Complicated (ragsan ss) shot 1

Let’s begin……

A lady and a man were sitting infront of a doctor

Lady with tears:iskeliye koi ilaaj nahi hai(this has no treatment)

Doctor:no… actually it’s an incurable disorder….

Man:how my kid got affected by

Doctor: we can’t say that,she is not like other kid she won’t smile she wont hv a reaction…its a severe some cases kids will be so intelligent that they will understand even more than a normal person does…kid impairs the ability of speaking and they cant interact with others.. Its some kind of abnormal

Lady cries

Doc:i cant understand ur situation..while growing up if they give positive sign may be kuch ho sakta hai


Doc:like smiling….getting interest in reading books…like they vl interact in other things mean lil interaction.. They will not.. Lil interaction will be a positive sign… And ya they vl prefer food which attracts them ex they like to eat soft means you hv to give them that… And they cant bear noise or if any unknown person interacts with them or will worsen the condition….

Man and the lady revealed to shek jan

They goes to the their house with their kid ragini…
kid comes running to them id sahil
Sahil is 5 yr old ragini 3 yrs and sw is lil kid…youngest of all..servant was looking towards her

Sahil: mumma plz give ragini to me na mumma…

Jan smiles and gives ragini to him…
Sahil plays with ragini was not seeing him or smiling….

Sahi: every kid i saw they smile bt why ragini doesn’t smile…

Jan has tears…

Shek:she is special….she is like a queen watever she wants she does and she vl also order us

Sa:then i m ready for any orders…

Shekjan smiles weakly

Years passed….

Rag is 7 yrs…now

Rag sahil and swara were sitting outside..while shekjan were talking with doctor

Here raghilsw were eating ice cream
Rag ice cream falls….

Rag:ragini ice-cream ragini ice-cream
She continuously tells

While shekjan were coming out.. They sees sahil and swara were making her eat their ice-cream

Jan:ragu theek hogi…wn she is getting this much love

Shek nods smilingly

Rag has bonded with her dadi lil much
Bcs she atleast tells her name
One day her dadi has sudden death wch is unaware to ragini..

Years passed…

Rag is teen..

Sahi: i don’t know when you will call me bhaiyyu…
He was feeling sad seeing his sister’s condition

Rag who looking at a wheel of cycle being lost
Rag:ragini bhaiyyu..ragini bhaiyyu…
Sahi was shocked in happiness

Sah:laado..wat did you say…
Rag looking down:ragini bhaiyyu
He hugs her….

Shekjan sees this

Sw held her hand:ragini di di di di…
Sahi:she is not your di
Sw:atleast she is calling me something i m happy with that ….

(Rag didnt go to her admission got cancelled due to her disorder so shekjan sahil and SW teaches her )

And the day comes wn swara got admission in a big reputed colg… Sw was not happy with that as she didn’t wanted to leave her sister and go
Bt sahil and shekjan convince her…

So she goes there she meets laksh…..he was super senior
He fell in love with her….
Sw used to come home in holidays

At swara’s last day of college….
Laksh proposed her….

Lak: i love you swara…. Will you marry me….
Sw was shocked even she too jad feelings for him by she didn’t wanted to accept…… More than anyone ragini mattered to her….

Sw:i understand laksh…bt i can’t….
Lak:bt why swara…i know u hv feelings for me….
Sw:bcs my laado
She gets call.. She smiles wide with tears….
Sw:m coming now… Now itself..

Lak:wat hpnd swara
Se: i need to go…. My laado is smiling
She runs from there

Lak gets anger: now whose this laado?all bcs of her…..

Sw reached home…. Rag was smiling seeing a walking robot

Sw goes to her: laado…look at me….
Rag was still looking at the moving robot:di..di…di….ragini…di…

Sw :ha laado ur di is back….look at me
Bt she was not

Sahil keeps hand on sw
Sah :sw…we can’t expect more at a time….
Sw hugs him

Shekjan looks at eachother with smile…

After few days…

Dp and ap brings proposal of laksh to swara….
Shekjan were confused as to wat to do

Ap sees ragini who was sitting in the balcony and looking at the moving cars

Ap:who is she?

At the time laksh comes there..he looks at the direction

Lak:may be she is laado

Shek:my elder daughter

Ap: didn’t she married

Shekjan feels sad…

Swhil comes shouting: laado….

They then looks

Sw: laksh
He smiles

Shek: we accept this relation

Sw was shocked and confused

Dp and ap smiles

Sahil smiles



Sw:ma bt laado…

Lak: wat’s so spcl in laado that sw needs her permission everytime

He goes to her

Lak sees her…

Lak:so you r laado
Rag still looking at the vehicles:laado bubbles laado bubbles
He gets confused by her behaviour

Here shekjan convince swara

Dp:u didn’t tell us abt your elder daughter
Shek smiles sadly: actually she’s autistic
They were shocked
Ap: she doesn’t look like that…
Jan smiles

Sw goes
Lak: why is she like this…. She is not at all looking at me
Sw: she is queen…. She vl look at you wn she wishes to… Even we r waiting for years
Lak got damn confused: i m not understanding
Sw: she’s autistic
Lak was shocked
Lak:this was the reason you were rejecting me
Sw nods

Rag:rejecting me… Rejecting me

Lak smiles:i even cursing without knowing her now i want to ask sorry

He kneels to her

Lak:i m sorry laado

Rag still looking at vehicles

Rag word by word:sorry laado…sorry….laado

sw:laksh… She accepted

Lak: swara… I love you… And you think that i vl neglect your sister.. No i vl not…

Sw smiles: thankyou lucky

Rag:di… Thankyou..di… Thankyou

Lak:she is calling you di?




Sahil blows the water bubble….

Rag smiles….seeing the vehicle…

After few days

Marriage was nearing so they went to Kolkata wr maheshwari’s were living..

They went to their farm house…

Swahil decided to go shopping taking ragini with him
Sahil got an important work so he had to leave…

Here a lady was screaming:wn vl u marry if not now…now even laksh is gonna marry

She is revealed to be sujatha

A guy was typing something in laptop while everyone were looking at drama

Lak:bhai..atleast reoly something

Guy is revealed to be sanskar
He smiles: aisi ladki nahi mili na maa.. jo sirf meri sune
Suji:so you want to say that i m talkative
San:wn did i say like that…i said i want a girl who vl only listen to me
Lak: stop the… Dreams are broken u vl never get a girl like that not even in dreams
San:oh stop…m sure someone will be made for me… She vl come i know.. If not today… Then tomorrow… If not not tomorrow… Then in month.. Then yrs.. Then..
Lak: then grand pa’s story to my kids
Everyone laughs
Lak: ok stop working let’s go to mall
Lak drags him

Swrag went to mall

Rag:laado pastries……laado pastries…
Sw:so my laado want pastries…
Sw makes her sit….:wait here…
Sw goes to buy pastry…while ragini looks at the escalator…she was lost in that…she moves to it
She was just standing in a side and watching escalator with small smile

She was looking cute she was wearing a long skirt and top with hairband

While everyone who were moving there were seeing her with weird face
She concentrates on girl climbing it

She steps in it… This was the first time she has done something by herself

Rag didn’t knew how to cross that so that’s she was abt to fall…
But someone hold her from the nick of time and in fraction of seconds they passed and the person revealed to be sanskar….

Rag:di laado darr rahi hai…di laado darr rahi hai…
San gets confused seeing her behaviour

Here sahil reached the mall

And SW was crying and searching ragini
All sees her…
Sahil:sw wr is ragini?
Sw:bhaiyyu..i…i missed her
His anger went to paid with worry
Sa: how can you bhi such irresponsible swara….
He runs to search her…

Here san:see you r fine……
Bt rag was looking down….

Sahil sees her
Sahil runs to her and hugs her
San looks at them
Sah:laado wr u went?
Sahil:laado bhaiyyu ki saath jayegi na…
Rag held his hand…
Sahil takes her from there..

Sanskar smiles seeing ragini going
At the time laksh reaches to him and takes him from there….

To be continued….

So how was it? Did you liked it! Do tell me….

This story is dedicated to someone close to my heart

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