Complicated (ragsan ss) shot 5

Let’s begin

San:now lets go
He was telling this from past 10 mins she was not taking to him niether looking him nor stopping her cry

San held her hand bt she frees her hand
San: you yourself are not going to come… So….
Rag: stranger… Stranger..laado nahi jaayegi
San with shock and points himself:me and stranger..i helped you madam.. Listen you are my brthr saali so rishtey mein kuch tho lagti ho ab chalo bhi
He held her hand and dragged her

They reached…
He sees everyone of their family were standing at door
Swhil comes and hugs ragini
Sw with tears: laado where hv you gone
Sahil: why did you go leaving all of us..u scared us…u should not go like this baccha
Later shejan to hugs her
San was still holding ragini’s hand
He gets confused…
Sahil: thankyou sanskar
San gives a smile

Later all goes in
Ragsan were standing next to swalak all may get confused as who is the couple
Rag tries to free her hand from sanskar
San:i vl not leave your hand until you accept me as friend.. Tumne mujhe stranger kaha na…so think so you want to be held by stranger or a friend
He leaves her hand immediately
Rag was still looking down…

She gives a sweet smile looking down

Sw: wat hpnd? Laado
San: woh kuch nahi.. Actually i was introducing myself to your sister
Sw smiles

Swalak goes to meet their colleagues from college

San again held her hand: now wat vl u do!!
Rag: bhaiyyu..bhaiyyu
He again left her hand immediately
San looks around nobody was there
He sees rag was smiling looking down

San:bohoth hasi aa rahi hai…
He was abt to hold her hand again bt this time she moves her hand away so that he doesn’t hold
She again smiles
He again tries held her hand
She again moves smilingly.. He tries for many times bt be couldn’t held her hand…
It was like ragini got a toy to play ? nobody was looking at them as some were busy adoring swalak and somewhere busy in taljs gossips and some were busy in food?(my category??)
Sahil comes there and takes Ragini with him

San smiles: kuch tho hai iss ladki mein… If my mom sees me behaving like this then definitely she vl be unconscious

Soon swalak gets engaged
They pose for photos
All families guest stands..
Later raghil comes and stands

Sahil goes from there

Sw;laado..u know na this is laksh
Lak:why will she not know me!
Lak smiled:its not lak…sh its laksh
She smiles
He pays her cheeks
San comes there:hmm.there should be a photo of groom’s brthr and bride sister with bride and groom
Lak give him is it? Look
San ignores
He goes and stands next to Rag
Lak gets confused by his behaviours bcs sanskar was decent before he used to talk less and most importantly girls… He was allergic … And now…?!
He brushed off his thoughts….

Rag: di…di…laado is hungry
San was getting doubt by her behaviour be still was against his thought…
Sw takes her….

San smiles
Lak: why God give her this disorder nobody can even guess looking at her that she would be studying from this big disorder
San confused: wat disorder? Abt whom you r talking….
Lak confused as he thought sanskar knew abt ragini
Lak: abt Ragini
San immediately: wat? Ragini
Lak:i thought you know… Ragini is an Autistic
San gets confused as he never heard something like this before…
San: wats that? i seriously have no idea wat autistic is?
Lak: it is a disorder from birth …i dont know much bt Autistic can’t interact and will hv impaired communication.. They can’t talk face to face….
Lak goes as someone calls him
San was shocked…

He goes and sees swhil were feeding ragini and was acting to feed them bt she herself was eating while swahil were keeping a pout.. Rag was smiling looking floor
He smiles:i want to know abt this disorder.. Does this doesn’t hv any treatment….
He goes….

To be continued…

Autistic girls will hv obsession ya u heard it right they vl be obsessed in like collecting pencils… colours…shells etc….

And many asked to make ragini fine bt sorry it’s abt autism.. So she cant be fine bt will hv improvement….

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