Complicated (ragsan ss) shot 4

Let’s begin….

Rag was scared…..
Rag: bhaiyyu…laado darr rahi hai….bhaiyyu

The bad boy grp sees her and they were in their Jeep they comes to her

Guy1: hello beautiful…. Do you need any help….?
Rag looking down: bhaiyyu..bhaiyyu.. laado darr rahi hai
All the boys get confused by her behaviour… Bt still the smiles evilly finding that she is somewhat disabled

Guy:u want to go to your bhaiyyu… We vl take you….

(Note.. Autistic doesn’t look face to face they cant interact so in this ff too rag doesn’t face anyone.. Its just to clear you all and want to mention that that female autism is lil severe than males… As they vl try to interact wn they cant do that bcs of impaired language and no eye contact they vl get frustrated and also they vl run into emotional phase wr they think as they cant do anything which leads to trauma..i given a short description so that who don’t know abt ASD(autism spectrum disorders) they understand i from now on vl give short description abt this disorder in every part)

Rag: bhaiyyu…

All those guys looks at eachother and drags her she screams

Rag shouts: bhaiyyu…bhaiyyu…

Her swara looks for Ragini
Lak: wat hpnd? Swara
Sw: Woh.. i can’t see laado anywhere
She sees janki and asks her abt ragini
Janki now gets abt she making her sit and told her that she vl send sahil
She tells this to swara..
Swalak jan goes there and sees none..
Janki cries
Sw:mumma… Don’t worry may be she is with bhaiyyu
Bt she was equally worried
Lak calls sahil.. Bt he was not recieving the call
Lak: aunty don’t worry i vl check…

Ap and suji sees them they comes to them
Lak goes out….

Here the gonna drag her keep bt a person holds one of the goon’s hand
All looks at him…
Rag shouting: bhaiyyu…. bhaiyyu

Yes the person is none other than sanskar

He sees Ragini she had tears and looking down…

Goon smirking: oh so you r her bro……
Sam punches him hard..
All one by one goes to fight… Sanskar was fighting with them dishoom dishoon???

All runs be sanskar holds the first goon
And continuously punches him
Goon exhausted:plzzz… Forgive me..i won’t hurt your….
San again punches him….
San:u know why i m still punching you bcs u were creating a new unwanted relation btwn us… Do i look like her br… He gets angry ???? he again punches him….
Goon himself: oh no he is taking anger on me bcs i called her his…..oops wat i did

Goon:i m sorry bhaiyya…bhabhi ko kya mein kisi ladki ke taraf aankh uta kar bhi nahi dekhoonga
(I m sorry brthr…not only bhabhi i vl not even see any other girls)

San: wat did you say?
Goon:i m sorry
San:not this
Goon:i m sorry..i told you bhaiyya
San: arey not this…
Goon:i said i vl not look at any girls
San gets frustrated and alas him
Goon cries
San looks around.. He picks a big stone.. Goon gets scared…
Goon shouts being scared: meri meri…behen meri…aur babhi bhi
San:babhi kiski babhi?
Goon:apki patni tho meri babhi hui na(your wife means my sister in law ryte)
Finally sanskar calms down
He moves his hand to gets scared thinking that he is again punching him
Bt sanskar pats his cheeks
Goon looks at him.. San was smiling
San:never ever harm any girl..chote…nahi tho your bhaiyya vl come again and…..

Goon:no no….promise i won’t harm any girl…
San:ab ja…
Goon nods…. And was abt to go
Goon gulps
San: even if your that friends..

Goon:i vl not let any boy harm girl if i see anyone…
San: that’s like my chotu
He hugs him
Goon gets shocked
San: i know u were like this bcs of bad influence… Try to be a good person..i m leaving you .. And giving you lady chance… So change
Goon:i vl for sure.. Bhaiyya
San: ok go now…
Goon: looks like you love babhi
San: she is not my wife
Goon shocked then
San: who knows
Goon: then i just told…
San: if you again join that new relation with her then..
Goon:no..i just said.. She is perfect for you
San; is it?
He nods and goes

San then turns and sees her she was scared and sobbing

He goes to her: hey.. Look… Nthng…
He just then sea her wrist…
She was holding her wrist which has small wound bcs of the Gon held her hand and few bangles broke and she was looking at the floor and she was sobbing

He held her hand…
He takes his kerchief and tires on her wrist…

Just then he gets calk from laksh
He receives call
San:ha lucky…
Lak;bhaai..wr r u?
San: wat hpnd lucky any prblm
Rag starts to move he held her hand

Lak:actually bhaai.. swara’s sister ragini is missing…. All r searching her
San looks at rag
San: wait wait… Is she wearing red lehenga..looking cute and innocent?
Lak confused as wat hpnd to sanskar suddenly: ha…
San: don’t worry she’s with me.. We vl be back in mins…
Lak: ok come fast

San cuts the call

San smiles: oh so you are genius ragini..
Rag:bhaiyyu…laado darr rahi hai..
San:hey… After this much hpnd u r calling me…..
Rag cries: bhaiyyu….
He was confused to hell… Poor boy does he know whom she is talking abt ?
San: if you call that again.. Sir here..neither i would take nor you would go…till accept me as me itself he hits his own head

San :beta sanskar..u changed a lot.. Before u were talking less and u were mocking your own mother for her crazy talks now u urself has became like your mom… From the time i met her few mins back

San; i mean to say that you can call me sanky…
Rag: Di…
San:arey….i m not di…sanky… Think me as a friend or a prince charming

Rag gets swara’s words
Rag: no no..bhaiyyu prince charming
San:u mean to say it brother is prince charming?
Rag nods still looking down
San: so u were not calling me that thing
Rag nods in no
San smiles with big relief: thank God
San: ok let’s go…

To be continued….

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