Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 19

Let’s begin…..

Monali goes to a cafe and waits…

Sahil comes there and monali stands and smiles

Sahil:why you hv called me?
Monali:u know me..i am
Sahil:i know

Monali ??

Sahil:kaam ki baat kare!
Monali:please sit!

Sahil sits…monali too is Ragini?
Sahil: she’s fine…
Mona :i hv to tell you something important abt Sanskar
Sahil:abt sanskar???
Mona:yes abt him… don’t let him stay with your sister!i mean Ragini..she is so innocent

Sahil lil loudly:wat do u mean?
Monali gulps:i mean Sanskar is not like he portrayed infront of you all…he..he is such a cheap human being ..he plays with girls…i hv a proof with me…

She takes out some photos out of her bag and gives Sahil..
It sanskar hugging girls and many intimate photo’s
Sahil was shocked

Monali:plzz..make Sanskar away from Ragini!

Here San:plzz..Ragini eat something eating..laado pastries
San:why?this is so tasty and you hv already ate a 4 pieces of pastries now you hv to eat food
Rag:laado santhra eat
San:bt you hvnt eat anything from afternoon eating (angrily) eating

San gets helpless and he gets an idea

He takes the food

San:ok i only will eat this tasty rice with a soft soft malai paneer

Rag was playing with the pencils

San sees no reaction on her

San eats:wow…yummy..this sooo soo tasty..mmm…i m feeling like to keep on eating

Rag:laado…. sansii

San smiles…no…buddhu

San pouts
San himself:ab tho kuch aur soch na padega..!

At the time laksh comes there here
Lak:i saw your car and thought to meet you!and wat hpnd..why r u making a sad face!

San gets an idea

He sees Rag who was playing with a colour cube box..

San:lucky i will make you eat!

Lak with a slow motion turns his to sanskar with a wierd expression

San hits laksh’s bead lightly:watt?

Lak:ow…no nthng..
San:lucky sit na…

Lak sits
San audible to Rag: Actually ragini isn’t hvng food!
Lak audible to san:tabhi tho…??mein soch raha tha ki mere bhaai mujhpe itna pyaar kaise barsaa sakta hai?!
San audible to lak:ho gaya..!??

Lak:tho bhaai..this food is very tasty and from your its really very tasty and inwish i would get this treatment everyday by you…
San gives him a sarcastic look

Rag looks at food crossing her eyes

Lak pokes sanskar

San:bt wat to do..nobody knows how it tastes until they eat..
He feeds him with a chilly which was placed near basket…poor laksh didnt notice it

Laksh widens his eyes???

San:how it tastes bolo na!

San audible to laksh:chota tho chota hi hota hai..kabhi bade se panga mat Lena


San laughs

Lak drinks water and coughs

And San again feeds him

Lak:wah…wat a tasty food..i hv never tasted something like this…wat aroma!even the aroma fills your stomach.. bt i want to eat this..oh my god..this gravy hv something cream…delicious…

San:ha..its so delicious…yummilicious and wat not..the person is unlucky who doesn’t want to eat this..

Rag was hvng the colour she mixes in the water jug wch is near her..

Rag was pouting angrily actually now she badly wanted to eat it…

Sanlak again and again praises the food…
She silently stands and sits next to laksh..

Sanlak looks at eachother and gives a winning smile

San:laado you want to ea…….eewww

Laksh laughs

Rag has sprayed a colour water on his face…

San glares laughing laksh

Lak turns to rag:wat a great job la…yuck….

Now Sanskar laughs..

Rag:laado santhra..laado eat…

San takes sign of relief:ok laado

Lak laughs holding his stomack????:bhaai… are santhra

San glares him:lucky hass…lucky hass jitna hasna hai hassle ek din mera bhi ayega

Rag gets angry at laksh

Rag::laado sansii…lauki yuck

Lak:lauki kahan hai
San starts to laugh understanding that she addressed lucky as lauki..

Lak:wat hpnd?

Rag starts to eat the food..

San:she called you lauki

San laughs:told you..see if you laugh at others misery end this hpns

San:alele..bacche ne bura maan li..and naya naam Mubarak

Lak:bye..i hv to go..laado..and thanks for the new name??

Lak goes…

San sees rag while eating hv spreaded the the gravy around her lips and hand

He wipes it..

Here sahil:wr did you get the photos?

Mon: I don’t know wat and all i had too..

Sahil:hmm…let me ask Sanskar itself..

He takes his phn to call san

Monali??: wat r u doing?

Sahil:arey..wn i hv eye witness and i even should listen sanskar’s side story don’t tell it’s me
Sahil:why..wn u care for my sister this much…sont worry i m with you

Mona:bt i m his family..watvl he think of me?

Sahil:why r you worried for a cheap person…


Soon his expression changes into anger..he stands

Sahil:thank yourself that we are in public place…nahi tho i don’t know wat i hv done with u

Mona stands angrily:here i m helping you…and you… think me as a fool..if you bring these photos pics..u tbought i vl believe!

Mona:wo…no it…it isn’t

Sahil:shut up!?i don’t why you are doing this..if you do something against Ragini or sanskar or any of my family members..then …socho..jitna sochna ho tho socho aur sochti raho ki tumhare saath kya kya nai hone wala hai


Sahil:i knew wn u called me.. that there’s something…this is first and last chance i m giving to time be careful…

He goes from there..

Mona bangs her hand on a table..

Mona:how dare you Sahil..galti kardi tumne…ur life lies on that abnormal girl i hv to remove her from my way..ek theer pe do nishana..i will get sanskar and i will take revenge on u too sahil!just wait and watch..

She smirks

To be continued….

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