway, I’m so excited on what will happen next! Post soon!

    Lovess! xx

  7. Simiyy

    Well i was right
    Feeling bad for Twinkle thou
    Precap is also getting me nervous
    But it was well written
    Love yoi ??

  8. Chiku

    Woaaah aadya ????itni jaldi twinj ka samna karadiya but undono ne ek dusiien ko pehchana nahi???but koi baat nahi tu woh bhi karadegi
    Its just lovely. Loved it
    Plz post mext soon
    Love u?

  9. Hey adya…I was a silent reader of ur ff…after reading this episode and previous episode I couldn’t resist myself from commenting…dear after the leap the story is getting so interesting…I’m loving it…left very bad for twinkle…I’m sad ki Kunj couldn’t recognize his twinkle…hope TwiNj unites soon…adya plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz post next soon…try to post tomorrow…aur haan post longer episode…


  10. Wow adya loved it and i hope kunj finds out that the girl is twinkle

  11. Hi adya well I m a slicent reader of ur ff from starting I always use 2 read ur ff not only urs I use to read everyone’s ff bt i rarely comment on it n coming to 2day epi it was awesome just hope twinj recognize each other soon

    1. Hey sweta,
      Glad to see ur cmt.Finally u broke ur silence.Keep cmting.Really yaar adya writes very well.Too gud epi.Luved it.Post soon adya.

  12. Kruti

    Adya d epi was amazing….bechare humare Twinj…..hope they unite soon
    Nd pls pls pls nxt epi a bit lamba wala….pls

    Loads of love??

  13. SidMin23

    This is beautiful and I am eagerly waiting to see twinkle reactions when she will saw kunj and do post ASAP.

  14. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing epi…bechari twinkle….thank god kunj tym pr aa gya tha…

  15. Aanya_pandey

    Oohhkkk… So kunj saved twinkle n he is nt knowing that she ws his twinkle.. fab yrr.. that ws afantastic epi?

  16. Ramya

    Awesome amazing I hope kunj havr recognized twinkle tho acha hota
    Pldsss asap dear

    I’m waiting fr next post
    Loved it n love u

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    Just Loved it 🙂 Too good Awesome I hope Kunj soon gets to know that Twinkle is his Twinkle 🙂 waiting for the next episode post soon 🙂

  18. Paavu

    It was jst perfect jst like u adyu dear and jst waiting fr a precap moment And ta ab bas milca do meri jaan un dono ko

  19. LOVELY

  20. Hey adya di,
    Itna acha epi tha.Bahat acha tha.Luved it.
    Kash Kunj twinkle ko pachanle.Kash.Kash.
    Post asap.

  21. Ohho my adya darling…….u write soooo beautiful because u r fabulous writer…..I love this ff sooo much…..and the epi was fantastic,,,,, mind blowing,,,,, awesome…… Luv it very much……oh god wo goons or kunj ne twinkle ko bachaya thank god…..plsssss post next epi soon janeman….hum waiting may hay…..luv u soooo much….tc..byyy….,,,,,,

  22. Baby

    ohhhhhhhh my dear adyu soooooo cute yaar
    dear sry bhot late hun naa well kya krti sry naa
    srsly damn emotional n painful episode n kunj doesn’t know
    he is his twinkle ohhhh god bt how did kunj reach dere
    srly luvd it 😀 ♥♥♥
    love u lods♥♥

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