Complicated (ragsan ss) shot 6

Let’s begin….

San called his best friend shahveer who is psychiatrist.. At the moment he only wanted to know abt the disease and it’s treatments…
(You can imagine any Actor for shahveer)

Shahveer picks the call: sorry yaar.. Sorry i couldn’t come….i
San: arey… Who is asking abt you

Shahveer: so u didn’t called me to ask abt me
San: no…yaar i wanted to ask you abt a girl
Shahveer teasing: oh girl…. Wat is the thing that you wanted to ask me… (He was not letting to talk sanskar) finally u r in love.. Dude so u proposed or not if not en you are going to propose man? Ladki kaisi hai..damn sure tujhe pasan aayi hai tho koi pari hi hogi..And tell me how you fall for the girl..huh tell something yaar kab se mein hi bola jaa raha hoon
San:now i m feeling to pull u out from the phn and punch you hard…

Shah:meine kya kiya
San: Tumne mujhe bolne ka mauka diya
Shah:oops…sorry.. You know my habit na… Ok now tell me
San: first tell me are you free now.. Be you hv to explain me
Shah: ya..i m free.. Thankgod my friend is asking me to explain… This boy has changed
San: there is a girl Ragini
Shah:hmm …
San: laksh’s fiance sister

San: wn i met her i didn’t felt that she’s affected by some disorder. She was so cute.. And her behaviour.. Her antics her smile… Her ways of talking… Her beauty.. And mainly pure hearted.. We hv many thing in our heart bt she’s different..i never saw some girl like her…

Shah: arey oh Romeo… i don’t hv to write any book or poem.. Bt it looks like someone is in love that too madly…a psychiatrist can easily say this
San smiles thinking abt Ragini
San:ab tu bata na
Shah:kya?tu bolega tho bataunga na..
San: Ragini is an Autistic…and i don’t hv any idea abt the autism…

San:bt wat?
Shah: r u just asking for the purpose to know abt the disease as for just an information
San smiles: wat do you think?
Shah: my mind is saying something else …. That watever…i…
San: just bcs she is autistic u changed the way of talking
Shah: no yaar.. Are you sure?

San: i know u care for me.. And till now
Shah: till now u didn’t thought of any girl bt destiny had made u meet a girl
San: and she is very special to me

Shah:tho… All the best dude.. And autistic is……
(I don’t want to repeat again…?)

Shahveer told him abt autism… And San heard it carefully not leaving a single word

San: does this doesn’t hv any treatment
Shahveer: sorry to say that…. Bt there’s no treatment… Recently treatment is found only for early stage… Mean in young age.. bt there’s only few cases which is successful
San: the is no other way…
Shahveer: hmm.. The can be improvement…

Here.. all got ready to go back….
Sahil takes Ragini…
Rag playing in her bangles: laado bangles beautiful
Sahil: actually my laado is beautiful
Sahil himself: she wants swara with her in her every moment… Wat vl hpn in 4 days swara will get married…..

Sanskar Comes there
Sanskar:hii.. Ragini….
Sahil smiles at him
Sahil:hmmm..these trio na … Told me to get ready bt these ppl… No where to be seen…
San:u go and check on them…. And i m here with ragini
Sahil nods and goes…
This time sanskar held her hand….

San: see i held your hand.. And no one there too…
Rag tries to free her hand… Bt couldn’t…
He smiles.. And make’s up a mind that if he will marry anyone then she vl be only RAGINIIIII…. Only and only RAGINIIIII

She stops struggling..
Rag:bhaiyyu.. bhaiyyu…laado..bhaiyyu..
San: tum sanskar ki Ragini kab banogi.. Intezaar rahega us pal ka.. par meri biwi banogi tum zaroor.. Yeh sanskar la waada hai

San was shocked….

To be continued…….

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