Complicated (ragsan ss) shot 3

Let’s begin

Swalak engmnt…

Swara has been dressed beautifully…
She sees rag who was still not dressed sw:laado why didn’t you dressed up…
Rag was reading book…

Rag:di..di..wat…who…prince charming?
Sw smiles:prince charming is the one who is made for every girl..whom every girl dreams to hv in her life and he is the one whom we vows to stay forever

Rag:laado papa…laado bhaiyyu
Sw: its not papa and bhaiyyu … She was not getting how to explain her
Rag: laado papa and bhaiyyu
Sw:no…laado papa and laado bhaiyyu

Rag angrily:no no no…laado papa laado bhaiyyu
Sw:ok ok…papa is king and you are princess and bhaiyyu is princess brthr bt there will be someone else too laado
Rag:laado bhaiyyu prince charming

Sahil who saw this: ok i m the prince charming
Sah assures her:shona is just jealous.. she cant get that i m loving you more
Rag smiles:di jealous..di jealous
She smiles
Sw: bt i m not jealous
Sahil:u r..hai na laado
Rag:laado di jealous
Sahil hugs her: that’s like my princess
Rag hugs him..
Sw:ok laado dont you want to wear dress
Sw brings the gown..

Rag nods in no:no..
Sahil:why?didnt you like it
Rag:di dress
Sw:you want my dress
Rag nods in no and points to swara’s lehenga..
Sahil:u want to wear lehenga
Rag smiles:laado lehenga…laado lehenga
Sw:bt lehenga??
Sahil:lets buy now
Sw:great idea

Shekjan were seeing this
Jan:no swara its already late we hv to go
Rag:no..laado lehenga
Sw: its not a big deal if we get lil late
Jan:bt u r bride
Sw: wat’s the prblm i vl inform laksh that we vl be late…u both go to the venue.. We vl be back soon
Sah:ya ma swara’s ryte..
Jan:no we vl all go together..
Shek: we r not getting late ok janki.. We hv 1 hr.. So let’s go and buy a lehenga for ragini
He hugs ragini and kisses her forehead

After few mins Theo teach the venue
Rag was so happy that she first time wore a lehenga

Smile was no where leaving from her lips

All welcomes them…

Janki was holding ragini’s wrist wherever she was moving as she didn’t wanted her daughter to be alone

Few ppl were seeing ragini weirdly some didn’t knew abt her and some knew

Here sanskar meets swara…. Laksh introduces them and he also meets sahil..
San:wr is your sister?
Sw:i think she is with mom
San:wanted to meet her.. Afterall she’s genius she has cleared colour cube puzzle within a seconds laksh told me
Sahil smile: she is genius
He was happy to listen compliments for ragini from some stranger
Till now he only hear that she is burden to you all she is off no use.. some prefered her to be mentally disabled they suggested their crap advise why don’t your send her in mental asylum

Bt today he was happy
San: let me go and meet
He goes

Sw: bhaiyyu..u got the same feeling ryte wn he complimented laado..

Sahil nods

San goes in search of ragini
San himself: sanskar why r being so desperate..u vl meet her soon.. She would be busy afterall it’s her sister’s engagement.. And how will i identify her.. i didn’t see her too

His eyes fall on ragini
San :mall girl..
He sees her janki taking her wherever she is talking and moving

San: looks like mumma’s girl.. Interesting…sanskar tu aaj kal bohoth ladkiyon ke baare mein soch ne laga hai…agar teri maa ko pata chala na..samjle teri shaadi tho karwa kar rahegi…par yeh ladki(looking at rag) beautiful hai..kyu na jaake jaan pehchaan karloon..nahi uski maa kya sochegi..mujhe kuch aisa waisa ladka samajkar mujhe peeta tho..nahi nahi plan cancel..par milna tho hai..
(Sanskar nowadays your think a lot abt girl.. Of your mom got to know na then your are gone.. Think that she vl definitely get u married… Bt this girl is beautiful.. Let’s no wat vl her mom think.. Thinking me to be a bad boy and if she hits me from the sandals no Plan cancel… Bt will meet her for sure)

He sees janki making rag sit
He goes near them to listen wat janki was saint to her
Jan:laado.. Sit here….i vl send bhaiyyu..ok… don’t move.. Don’t go anywhere..
Rag:laado nahi jaayegi…
Jan smiles and goes
San turns immediately

Bt he was confused he was not understanding… Na she is not taking like the other or her behaviours too

San: why don’t you just go and meet her…

Here janki was going to tell sahil bt ap calls her and takes her from there

San goes to her..
He cleared his throat… He sees there was no reaction from her…
He coughs.. Still no reaction…
She was busy in playing with her bangles and admiring the colours

San was confused: is she deaf?? No no her mom talked to her ryte
He then sits in next to her chair

He turns towards her: hai…
No reaction…
San:is she ignoring me? It’s the first time a girl not looking at me.. Till now i was not bother abt girls.. Wn i myself talking with girl then…. Then this girl….?

San:hello excuse me..i m talking to you…
Still she was busy in admiring her bangles…

San frustrated:ur bangles are so beautiful atleast now look at me
Still she was in her own world


Soon the soft music starts
Rag moves her finger in rythm of the music

San who noticed this:u can listen soft music bt not me…sanskar why r u talking to her? Listen i was talking to a stranger girl for the first time bt u r not bothered….arey kuch tho bolo…

San himself: sanskar why r u behaving like this…u were not like this..u r acting like ur mom..

He was in his own thoughts

Rag sees sahil going out
Rag: bhaiyyu
She gets up and goes behind him…

San get his own words
Wn he told to suji
“Aisi ladki nai mili na sirf meri sune”

San himself;does my words gone true…
He looks at her side by she was no where to be seen

San:wr is this girl???wr she vanished???

He searched her

San:tu pagal ho gaya hai..tu ladkiyon ke naam sunthe hi baag jaata tha..abt tu khud ek ladki ke peeche bhaag raha hai
(U r gone mad..u were running away listening to girls now u urself running behind a girl)

Here ragini went out bt she couldnt find sahil… She went lil far searching sahil
Rag:bhaiyyu…laado darr rahi hai… bhaiyyu…laado darr rahi hai

A grp of bad boys sees her…

To be continued…..

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