Conditions reversed the letters full of manmarziyan Chapter -3 ( contd) (mmz ff)


Chapter- seducing you

Neil was drunk. He unlocked the door of his house. He entered and saw a girl standing near a window. Neil moved a step back little shocked.

“Who are you???” Neil asked while trying to balance himself.

The girl switched on the lights. Neil covered his eyes. ” what the ….” . He was about to curse but stopped seeing a woman’s back.

A girl was dressed in white backless gown was looking outside the window. She turned towards Neil .

Neil was looking at the gown. ” Sam” . He mumbled. The girl moved towards Neil. She had her face half covered with a mask.

” Sam …you are here” . Neil said and smiled widely. He hold her hand and hugged her tightly.

” i missed you …sam ..i love you sam …i love you” .Neil word’s irked manya but she controlled her anger as she waited so long to spend a night with her love.

She broke the hug and moved behind him. She then hugged him from behind planting a kiss on his ear.

Neil’s closed fist got open and he pulled her forward. Manya saw concern and love in Neil’s eyes. He pulled her closer and rubbed his thumb over her lips.

Manya closed her eyes when Neil’s thumb touched her leg. She breathed heavily.

” i will love you tonight” . He said in a husky voice, planting a kiss on her neck. Manya moved her fingers in his hair. He smiled and bend down to kiss her.

“Not so soon” . Manya said and cupped his mouth . She pushed him little and moved few steps back. He chuckled and quickly hold her hand.

” now ..or never babe ….sam not today ….stay with me atleast …now” . He twirled her and hugged her from behind. Manya hold his arms which were wrapped around her waist.

” you changed your perfume…no problem ..i liked it …and this gown …i gifted you when you were going for some party” Neil said and planted a kiss on her head.

He then slowly removed her hair from one side of her shoulder, planting wet kisses further. Manya rested her head on his shoulder. She opened her eyes when Neil opened one lace of her gown. She quickly moved out of his arms.

“Catch me” . She said and laughed. Neil laughed too . Manya started running in the hall. Neil started moving towards her too.

“Sam …wait” . He laughed and started running too after her. Manya throw a pillow towards him and laughed more.

“Catch me ….Neil” . She said and bumped with a table.
“Ouch” . Manya screamed while rubbing her knees. She looked behind and didn’t find Neil.

As soon as she turned forward she saw Neil smirking. He grabbed her hand and in a moment manya was plastered with him. He opened the second lace of her dress.

“Only one left” . He whispered near her face. He moved back and took off his jacket. Manya was looking at him. She lifted the bottle of champagne from the table.

Manya filled only one glass with champagne. She took a sip from it and then forwarded the same glass to him. The glass have now a lipstick mark on it’s top.

Neil gulped the whole liquor in one breath emptying the glass . He then stumbled little and moved towards her. Manya looked in his eyes . His eyes were filled with desires now. She moved back when Neil moved towards her.

He then chuckled and in a second he covered the distance between them. “Tonight is the special night for us” . He said and pinned her to the wall.

” don’t think that i forgive you easliy for leaving me ….you will be punished for screwing my mind” . Neil said and lifted his hand to remove her mask..Manya hold his hand and put it on her bare waist . She slowly opened the buttons of his shirt.

Neil kissed on her fingers and pulled her more closer. Manya planted a kiss on his chest. He lifted her in his arms and stumbled again. He lost his balance and both of them fell on the floor. A frame fall down too from a near shelve because of strong winds. Neil looked at sam’s picture and the broken frame.

“Sam” said Neil loudly. He tried to get up but then hold his head and fell on the floor again.

Manya removed her mask and rushed towards Neil . She looked at him and then sam’s picture.
She sighed when she Neil in slumber.

“Even in his drunk state ,he can’t ditched her”. She gave Neil an impossible look. Manya moved inside the bedroom . She stared the rose petals on the bed.

She quickly cleaned the room . Manya took out the blanket from the closet and moved out in the hall. She covered Neil with it. Tears were falling on her cheeks.

” i have decided to let you go now….this was my last try to get you …and it failed too …you are so stubborn Neil Malhotra …so stubborn” . She said while caressing Neil’s hair.

She moved out of the house with a box in her hand. Manya unlocked her car and get in . She opened the box. A smile played on her lips looking the red pair of shoes.

“I know had bought this for sam …but please let me take this one thing as a memory of my first love. ” she said while caressing the shoes.Manya started her car and drove off.

Radhika was unpacking her luggage. She was staying in her friend’s house at Dehradun. Radhika tried to control her tears but failed after closing her eyes.

“Stop crying ….you will get him soon” Niharika , radhika’s friend said while handing over her a glass of water.

” i don’t know …nihi …..if he loves me then how can he stay away from me” Radhika said and looked at Niharika.

” you know in your case …you both were not selfish for each other….that’s why things ended like this” . Niharika said while wrapping radhika’s stole around her neck.

” is it good to be selfish???” Radhika asked her.
Niharika smiled and cupped her face.

“Sweetheart ……when you are in love ..nothing is good or bad ….and no one will judge you too for doing something wrong or right ..they will pity you only considering you a victim….so it’s not wrong to become selfish and keep trying until your tiny mind itself decides to give up” Niharika said in one breath and wiped radhika’s tears.

“And i think Arjun left you because you are a cry baby” . She chuckled seeing radhika’s pout face.

” Nihi …do you love someone too” Radhika asked her. Some memories flashed in her mind.

“I love you Arjun Mehra”

” i am allergic to love Miss Niharika. you may leave and please handover that file to my assistant” .

“Niharika. ..Niharika” . Radhika shook her while calling her name. Niharika come out of her thoughts and smiled.

” you are lucky to have Arjun’s love” . She said and moved out of the room. Radhika watched her moving out looking down.

“Thanks Arjun for not falling for me” . Niharika mumbled and headed towards the kitchen.

Ankush caressed manya’s picture in his mobile.
“You need to give up on Neil ….when you will see my love …..” . He said and got up from the bed. Ankush took his guitar. He saw zubin and teji in deep slumber. They were at zubin’s place.

Prerna was out of station at some relative’s house so Ankush and Teji both were enjoying late night parties for one week.
Ankush played his favourite tune and smiled.

Arjun touched his car . He was fixing the wheel.
” Radhika …don’t make me lose…understand” . He said and smiled.

Pinto who was sleeping on some top of the car fall down. ” ahh ….who keeps car’s name Radhika” . He asked Arjun with his sleepy eyes.
Arjun kicked on his leg and throw a dust cloth on his face.

” Drama King” . Arjun snapped.

“Arjun …..are you sure your car will be efficient for the race” pinto asked him.

Arjun glared him. Pinto gulped and smiled sheepishly.

He moved towards Arjun and pulled his cheeks .
“ radha ….is so sweet” he said and pulled Arjun’s cheeks.

Arjun put more deathly glares on him. Pinto moved back and started looking here and there.
“Radhe …our Radhika will put the track on fire”. He said while adjusting the rear mirror of the car and then rushed in some direction.

“Pinto are dead today” . Arjun shouted and run after him

Precap:- meet and conditions
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