Complicated (Ragsan ff) shot 17 and Promo

Let’s begin….


Client’s asks for the blueprints
Sanskar gets confused
He sees the blueprints

Rag smiles!
He takes the blueprints from her

Sanskar sees the blue prits…she didn’t do anything with it!

He takes the outline of buildings plan which ragini has coloured window and doors and she has written “Enlightening Homes”

He had a small smile..
He gives to client’s

They sees!
Clients: enlightening homes?!
San; Actually….
Client: actually we liked the name
San smiles

Client:but this!
San gets confused
Client: this wasn’t in your 3d plans…bt in blueprints?
San gets more confused
Client smiles:in blueprints there’s an extra floor!thats really amazing
San sees it..wch has extra floor..and it was made in a marker!the floor had consisted of indoor play area andand a big dining hall gardening swimming pool …which is absolutely not hos plan…
He looks at Rag where rag was having a marker and a scale…
He was amazed!

Clients:this is the best…a party hall is common in the buildings..but this is wat different wr everything can be done!in one floor! that’s amazing!


San smiles more then their amazement sanskar is amazed!
This is wat Sanskar seeing a new thing in Ragini…

And atlast deal was finalized!
Clients:looks like this is the last minute changes!by your fiance!


He was so happy! he can’t express his happiness!

Soon the deal is finalized

After everyone left
Sanskar moves to Ragini who was sitting silently
He goes to her!
San:Ragini from where did you learn this?
Rag didnt say anything!
San hugs her:u r my lucky champ…!Ragini!

Sanskar takes Ragini with him
He makes her sit in the car
San drives the car!
San:Ragini…wr vl v go now its the time for celebration!

San takes Ragini to the same mall..wr sanskar met Ragini for the first time

Rag:laado…kahan jaa rai hai?
Rag:laado mall nai jayegi
San:but why?
Rag:laado bhaiyyu di fight
San gets confused..almost he understands bt completely he couldn’t may be this 7 days is a chance for him
San:but this time you r with your friend!
Rag:friend no…
San couldnt understand:u mean i not your friend
Rag smiles:sanki
San:you again called me sanki?
Rag:laddo..u sansii
San:no u called me sanki..
Rag smiles:laado…sansii
Rag smiles widely
(She doesn’t face wn talking..she is bending her head)
Rag:laado..sansii agree

They goes to mall!

Rag:laado pastries!
San:ok laado
Rag imitates him:ok laado

San smiles

After sometime..they goes to a pastry shop
San:laado…wch pastry you want?
He said looking at the pastries which were kept in display
He has entangled his figers with her
Rag imitates him:laado..which….pastry…you…want?

San looks at her:ha wch pastry?
Then he gets she had imitated him
Rag:laado wch pastry?
San:blackforest? Irish coffee? pineapple gateaux?
Rag imitates:blackest?ish coffee? pineapple.. gate.. ox
He said so fast rag could only listen like this
He narrows his eyes to her
San: imitating?
He left out a laugh
San smiled:laado doesn’t like pastries!she will not even see the pastries she hates it!
Rag:laado loves pastries…


Rag points towards a cake! Its laava cake
San buys it…
They sit!
Rag admires the cake..and then cuts a half…wr a chocolate comes out flowing…

Rag just keeps looking at it

San who was looking her: laado…why aren’t you eating?
He takes the spoon from her a feeds her!
She smiles and eats


Here Monali silently sneaks into sanskar’s room..which was so big and royal!

She was just mesmerised by the room interior’s
Mon:soon to be my room..i m going to stay in this room after marriage!
Dasi from behind: don’t be so over confident!
Dasi: don’t know wat hv hpnd!did sanskar failed or not!here our queen is seeing dreams
Mon:this is just the first day!
Dasi:sometimes wat is easy in our hands we ignore it..we ignore that chance but it will come up with impossible task
Mon:dasi!the word itself says i m possible!
Dasi:huh?here i m worried and this girl…
Mon:you r over reacting!i m sure sanskar would be tired of that abnornal girl…

Here sanskar admiring ragini himself:you r affecting me more and more Ragini! I don’t know…i will pass this exams or not!but if in case i fail..i dont know how would i be…i m just addicted to your talks!your smile!your innocence and totally you…
He smiles

San takes rag back to the home..

Soon the day passes!


After Ragini sleep’s sanskar leaves from there!

Shekar was overwhelmed after knowing sanskar had took Rag with him to his office!which he didnt do these many year’s!
Every dad wants a best person for his daughter..who will take care of her more than him!

Here sanskar reach home
Where rp asks him abt the day
San telks him abt the deal and Ragini’s addition’s in the blueprints which impressed the client’s

Rp lak ap sw were happy!

Afterall the day 1 has succeeded!


Will the other 6 day’s succeed?

Stay tuned to know further

To be continued…..

Is this story boring you?u can tell me honestly!


Rag was in sanskar’s car…

Monali smirks seeing sanskar entering a shop..wr he gets someone and he talks with him
She goes to car
Mon:Ragini… let’s go to Sanskar
Monali was abt to hold her hand..
Rag moves her hand back!
Mona:sanskar is calling you na! don’t you want to go to Sanskar


Rag:sansii..calling laado?
Rag gets down the car!
Monali sees sanskar whose back was faced to him….she smirks
Mon herself:sanskar!u shouldn’t left her alone!for a sec too

Monali leaves Ragini’s hand!rag starts to moves… Rag was in the middle of the road..the voice of horns and vehicles disturbs her ….she covers her ears….
She starts to cry!

San who turns to look at rag..he finds none …he immediately comes his shock he finds Ragini on the mid road
Car with full speed comes!
San runs…
He couldn’t reach her …..
He falls!

Monali smirks!

Wat do u think wat will hpn next???


RAGSANIAN – i m busy with my studies and some work so i can’t update like Before!sorry but wn i m free i vl surely update regularly!

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