Conditions reversed the letters full of manmarziyan ( chapter- 3) (mmz ff)


chapter-3 ( solutions)
He was busy in his laptop. Neil was going through his presentation. He took a sigh . His phone buzzed. “ Any information ..Adam” he asked. “ Sir … nothing about mam but..” he stopped. “ sir i am not sure but Arjun Mehra can attend the dehradun car fest.. Which will after two weeks” Adam who is the owner of some private detective agency informed Neil.

Neil disconnected the call. His gaze shifted to the person standing infront of him. Neil rolled his eyes. “ what do you want manya” he asked her. “You” she replied curtly. “ sorry but I am not on sale not even for an hour” he rubbed his nose with his thumb. She smirked. She moved towards him and bend down her face . “ I promise I will finish it in few minutes” she murmured in his ears. Neil pulled her towards him. He keep her hand on his chest. “ then do it” he mumbled. Her lips parted . Her fingers touched his bare chest. “ your heart beat ..i can feel it” she spoke and looked in his eyes.

Manya smiled. “ you know what.. this is the difference between you and Sam..if she will be here at your place.. then she expressed her love by blushing hard in my arms…and my heart would have started beating more fast..its just that your luscious lips and your perfect curves always failed to instigate my desires touch you in the way I want to touch your sister..and thank god you are not telepathic otherwise you would have killed me after hearing my thirsty wishes ..which I will fulfill when I will get her back” Neil rubbed his thumb on her lips.

Manya bring her face more closer to him. “ why??” she asked him. Tears started brimming in her eyes. “ I don’t know” he replied. “ why do you love her so much” she hold his collar tightly. “ I don’t know” he mumbled softly. Manya quickly get up from his arms. She stomped out of his cabin. Manya was sobbing . She halted when someone hold her wrist.

“Ankush” she mumbled and hugged him tightly. “ Again” he asked her. She nodded and rubbed her nose on his shoulder. “ I love him” she murmured. He smiled and hugged her more tightly. “ I know” he replied back. Manya unknowingly hugged him back tightly. Ankush caressed her hair. “ Are u sure ..i will get my love” she asked him . “ babe your true love is in your arms” he mumbled. Manya who didn’t pay attention to his words was again lost in her thoughts. Ankush moved back and show her something. “Bike keys” she almost screamed . Ankush covered her mouth. “ you stole it” she whispered. “ yep” he pulled his collar. “Neil will kill you..for driving his bike” she murmured. “ who cares??..and we are going for the drive” he spoke .” you stole it for me??” she asked him widening her eyes. “ for us” he replied. She was all smiling now when her gaze fall on his bruised knuckles. “ what is this” she got panicked. “ Nothing” he rolled his eyes. “ what ..nothing must be paining” she said while moving her fingers on the wound. “ Ankush .. Do you fighted with someone??..yesterday” she asked him again. Ankush reminisces how he beat those mens who just pass lewd comments on her yesterday. He nodded in negative . “ focus on your love ..woman” he tried to distract her. “ And you are also my love best friend” she retorted back. “ That’s great .. I thought I am just a wallflower for you” he teased her. She started hitting him. “ you jerk Ankush Mishra know you are a pervert” she shouted while hitting him. All others who was watching him getting beaten by a girl pressed their lips not to laugh badly . Few were especially girls frowned seeing his closeness with Manya. Ankush smiled seeing her laughing.

Arjun was holding his head. He was sneezing badly . “ Radhe ..who told you to take shower in rains outside” pinto scolded him. “ stop scolding me Radhika” he replied. His eyes were closed and his nose had turned red. Pinto frowned listening Radhika’s name. “ if you miss her so much ….pls Arjun go back” pinto put his palm on his shoulder. Arjun looked towards pinto . “ first of all ..i told you not to call me Arjun..and second thing ..she deserved a better guy than me ..who can give her good life” he shouted and snatch the tablets from pinto. “ don’t disturb me”. Arjun moved out of his garage.

He wiped his tears but still his eyes were brimming with more tears. He put the tablets in his pocket of his ripped jeans. He looked her picture in his wallet. Arjun after few minutes starting feeling dizzy . He hold his head . Two arms wrapped around him . Pinto who was following him hold him in the nick of time. “ Surya ..i knew it that you would not take your medicines” . He somehow dragged Arjun back to their home. Pinto keep Arjun on the bed. After feeding him medicines , he left. Arjun tried to get up but fall on the bed again.

Radhika opened her eyes. Her lips parted when she saw Arjun smiling standing infront of her. “ Arjun” she mumbled. he smiled more. “ don’t leave me” she spoke . His face lost the smile and he nodded in negative. Radhika who eyes were filled with tears screamed “ pls don’t leave me again” . Prerna entered the room on hearing her scream. Radhika looked towards prerna . She quickly averted towards the side where Arjun was standing .

Her face frowned when she didn’t found him. Prerna understood her condition . She moved towards her. “ its ok ..honey ..we will get him back ..soon” she caressed her hair. “ Promise” she asked with her teary eyes. Prerna nodded in positive. Radhika was having fever after she drenched in rain. Prerna give her medicines and after few minutes she left when she saw radhika in deep slumber.

“ how can you say like this” Sam shouted. “ Calm down ..Miss Sheena ..this land and this orphanage was legally owned by Mrs Naintara Agnihotri .. But now she is no more the legal owner is Mr Armaan Agnihotri ..and if you have to save it from getting these children homeless ..then you have to convince him personally, and for that you need to pay a visit to Mumbai ..he recently shifted there from here.” her lawyer replied back. Sam was frozen now. Mumbai . She mumbled. Sam took the glass and emptied it in one sip. She stammered “ Mumbai is a big city ..till now I only saw Mumbai on Maps how come I can go there..” . Sam hold her head and laid back on her chair. “ Mam ..if things will go in court ..then it will more difficult for us only …because Mrs Agnihotri ..never named this property officially for it can create hurdle for us” . Her lawyer suggested her to solve things by convincing. Sam nodded .

She moved out of the room to inhale some fresh air. All of a sudden everything was spinning in her mind. She was not all scared to face anyone if she met them accidently ..but she can’t face Neil.. She don’t have that much strength to face him..or to spot him with some other woman . Sam stopped seeing the children playing and laughing . Her eyes got filled ..they love each other a lot ..and all want to stay together like a family ..their heart will be broken if they separated again from their loved ones. “ I will go Mumbai” she murmured .
Her beautiful writing ( Sam’s letter to Samrat) (revealation of second letter)
Samrat was in his study. He opened the letter left by Sam . Tears started falling from his old eyes. Samrat was filled with guilty . Because of one fault his kids were suffering . Fault was not that he did friendship with woman like Nandini . Fault was to hide the truth to protect himself,to protect his relation,to protect his dignity. He started reading the letter.
“ Dad,
Please don’t freak out, after knowing that I left alone. Sorry for becoming selfish again. But I promise that this will be my last selfish act. Sorry for leaving you alone in all problems. I am laughing right now reminiscing how our relatives often called me ‘lady samrat’. Pa .. we both are same . You hided your relation with Nandini because you were never ready to bear hatred for you in mom’s eyes. I am also leaving because I will die if i get his one look that define his hatred for me. Neil Pa, I love him. Don’t know how, when where, but I fall for him.

Sorry I know me and my love boring action, no romance. So where were we ..yup ..pointing similarities right. Another Similarity we both are late in realizing things . You can only love mom in your life..and you realized this.. when nandini had already become the part of your also when Arjun had almost established his roots deep in my life. Dad we both are bad in identifying people..their motives. If someone is all smiling and moving according to us then the person is our friend else we both categorized him as a traitor. Pa about one thing I can say that Mom was always right. She was adamant on one thing which pierced my heart million times. Instead of Jai, it was me who was supposed to die in that accident.

Atleast Jai wouldn’t have been turned a self-centered human like me. You know what I always thought if jai would be alive then he also would have tried all weird ways to protect me just like chashni. Dad she is like my jai. An angel sent by him to wipe my tears. Pity me , I killed the soul of that angel too. Mom was always right , I am a murderer, a brutal one who without shedding blood sucks the life out of innocent hearts. I want to say a lot of things to you pa. take care of chashni, Arjun in my absence. They both loves each other..but will not confess.

Pa you know I am surrounded by all stubborn Neanderthals. One more thing..about my little doll..Manya.. don’t let her consume mushrooms..u know she get rashes because of her allergy. Please take your medicines on time and try to become little more romantic..Mom will love it if you will spend weekends with her. Dad try to comfort Neil..pls don’t let him cry, I know my idiot will cry for her saminder singh..but honestly it is me who don’t deserve him. Mr Khanna don’t get tensed for me ..this world is huge enough to accept this culprit’s redemption.
~~~~~~ Sam.
Samrat laid back on his chair. He took out his spectacles. “ Come back soon, Son” he mumbled and closed his eyes.

After 3 hours:-
Radhika woke up. She slowly opened her eyes. “Arjun..sir” she mumbled . Neil who was sitting by her side hold her hand. “ Pack your bags ..your going Dehradun next week ..and pls put some stylish attract your husband..its time to catch a lion by a cute rabbit.” he spoke and caressed her face. Her lips parted and she quickly get up . “ Arjun ..sir …in dehradun”.

Neil looked down and nodded. “ may be you can get him there” said Neil. Radhika’s face frowned . “ you will also come” she asked him. “No.. There is lot of work pending in birdsong.”he replied curtly.

Radhika nodded silently. “ chashni ..your medicines” Neil forwarded a tablet towards her. Radhika started making faces. “ no Neil ..i want to eat something spicy….” said radhika and make a pout face. Neil was tired. He eyes were aching but then he saw her face and her cute smile. After many days she was smiling fully. He pulled up his sleeves and stood up. “ Chashni..madam what should I cook for my princess” he asked her and bend down little infront of her. Radhika clapped. “ vegetable Briyani” she shouted in excitement. Neil rolled his eyes and closed his ears.

After struggling for half an hour in kitchen, radhika inhaled the aroma of briyani. She closed her eyes and moved out of her room. Neil chuckled seeing her. Prerna smiled seeing them eating and laughing.

Arjun opened his eyes. His eyes popped out seeing five to six girls staring him. He looked towards pinto who was standing in corner of the room. He winked towards Arjun. “ oh god Radhey gained consciousness” he screamed showing all fake shocked expressions.

Arjun blinked when he saw all the girls moving close to him. “ oh my god ..are u ok ..let me check your body…I mean your body temperature” a girl spoke. Arjun pulled blanket over himself. Pinto was giggling seeing his condition. Arjun glared him . All he wanted to beat pinto. “ sisters..Radhey just now gained consciousness ..and he is still weak ..pls feed him with your hands” he spoke and again winked towards Arjun. All girls nodded and stared Arjun lovingly. He gulped seeing all moving towards him. Then something striked his mind.

He covered himself with blanket. “ yeah sure why not…I am so happy ..despite knowing my problem are ready to touch me” he spoke and smiled sheepishly . “ what problem” all girls asked and moved back little. “ Actually skin problem..those who touch me they get large rashes on their skin..pinto is still having some” said Arjun and smirked towards Pinto. All the girls looked towards pinto and rushed out of the room. Arjun got up and started beating pinto. “ sorry Radhe” he requested Arjun to leave him. “ sorry ..keep your sorry in your pocket ..and if you do it next time..i will tell about your ex-girlfriends to your present girlfriend. Pinto started biting his nails and Arjun burst out in laughing.

Precap :- meet and twist

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