Conditions reversed the letters full of manmarziyan (sneak preview)

Arjun was working on his new car . After the race, he was back on his work again.

He was fixing the nail , when he heard some noises. He moved outside his garage.

His eyes widened when he saw people shouting on some boy.

He moved forward and saw that boy . According to Arjun , the boy’s face was covered with beard.

He was wearing a turbaan too. His eyes were green in colour and front teeths were peeping out of his mouth.

” why did you steal my eggs???” Shouted one among the crowd.

“Offcourse …i wanted to eat it ….no one will romance with them ” said the boy and winked towards Arjun.

“What did you said???” Shouted another and raised his hand to slap.

The boy jumped and hugged Arjun tightly.

“Save meeee” . He said while hiding behind Arjun .

“Radhey ….bhai….we don’t want you to interefare in this matter….now a days …it is important teach good lessons to these thieves ” . A stout man said and glared that boy .

“Leave that poor fellow …tell me how much he needs to pay ???” . Arjun asked and took out his wallet. He wa in his white vest and ripped blue jeans .

He wa sweating too. That boy was still hugging him from the behind . He smiled. His eyes got filled with tears now.

Radhika who was in the disguise of that teenager boy , inhaled Arjun’s scent .

She blushed hard when her fingers run on his toned arm.

Arjun after paying the bill turned towards the boy .

“Stealing is the bad thing ….and bad things are always choosen by ugly brains ….conditions have no relation with them …okay” . Arjun said and patted his shoulder.

He turned back , only to leave . Radhika blinked and quickly hold his arm .

Arjun looked his hands covered with gloves.

“What’s wrong ??” . He asked the boy.

“I am hungry …no job ..will you give me some job in your garage” . The boy (radhika) asked him .

Arjun thought for a second and then smiled .

“Okay …..but now first …you need to havd something” . Arjun said while looking the boy from top to botton.

Radhika blushed when he did that. She smiled in return .

“Ah this moustache. …don’t know how men’s carry this” . She muttered while following him inside.

Arjun then stopped and turned . Radhika stiffened. “You are so gone ..Radhika Mishra”. She thought and wiped her sweat.

“I didn’t ask your name …what’s your name” . Arjun asked him.

Radhika gulped . “Shit radhika …now what to tell him” . She looked here and there and then her gaze fell on some guy who was giving flying kisses to his girlfriend.

“Kiss” . She said all lost .

“What .. ” . Arjun asked all shocked.

Radhika’ trance got broken . She stammered. .
“I mean name is kissie…people call me kissie pajji …..and what’s your lovely name” . Radhika took a sigh and looked towards Arjun.

She smiled when she saw him laughing heartily , holding his stomach.

“Kissie ….what kind of name is this???” . He asked the boy ..still laughing .

Radhika acted to be sad . She said in her defense. ” when i was a little boy …i used to kiss on everyone’s cheek … that’s why they keep my name kissie….” .

Arjun nodded and patted on her shoulder. But then he burst out in laughing again.

Pinto come out hearing Arjun’s laugh. He was shocked to see his friend , stumbling and then rolling on the ground.

” what Arj…..Radhey ..are you alright????” . He asked Arjun and then looked at the boy who was in very loose shirt and jeans.

” Nothing” . Arjun replied and get up.

” Bro ..let’s go” . Arjun said while covering his mouth with his palm.

Radhika’s eyes almost popped out. “Broooo …did she heard this word…” . She thought and then got lost in her imagination.

Arjun and she sitting on some couch. She is in her disguise only . Arjun forwarded his wrist and started singing one song .

Phoolo ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai ..ek hazzaro me mera kissie hai …sarrie umar hume sang rehna hai …

“Kissie …now tie me this rakhi” . Arjun said and showed his 32 teeths. Radhika’s come out of her thoughts when she heard the word ‘Bro’ again.

“Nooooo” . She shouted and moved little back. After doing some ninja moves in air , she punched pinto’s face. Pinto fall on the ground.

Arjun was shocked again. “I hate this word ..Bro …” . The boy (radhika) shouted.

“Why??” Arjun asked all concerned.

Radhika got panicked again . She moved her gaze here and there.

Then her gaze landed on the news written in bold letters on the newspaper hanging in some stall.

“My wife run away with my brother….” . She said while her gaze was still fixed on the newspaper.

Arjun turned his face to look towards the direction in which her gaze was glued.

Radhika quickly composed herself and started crying.

” she said ..she is in love with chumeshwari pajji ….” . Radhika said while trying to wipe her tears.

“Who is chumeshwari???” . Arjun asked all baffled.

“My brother…..” . She said and acted to cry again.

Arjun make a weird face. “I think that the whole family is obessed with the word kiss” . He thought.

“Okay ..okay ..don’t cry ..we will call you kissie only…okay” . Arjun said and lifted pinto up.

“Okay … so friends..???” Radhika asked while extending her hand towards Arjun.

“Sure” saying this Arjun pulled Radhika and hugged her tightly.

She got startled by his act but smiled more this time.
Neil was moving in his garden . It was raining heavily .

Sam is holding the umbrella and was herself drenching while protecting him.

“Flowers are lovely ..right sammy” . Neil said and looked towards Sam who was wet from top to bottom and was highly pissed off. She glared him in return .

“Tip tip barsa pani ..pani ne aag lagayi …” . Neil sang and whistled .

Sam eyes widened. She blushed when he winked towards her.

“Ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si ..milli ek ajnaabi se koi aage na peeche ..yeh bhi kaho koi baat hai” . He sang and do some steps.

Sam pressed her lips to control her laugh. It was his order that she will not even smile for today.

“Dressed in formals ..and roaming in garden.. god someone save Neil …” she muttered.

Neil looked at the watch . He smirked .

Sam saw him smirking. She looked her watch.

“No way…” she said and moved back little .

“Time for the afternoon kiss ..honey” . He said and throw the umbrella.

Sam started running but Neil hold her and after a second .her back collided with his chest.

He was drenched too. Neil hold sam and pinned her to the wall.

They both looked each other. “Do as i say ….remember the conditions of the contract” . He said and hold her face.

Soon his lips were on her. He kissed her in the same way he did in the morning , last night.

But things didn’t stop there. He kissed on her jawline , squeezing her waist with his palm.

He kissed on her neck softly. His eyes got opened and he saw her breathing heavily with her eyes closed.

He lifted her hand and kissed on the mole on her wrist.

She opened her eyes slowly . “Get inside ..and change your dress ….otherwise you will catch cold …” . He said and started moving towards the gate of his house.

She tucked her hair strands behind her ears and rushed inside.

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  1. I mean seriously girl kissi paajji, chumeshuri gossh from where u got such idea I’m laughing like some insane person…loved it Sammy..good one:)β™₯β™₯

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    Very funny sneak peak on Ardhika, waiting for it. πŸ™‚

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    ……..plz be soon ……n for my lost patients plz let radz propose Arjun in rain n saree plz …….its my wish rest depends on u …….love u lods

  5. Sweetie

    Sammy,you are really increasing my curiosity now,please update soon sweety.. πŸ˜€ Kisssi,chummeswari!!I’m laughing hard yaar,so cute.. πŸ˜€ Love you loads and take care.. πŸ™‚

  6. S.v

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    Nesam romance in rain .n contract idea is awesome..girl u r making me go crazzzzzyyy.This is not fair yaar..I want complete chappy.update soon darling..don’t make me go mad thinking of ur crazy cheesy ff’s.

  10. Jessie

    Phoolo ka.. taaro ka.??. ek hazaron me mere kisse hai.. rofl..I had a uncontrollable laughter reading tat.. cudnt read further 4 some time..kisse paaji.. lol… sammy.. wat u ate b4 writing this..continue 2 eat tat.. This is full on fun ride.. I just loved ..loved it.. Arjun showing 32 teeth.. baapre.. my stomach hurts visualizing every word… muaah…sammy.. Monday mrng blast hai yeh.. neil turns naughty with some contract..! Let him.. thanks a ton for updating yaar.. love u so much….
    Now this is 4 u..”Phoolo ka taaro ka sabka kehna hai ..ek hazzaro me mera Sammy hai …sarrie umar hume sang rehna hai …aur saare stories ke updates jaldi karna hai..””” ????

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  14. Jnana

    Kissie…… That’s awesome Sammy…. Chummeshwar…… Thats even more beautiful…… Nesam all cute….. Waiting for the next….. You have already been late with this….. Next time post soon…. Tc….

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