Complicated (ragsan ss) shot 2

Let’s begin….

Sahil takes Ragini with him

Sw sees them: ladoo
Sahil stops her
Sah:u vl not meet her….ur today’s mistake could hv.. Did you know rag was scared and wat if…wat if…??…..he looks at rag
Who was covering her ears….
Sah:m leaving with ladoo…u enjoy here

He takes Ragini from there
Sw cries…
Laksh sees her
He runs to her….

Sw crying:m such a bad sister…
Lak:swara.. Wat hpnd?
Sw:mujhe ghar jaana hai….

Lak informs San that he has to leave from there in emergency…
San too leaves from there

Here in car

Sa: don’t take her name…
Rag not listening to him:di..di..di..di..
Sah:ladoo…i said na don’t take her name

Sahil gets his outburst on swara….
Sah he didn’t ask her to explain.. Without listening to he yelled at her

Sah:laado mein kya know na i was scared….
Rag:di was scared..di was scared…

Sah:bt let her punished this time…she wont do mistake
Rag:laado mall jayegi..laado mall jayegi
Sah:not today plzz….
Rag:laado jayegi…laado jayegi..
Sah:tmrw….pakka..plzz not today..plzz
Rag:laado mall jayegi

Sahil thinks she is becoming more stiff day by day…
Sahil:do u want to go mall or to go to shona
Rag:di…mall…mall mein hai… Laado..di ke saath jayegi…

Sahil smiles weakly himself: nobody can say that she is autistic and she cant interact or she is talks impaired..bcs she made me understand by her talks and stiff that mistakes can hpn with anyone

He calls swara… And he asks sorry from her.. And she tells him that she has already left the place

Raghil reach home..
Swalak reach there

Sw goes to rag bt stips seeing sahil….
He smiles weakly:m sorry…..
Sw hugs both raghil

Lak:aunty..uncle…if you permit i want to take swaragini to my home….
Shejan smiles as he asked ragini too bcs everyone had ignored ragini…

Jan:u can take ragini….
Lak:no don’t worry plz afterall she vl be something to me my future… And it both daughter’s are my responsibility Let him
Sw looks at him…he smiles

Swalakrag goes to mm

Ap sees them coming

Later ap introduces swara to suji and pari

Sw held rag hand tightly and rag was scared.. She feels that everyone is seeing her…
She moves behind swara

Suji pari gets confused seeing ragini’s behaviour

Ap:this is ragini… swara’s sister
Suji:bt why’s she?
Ap:laksh show them our home
Lak nods

They goes

Ap tells suji and pari that ragini is autistic…

They feels bad

Here laksh shows the house.. They goes to sanskar’s room

Lak:this my cousin sanskar…i told you abt him remember?
Sw nods
Lak:its his room….

Sw sees the books shelf
Sw:looks like he loves to read
Lak: yes…

Ragini sees cube colour puzzle

Sw was looking the books and lak was on call

Rag takes the puzzle…

Lak sees Ragini.. She was doing the puzzle without seeing it…
It was set in colours
Rag smiles.. She didn’t see it by still she understood that it’s set

Lak claps:wow..ragini…..
Sw sees she too smiles

Lak: my brother couldn’t make this.. He is genius in this… By this puzzle has been worsen… He told me that no genius can set this again…u did it..

Sw smiles

Later they leaves from there….

After dinner sanskar comes to his room.. He was shocked to see the puzzle

Lak: shocked… Ragini did it

San:ragini? Who?
Lak: swara’s sister….
He gets call so he goes

San smiles: its unbelievable.. Now i hv to meet her… RAGINI.. HE SMILES


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