Should I confess ??? Ch 14


Today’s episode

Twinj used to have some Rand chats regularly.
But after sometime they stopped talking to each other. It was 22nd September. A solo music competition was organised in the skul… The competition went on nd ended. After the competition , the students were provided with a recess of 1 hour. They has the freedom of moving around nd doing whatever they wanted. Since it was rainy season , it was raining heavily. They were roaming about in the corridor.t Twinkle nd mahi together nd kunj nd Tanish together. Suddenly at instant , Tanish pushed kunj over Twinkle ..Nd he almost fell on her. He tried to get up but couldn’t the Twinkle made him get up nd left from there. Both were feeling awkward. They didn’t say anything to each other…not even a sorry. Suddenly ashwin shouted

A: Twinkle Pura Khush !!!! ( Fully happy ).
This made Twinkle angry : hnn itna Khush ki ab to khushi se gubbara fut Jayega..( happy that now due to my happiness the balloon inside me will blast ).
Kunj was standing there quietly which made her more angry..
T pov : gadha kahika…khud kuch ni bol skta …apne dosto ko chup ni kara skta…kuch bol Kyu ni rha ye stupid…Kunj plss speak up plzz…( Donkey ..can’t he say something himself ….can’t he make his friends quiet . Why isn’t he saying anything…Kunj plzz speak up kunj…plss )
Kunj jst left from there making Twinkle angrier now…
Now Tanish started taunting her. He was saying loudly … : Arre dono ek dusre ko like krta h…bs batane se drta h…mujhe to pahle hee pata tha …( Arre both like each other…only are afraid to confess…I knew it from before itself )
Enough for Twinkle now.
She shouted : Are u guys mad !!!!! Don’t u know what friendship is ….U r forcing us into a relationship …..we are jst frnds …get that … !!!!!
She knew that deep within she loved kunj…but showing everyone was not her system.
Kunj was even feeling helpless.
Days passed nd that incident took over their mind. Everyone had tried a lot to say sry to her but the way kunj found the solution to these taunts was making her hate him. Yes , kunj’s solution of not talking to her. This was frustrating for Twinkle. She tried a lot to convince herself but all in vain.
One fine day ,

T: hey tanvi…kindly give me ur bio notebook… I need it.
Tanvi : hmm…wait.
She went in nd came out with two notebooks. She gave one to Twinkle nd from the other one ..took out a photograph. Twinkle was bzy reading the notes. Tanvi brought that pic Infront of Twinkle nd asked : Twinkle…is she ur mother..????
T: yeah !! But how did u get it…well this pic is very old ….
Tanvi : I found it from kunj’s notebook..
T: whatt????
Tanvi: yes….
T: but..oh may b when I had taken his notebook …by mistake left it there…..
Tanvi : but he still has it. …ohhoo…
Saying this…she went in nd started teasing kunj.
After that incident, Twinkle thought that kunj didn’t love her. but this time she had some hope..god knows …what twist was waiting for them..

No precap

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    The episode was interesting kunj has to open up do continue

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