Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 18

Let’s begin..

Next day too sanskar took care of Ragini and he took Ragini with him to the office..wch impressed Shekar!bt there was an unknown fear in him that being a father he is so happy bt is he doing injustice to Sanskar???
Sanskar is educated handsome,well named family..he would lines of girls at his door steps! would he be able to look after Ragini …?he was scared regarding his daughter’s future!

The second day has passed without any hurdles!! For sanskar..5 days more!

Day 3

Dasi:2days hv been passed…this is the third day u idiot girl!do something or let me do..before everything slips from our hands
Mona was worried!

Mona: Ragini’s brother and sister
Mona smirks!

Here San: plzzzz… Don’t call me sanki!
Rag smiles: laado..sanki
San:hmmm..if you call me sanki…then i will call you…..hmmm Raagi
Rag:laado….yuck Raagi…
San:so stop calling me Sanki!
Rag: Raagi…laado sanki.. laado Santra(orange)
San: wat????santra…meri maa…i lost!
Rag:laado win..laado Santra lose
She smiles widely..wch made sanskar to laugh!

Rag:laado… shell’s
Rag:laado shell…(starts to shout)shell shell shell shell shell
San gets confused… He starts to search her room…

Sahil who was watching at the door..moves inand takes out a big box wch has shell!

He gives to Sanskar
Sanskar who was busy in searching..sees sahil..
He takes the box and gives to Ragini

Rag opens it and sees her collected shell’s

Rag suits her shouts and gets into silence mode

San: thankyou Sahil…
Sah: your welcome..
He smiles.. He moves to tag and sits next to her

Sah:laado…has forgot her bhaiyyu!

Rag: laado no bhaiyyu
Sahi: I didn’t…nowadays u spend time with your new friend!
Rag smiles: laado..Sansii
Sahi;ha laado sansii only

San smiles

Sahil:u forgot me! I won’t give you pastries now
Rag smiles:laado Sansii..
San smiles
Sahil:see i said na laado not my laado now!she hv chngd her party changed!

Sahil:laado naughty girl!
Rag:laado…good girl
San:no laado is a naughty girl
Rag:laado good girl…good girl..
Sahil:ok are good who is naughty here
Rag admiring shells:laado Santhra!
Sah:santhra? Who is santhra now?
Sahil:wat?he laughs and looks at Sanskar…who is embarassed
San gives a fake glare look to laughing sahil
Sahil:sorry..he laughs again
He gets a call
He excuses himself me Sansii.. that’s good
Rag:laado Sanki
San laughs:ok fine..i m sansii sanki and santhra too

Here dasi moves to Swara..who was in her room folding clothes

Sw sees her and smiles:dasi..aap!
Dasi:woh..swara beta..i aas moving from here so thought to meet laksh’s bride and go!

Sw:baitye na!
Dasi sits
Dasi:waise…did you get the call from ur mother?
Dasi:is everyone fine?
Sw:ha dasi everyone’s fine
Sw smiles
Dasi smiles: i m sorry for that day beta..i….
Sw: it’s ok dasi!
Dasi: thankyou beta
Sw: no need of thankyou and all!
Dasi:sanskar has completed 2 days

Sw:i didn’t expected Sanskar bhaiyya would complete this! I m shocked and should i say truth i m happy too

Dasi herself:ha ha.. Why would you not be happy.. Afterall you would tie your mad sister to Sanskar and want to rule in the property

Dasi:ha beta!even i too
Sw smiles
Dasi:waise..i don’t know i should tell you or not! Bt…
Sw: dadi you don’t need to be hesitant infront of me!

Dasi: woh i thought you..Ragini same as my Monali
Sw smiles
Dasi:3 yrs back my friends grand daughter got married to wealthy man.. At before everything was later
Sw:later wat dasi?
Dasi:girl had an accident she became like a 5 yr old kid and at first her husband told big big dialogues that he will look after her as he loves her and she is his wife bt later he felt burdened..and he left her on footpaths..
And after 2 yrs her family found her in a very bad friend told me this few mins back..i felt crying(she wipes her fake tears)like parents nobody can look after a child specially mentally challenged … Nobody should live the lige of that girl even my worst enemies!

Sw was thinking something

Dasi smirks!:oh i hv an imp work..vl talk to you later beta!
She goes

Outside Monali:wat an acting!you win Oscar
Dasi smirks

Monali:now the second target Sahil!

Monali goes out!
Dasi:hope this girl does her work properly and Swara takes my words seriously!

To be continued….

Ragini has won the adorable character!
Thankyou for finding laado as adorable!and voting for laado!

This means a lot to me!

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