pragya and abhi are new couple of 2 weeks.whole family went for their native to give some privacy to the couples.but pragya ,abhi and aliya alone know that he married for revenge but more instance of dadi aliya also went with them.Abhi was in music studio playing a tune for his new album were pragya went for her collage @nite a guy was holding pragya and shouted as sir in the living room.He rushed down and saw his newly married so called wife was met with accident and her hands legs have been bandaged and fractured the unknown person said that she has met with major accident but due to God’s grace she escaped and left with injuries , fractures and minor spine disc damage and handed over hospital reports. unknown person asked pragya that why you told that no one ll be there at house as they ll be went for native while your husband is here .she just wimped in pain and about to fall abhi hold her .she said thank you so much sir for ur help to unknown person he said take care with simle and went.pragya tried her level best to walk but her hip was paining heavily she just closed her eyes in pain and stood by holding a wall.abhi said her to hold his hands but she was not at all able to move a step.without wasting a minute he lifted her to his room through staircase she weekly said abhishek please don’t throw me on bed lik u did on another day please because I’m really having pain in my back I’m not acting she begged.he placed her slowly in bed and asked her whether you had ate anything she nodded no.he said to her that servants will also not be der for 10 days because of dadi and you don’t wanna call your mother and say about your situation as she ll worry so you have to eat only bread and jam she noded okay.He went down to take dinner while pragya was trying to apply ointment on her back but it suddenly fell down .she tried so much with pain to take that but her attempts failed atlast she gave pressure to her back and shouted in pain at the time abhi entered and saw this and rushed to her and made her sit properly and asked her to give the ointment to him .Then with a lot of hesitation she gave and turned back.He applied it and massaged it gently and asked her to have food she took the plate and tried to eat but failed because of her fracture in hand .Then he feed the food to her gave tablets covered her with duvlet and switched off the light and slept in couch as he may unknowing hurt her both drifted to sleep………care and concern is not only shown to a person whom we love its also for the all when they needed to cure from makes us happy only wen we show love to loved ones but care and concern make a enemy also happy so letz be caring to all*

Credit to: virat

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