Conditions reversed the letters full of manmarziyan (chapter -2 contd…) (mmz ff )


Chapter -3 ( the ruined bird )
His taunt don’t give any ear bleed to her now . Her state of mind badly want to see the expansion of his nostrils when she throw her smart lessons on his face . He had even taken away her precious jewel with her . The fist size . Her little heart . Now her body only drag the live inside her . She always think that she can easily live without her . But it seems like fate had many issues with her . She cursed her past life. Even her prude mind still feel responsible for losing him . Sometimes she scared from the death too . To lose her soul from her fragile body in arms of any random men will not let her leave everything peacefully behind her.Two aims of her life . To live with him . To serve him forever . She was not ashamed of being called his devotee . She had become his devotee . Her love had broken all the dams of her desire . Now her eyes only want her god . Her ego . Her self respect . Her anger . Everything was derooted from her soul . From her childhood she want her soul mate , someone like the lord Krishna . The irony was that she got her Krishna but masked with the identity of her lord’s close friend.Arjun. Radhika gained her consciousness . In a minute she understood that she is in Mumbai . She got fainted three times with intervals of one second. Prerna was caressing her hair . Neil who reached there a min ago had lost gleam in his eyes. His state was like that mother whose thoughts are engrossed among her children . The two were lost . The younger one was dying in search of those two and the mother she is helpless now . His state can be more worse than her but he had controlled his emotions very well . One thing that was sucking life out of him was radhika ‘s condition . He was dead sure that she will be dead within a year if he didn’t bring her husband back . She had now a days really spending her day without food and her nights without sleep. The problem may didn’t sound serious . But it was. The girl like her had stopping laughing . Noy even a little smile appeared on her lips since when he left her . Its like the man had sucked the soul out of her body . Neil hold her palm . She pressed her lips . The saline drip had pierced her soft skin . Her eyes had developed dark circles. The ash white face was making him vulnerable too.
Neil got up and took off his jacket . He loosened his tie and started telling her some facts about office . Soon her eyes got blurred vision of his . She dozed off after few minutes . Sleep was necessary for her . The doctor was waiting outside . He thanked him for coming on a single request . Prerna patted on his shoulder .
“Any update ” she asked with some hope.
He looked down . Prerna sighed heavily . “Don’t worry we will get them soon ” she hold his arm .
Neil got a call . He excused himself . Manya .
“What do you want ” he asked irritated .
“You .for whole life”she said in a seducing tone.
“Iam not interested in you ” he said gritting his teeth . “She left you a year ago ..iam damn sure she had lured a handsome rich man where she went …so don’t you think you should move on” manya spoked rudely . His brows got more curved and his eyes narrowed deeply . “To move on with you …its better I should get married to a pig …and one more think if you find your sister anywhere then tell her to run more miles away because I swear that the day I find her she will be f**ked by me so badly that in her next birth too her face will become red whenever she will remember her consummation of her previous birth ” he completed in one breath and chuckled . ” you know you are the ugliest pig I came accross ” manya screamed loudly. ” To whom you dying to show the shit of your mind ” he chuckled at his own answer . ” you Creep …iam glad Sam left a loser like you fact she had done the bangup job in her life leave you and that your little bird all alone .” Manya and her words boiled his blood . In a moment the phone was on the ground flaunting the scratch on its screen . Prerna put her hand on her waist and looked straight in his eyes. “Congratulations …this was the 78th one ” she said pointing towards the phone . “That’s why I now buy a cheap one ” he looked towards his watch . Prerna pressed her lips and left retorting back .”I don’t know i phones are cheap now a days ” . Neil looked towards his phone . He shifted his gaze . Manya’s words were roaming in his crane box . Prerna looked towards her gate . She saw Neil getting inside his car . Her eyes become wet seeing her son suffering . She bend her head down and moved inside her house . In this one year she had hardly dine with her son properly .
Arjun was testing the features of his new car. Someone got inside his car . “What happened now” arjun asked adjusting the front mirror . Pinto was sitting with his head bend down . “She slapped you ” arjun asked him . “Worse she kissed me ” pinto said and bend his head again.
Arjun chuckled . ” I thought kiss will help you out ” he spoked and tap his fingers on steering wheel . Pinto frowned more listening him . “She kissed me and tell that she won’t able to marry me as her bald father want a rich guy for her” he said and started crying like a kid . Pinto put his head on arjun’s shoulder and continue sobbing .
Arjun rolled his eyes . He make him drink water and assured him that he will help him out . He smiled thinking about Radhika .Arjun signed heavily . His life was without any base . He never imagined that he can also had a life which is be full of light . Radhika had pushed him out of all dark tunnels . But he never know that in attempt to save him she herself got stuck inside those walls . He started his car . It was time to test its efficiency .The car paced up colliding with the winds on its way . He accerlated more . The climate got little disturbed . Black clouds had covered the sky carefully . Dehradun was ready to be drenched in the first rain after the scorching heat .
Mumbai was also in the jolly mood . Radhika woke up listening the roar of the clouds outside.
She smiled . Prerna was startled seeing her smiling after a year . Arjun smiled and got down from his car . Radhika removed her drips. Ignoring all the scolding of the lady behind her . She moved out of her house . Little drops had started appearing on the green grass in the lawn . Arjun saw the pits had started collected water . Both looked upwards . Their smiling red lips and closed eyes had pushed them in their beautiful memories . Memories when they were together whether for a fight or support . She stretched her arms in the air and her fist got open releasing her thin fingers . Arjun whose lips were stretching to smile were started having droplets of rain on them . The drop moved downwards through his Adam’s Apple and got disappeared inside his shirt . Rains crashed on their bodies mingling with their scent and soothing the flames of heat on their burning cells . The atmosphere filled with loud confessions . Radhika shouted at the top of her voice . I love you Arjun. I love you Radhika . The latter had filled the air of dehradun with cute vibrations when Arjun shouted at the top of his hoarse voice . They both opened their mouth and their teeths peeped out from their smile . Eyes opened but the site was extremely mind blogging . Tears make their own way in any valley . Their knees landed softly on the ground and then the never ending impossible sobs left their mouth . Arjun cried. He hitted the poor road with his rock like fist. Radhika covered her face to hide her pain from the cute small clouds
The nature melt seeing her two lovers pouring their desperation out . Desperation . Attraction. Undying love . The words always failed to explain their grieves .
Neil was sitting on the bonnet of his car . His palm had tightly clutched the bottle . The other had Sam ‘ s picture which always had its place in his wallet . He was staring the picture with all emotions running in his thoughts . Hunger . Passion.Anger . Selfish love . He moved his thumb on the photograph and took a sip . His shirt got stocked to his chest . Biceps got clear visibility from the white shirt . Now any eyes can enjoy his hot looks . The one pair of eyes had scanned his body . Manya who was obessed for Neil was hiding with her car on the opposite lane. “I also want that Samaira …the day I found her ..her chapter will be deleted from your life forever …you are only mine …you like it or not ..but I will the only girl who will carry your child in my womb ” she smirked .
Neil laid back . His head got rested on his palms
Manya closed her eyes . That was a torture for her . The rains and he both blow her mind . She was getting effected seeing his well – built structure . “Iam just waiting to see your shocked expressions Sam ..when I will kiss you so hard that your lips will get permenant bruises ” he closed his eyes remembering their cute fights .
Sam who had got her face covered with her stole was cleaning the books removing the dirt from them . The oceanic winds had just hitted the state this month . Clouds had also covered her mind too . Her frock suit upto her knees had got a lot of dirt on it . She was sneezing too . Few kids entered the library . The rains had started pouring down . They want to enjoy football match with their favourite teacher . Sam smiled . A match started between kids . Sam’s mouth was opened and her laugh was filling the ears of teachers near by . They were happy to see her smiling and playing with children . Sam hitted the goal and jumped in air. While landing on the ground she twisted her ankle and her scream heard by all . Neil . Sam screamed his name and hold her foot . Neil got up from the slumber. He was breathing heavily . His throat went dry in rains . He got down and went inside his car . Manya eyes soften seeing him tensed . But her heart pierced every time seeing his dedication to find her sister . The only wish she was praying to her god was never bring Sam close to her Neil . She was the only in the family who want Sam to be away from their lives .
Bonzo had just joined radhika inside the house . Both were fighting with their own depressions . She huggged her friend and wiped her tears . They both sit near the window . She landed her head on her partner and they both looked forward . The rains had filled their lives with new hopes , new desires
Destiny’s POV [ the lovers may unite or may sepearted but one thing always remain …the intensity of their love …and if their fate is stubborn ..then lovers will give it a tough competition …let’s see who wins . ] Mysteek ‘s POV [ everything is fair in love and war …mysteek don’t find manya a bad woman it is never wrong to want your love for your own but it is always wrong to become their love forcefully ..Arjun is the one who is most smiling among them …may be mysteek just know the reason ..when all hopes and dreams of getting your love back shattered me your lips had nothing to do except some excerise …stretching the most helpful one . ] Precap :- another letter revealed …the second letter .

Credit to: Mysteek

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  3. So much emotional soumya…manya is wrong to force her love on him…otherwise her feelings are also important…waiting for their meet..i hope raneil should be strong… issues I m too afraid with that…my little soumya…lots of love

    1. Sammy

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